Monday, June 14, 2010

never posted

I tried like 3 times the last couple weeks to post a blog, but apparently it never posted... I don't have time to make an interesting one with little diddies of all the air headed things I do. Sorry I haven't been keeping up. I am losing my lap and since I put lappie on my lap I find it difficult to be on here as much as I used to.
So I tried to sign up with my blackberry, but obviously with my lack of blogs you can see how that's turned out so far... I'll have to keep trying.

I'm in the 3rd trimester and I am a mini giant. I can't wait to see the baby!! He still tickles sometimes, but is definitely getting stronger. I seriously need a latte, but it's so late I know I'll be paying for it later... ugh.

Well I've got to get off of here and put my little sausage rolls up. Er I mean my piggies.