Tuesday, March 31, 2009

No details, what kind of blogger am I?

I was reading that last blog I wrote and while it's very wordy (I tend to get that way) I didn't have any detail for anyone to know what in the h-e-double hockey stocks I'm talking about. Unless you know me and I've talked to you about it.

Anyway, it's just a decision I'm going back and forth in my head. Driving me insane. It's no wonder humans are the only sentient species. If there were more than one species that had to make intelligent decision making skills I don't think it would work out. I drive myself insane thinking.

Speaking of insane today I was a nutcase at work. I was talking to my supervisor and having an informed conversation about one of his accounts when he stops and says. "Hang on there is someone hovering over me giving me weird looks."

Turns out he was on the phone. Oops. I would have been one the wiser because his answering the person on the other end was fitting my conversation perfectly.

I told him to never mind and just ignore me. At least I gave a couple people a good laugh.

Lesson: Don't ask important questions to someone that talks on the phone all day unless you know they are not on the phone. They may not be talking to you.

C'mon Gimmie some ADVICE

I really wish my grandpa were around for me to talk to. I have a HUGE decision to make as far as a career goes and I don't know what path to choose...

Do I stay where I am, doing what I know how to do, with the steady check? Or do I take a risk and discover something different and try something new? Something that may not give me a steady check, but could possibly have a rewarding future if I work really hard?

Don't get me wrong. I like what I do. I like helping people and I love when my customers tell me they don't know how they ever got by before they had me for a rep (I had someone tell me that today). I have built a pretty good customer relationship with some of them. I have a pretty funny time there sometimes.

But I do have my issues and those that know me well know what I'm talking about. I've had problems from time to time with a certain person that for whatever reason we just can't get past our differences. Granted I know that no matter where you go or what you do there are always going to be people you can't get along with. I know that. But I also know that in this company I have no place to move up and no place to go except where I am.

I have a lot of ideas I think can help my current job, but no one to listen to me...

Once, of the big boss people told me my college degree meant nothing there. I worked hard for that degree. It means a lot to me! I was in a factory for years and I wanted out. I wanted better, not just for me, but for my family. I want a job that isn't a job or a pay check. I want something I love that I'm passionate about.

I know I can't stay where I am forever. I know it's not for me, but I have been looking for months for something else. And frankly- in this economly there isn't much!

When I think about what I really want to do- besides helping people I really don't know what I want. I really don't know what my skills are. I guess that kind of scares me.

I want to take a risk, but then again I don't. I don't want to be on the platform when the train leaves wondering where it's going- again because I'm scared to get on it. I want to BE on it.

Then again- this offer isn't something that is a sit down office job that will give me steady hours and a steady check. I won't know from week to week how I'm doing or how much I can bring home... I've never wanted a comission based job, but with comission there are a lot of opportunities. It is what you make it, right? Or is commission something you just work harder for and just never have enough?

Do I take the slow steady worn path that I know will be safe? Or should I try the other one? If it doesn't work out, then what? Have I taken my risk, failed, and screwed myself (and my family) over? Can I live with that?

What is plan B? I wish I could show my grandpa my list of pros and cons and the criteria of each career path and get his opinion. He is so wise and he would give me good advice.

Kirby is a good husband. He tells me to do what I want. But I can't because what if what I want ends up hurting him? I would want him to take a risk if the tables were turned, but I know he's smart enough he would make sure things with me were okay...

I just don't know. Even writing this I'm pretty much all over the place. I have to make my decision by noon tomorrow. I've been thinking about it forever and I just can't decide. I need some good advice, some good opinions.

Monday, March 30, 2009

innards explode!

Have you ever been in the middle of eating when your guts decide they all want to squeeze into the same spot in your body? Yeah it's painful.

What sucks is I was in the middle of my delicious supper and couldn't finish it because my stomach was protesting so profusely. Oh, my stomach was squeezed so tightly with pain I could hardly move. I don't know what was wrong with me or what started it off! I think it's another wonderful random side effect of my medicine.

I've noticed that I need new pants. Most of mine don't fit. I think I dropped a size and I think a couple years ago I got rid of ALL the pants I had that were size 7 and smaller because I thought, "I'm never going to wear them again, no sense in keeping them around." And here I am, putting safety pins in my work pants when I get ready in the mornings so I can do my hair and make up with out them falling down.

Anyway my stomach hurts- a lot. I cramp every morning almost... I feel sick a lot at work. Oh and for those of you about to lecture me YES I eat just fine. In fact I had a snack right before this blog. Sugar wafers... but I don't know if it's me or my medication (it affects my taste, too) but I think they taste kind of oily.

Sorry I felt like laughing and making a funny blog... but I guess with my stomach upset all I'm thinking about is guts and innards and intestines.

Mark has the kids this week for Spring break and it's so quiet here! I kept thinking I should go check on them in their beds, but their beds are empty. I miss them! I wonder if they miss me??

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Surprise- oh wait- redo!

The par-tay was a success. Of course I was all excited about screaming out "surprise" when the birthday boy came in the door and the only one that did was Julie. Good job Julie! I decided to do mine grotesquely late- like 30 seconds after he was here and after we all decided that maybe we should have planned it better when he came in. I don't think anyone noticed.

My friend threw a surprise party for her husband's 30th birthday. We used our house because it is a little bigger than hers (and she wouldn't have to think of an excuse to hide him while we got it ready).

I am so excited now I wish someone else had a birthday coming up they wanted a surprise party for! The decorations were awesome. It looked like Taco Bell (if you have been to the ones here in Fort Wayne) and we had games, food, and a couple drinks, lots of friends, and of course balloons!

I know the kids would go nuts if they saw all these balloons in here. I don't know what it is about balloons and kids... but they love them. Of course my cats won't go near them. I've been contemplating about taking one and tossing it into the pile to see what happens. I know that sounds mean, but I just wonder if they'll freak out, or pop one, or do anything interesting.

Garry is afraid of the blow drier. If he even sees it he's outta there. Millie's like, "I don't care, just don't point it at me."

Well today I finished painting my mini and that was a good surprise recovery. It's been a good quiet day...

Lesson: sometimes it's nice to let loose, but it's nice to relax, too.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Verbal Spit Up

So I was in a wiating room waiting to speak with a Mr. Souder when another man walks in the room and asks who I'm waiting for. I say "Mark Souder" If you don't know who Mark Souder is, he one the congressman of Indiana. The man laughs at me and says, "Okay I'll tell him one of his legislators are waiting for him."

I hadn't met Mr. Souder before this so I felt pretty goofy. I giggled at myself for like 5 minutes.

Oh and for those of you that follow my blogs on a regular basis... I made up to the birthday boy by making him a card. I used my fancy art skills by drawing a bag on the front and a cat on the inside. It said "I'm sorry I let the cat out of the bag" I think he liked it.

Lesson: Loosen up and laugh at yourself when you can. If you don't others will. Well even if you do others will anyway.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I let the cat out of the bag, then it peed on the floor

So tomorrow is our Customer Service Manager's birthday- also the boss guy I sit right next to. He's in my team. Our group is getting him a gift card and bringing in little tid bits of joy to help him celebrate turning another year older. It WAS a surprise.

I emphasise WAS because someone sent me an e-mail asking if I was bringing in brownies. I responded to her and our "team" (which includes everyone- even the birthday boy). I just wanted everyone to know what I was bringing, but instead I let the cat out of the bag.

I felt so so so so so so bad about it! I could have just melted in my chair. It's a good thing these bodies have bones in them. I'm sure I partially did. I think my stomach is slightly flabbier because of this...

I'm sure the bossman would have let it slide and politely ignored it- but every team has an unpleasant fellow and of course OUR unpleasant fellow had to respond via e-mail- to the team (including the birthday boy) "Well now that he knows he may as well bring in something, too"

Ugh- could it possibly get any worse? I sent an apology out to to everyone in the group for my faux pas. Except for the birthday boy. I could have just crawled under my desk for the rest of the afternoon. I know my face had to be so red. I'm glad I wasn't wearing anything bright.

Of all people to do something like that it had to be me! I suppose it could have been worse. I could have sent it to "customer service" (which is the entire company). I have done something similar... meant to email OUR customer serice and accidentally e-mailed a vendor's customer service. I just didn't mention that to anyone at work. I suppose if they read my blogs they know now. FYI it was a LONG time ago- like when I was newer... 2007.

Well later I got a notice from one of my hotels in CT they will be testing thier fire alarms... I wonder if I will hear it.

I can't help but wonder if this was my sign??

Lesson: You've all heard this before- but make sure you know WHO you're sending your e-mails to, especially in a business. At least it wasn't porn or something!! *shew*

PS: Any suggestions on a gift/treat for "i'm sorry i messed up your surprise" would be greatly appreciated.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I prayed

For a sign, a definite sign. I've always wanted a fleece on the grass type of sign, but in this day and age I think even if I got my sign I probably wouldn't recognise it. All I want is a "yes" or a "no" to a decision I just can't make on my own.

So I consider myself semi-religious. I haven't gone to church since before my divorce, but I do pray every day. Okay most days. I try to remember to. I used to read the bible every day, but I don't any more, it is in my living room when I get a hankering to... It's one the preacher's wife gave to the Ex and I. It's a "couples" bible and I don't like it for that reason... I used to go every Sunday- drag the kids out of bed and make them go to Sunday school (even though I have never been partial to Sunday school myself) because it was "good for them" The ex would never go with me because of the hypocrites. He would say he would and promise, but would never follow through. So I went by myself- with the kids.

So church hasn't worked out for me and I keep telling myself I want to go and I need to go and I should teach my children religion so they can grow up and make the right decisions and moral values... Not that I don't do a good job on my own- I just think that religion is important.

Anyway- I'm faithful enough that I believe God would lead me in the right path. I'm one of His children. Not a very good one, but one at least.

I don't think I shove religion in people's faces or rub my righteousness in the airs about my head. In fact, I guess I would consider myself more of the meek kind. I don't like to be outwardly judged by my actions because I know I'm not the epitome of perfection people expect from those that proclaim to be religious. I have my faults and I know they're big. I stumble quite a bit, dust myself off and trip again. I do that in more than a metaphorical way, too.

Well I'm waiting for my answer, for my sign. I'm waiting for the empty feeling to be filled. Somehow I don't think a "yes" or "no" will really give me the answer to the questions I have. But perhaps it's a start. What I need is a direction.

Lesson: Praying is good for you, so don't forget your prayers, sometimes God can help you sort out your life, too.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Wants and needs.

Gwyn has been learning wants and needs in Junior Achievement. I was thinking of what I want... That I could go out and go dancing and karaoke and just crazy fun with hubster and friends. Maybe it's because I'm getting older but no one ever likes to do that kind of thing these days... I wonder if I ever got the partying out of my system? I was so responsible in my early twenties. By time anyone will finally go with me I'll be too old!! (I'm not getting any younger, ya know!)

Of course I also want to not have to fold the pile of laundry sitting on my couch. I also want the upstairs to magically clean itself and I want to skip my shower because I'd rather sleep in an extra 10-15 minutes.

Yeah there are a zillion things I want and don't want... I'll never have what I truly want will I?

I was driving in the car picking up my kids after work thinking that my chiropractor is 42 and has had his new office for about 5ish years. So when I'm 42 I should have had what I wanted (in a career) for about 5 years. Then I thought that is just his new office. He's probably had his practice much longer than that. That is a stupid goal.

Lesson: I should go to Junior Achievement and learn the difference between wants and needs... Gwyneth doesn't remember. I asked her.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

"Friends" a philosophy?

So I think "it's complicated" when I think of my friends. I had a super weekend. I saw so many friends and it was so nice... So what's the problem?

Well here's the problem: I don't really have a "best" friend. I think I have a lot of very good friends. Is that what happens when you get older? I still desire the elementary closeness that I had, the kindred spirits I have long lost.

I am so happy for my friends, but I'll admit. I get so jealous of them. I have a friend that is still such good friends with her friend from like Kindergarten or something. Okay okay- so I have that, too. Naomi is in Georgia. But it's different. I can't just hop on a plane and see her every time I get in one of these moods. Because we've been separated for so many years we aren't even the same. I love her, I really do, but it's true.

So here's the thing- I've never been asked to be in any one's wedding... I know it's petty (so I'm totally being narrow-minded right now) I've ALWAYS wanted to throw/host a bridal shower, baby shower, *anything* like that. And I fear I'll never get the chance because even though I have a lot of friends, and very good friends at that, I lack the right bond that just makes me close enough to be a part of that kindred group.

I thought about the girls that I would have asked if Kirby and I had a real wedding and most are married and I wasn't asked by any of them to be a part of their special day. I shouldn't feel this way. It's not their fault- it's not like I have made myself "there" for them when they needed someone.

Maybe I don't know how. Maybe it's because I'm in freaking Fort Wayne and all my really close friends (those that I consider close) are clumped together in the same city. Even though I would drive out that way any time I can't expect THEM to drive here all the time... Oh and I have work 45ish house a week and children that keep me from it. Can I think of more excuses to be a bad friend? I'm sure I can. Heaven forbid I place the blame on myself.

I was thinking why am I the way I am?

Well one of the groups I got to hang out with this weekend was some old friends from back like high school/McDonald's times and they were all freaking out because for some of them- it had been 10 years since they've seem me and others- we had only passed each other in the gas station before work 2 years ago (even though we're all on myspace). We had all our kids hanging out acting all crazy, grilling, and we played cards, it was FUN. I felt like I hadn't missed a beat in the last 10 years.

But the thing I did notice was that while I was here at this get together- they had had many more that I wasn't at. It kind of made me sad that I wasn't ever a part of them even though I was clearly a part of the group.

I thought why had I never gotten with my old crowd and why did I never hang out with them? Then it dawned on me. My previous life. That is the reason I am the way I am.

The ex never liked any of my friends. The few people that I did ever have over to our house got the vibe that he didn't like them and never wanted to come over. I wouldn't say he was possessive, but he was semi-possessive. I had a lot of "guy" friends before I met him and I had tried to maintain a friendship with at least one of my guy friends and it nearly caused me my marriage... (I am still friends with him, but we are not as good of friends for that reason). He hated most of my girlfriends and double dating or something like that was unheard of. The only "friends" we hung out with were his friends and eventually they became mutual friends.

It all boiled down to trust issues. Of course I was oblivious, but I remember more than once crying to him and telling him I wish I had someone I could call- just one person that would want to go to the store with me or just hang out for the fun of it. And I felt like such a loser confiding in him. I know he cared about me, but I don't know how much he cared about how I was feeling. (That relationship is another subject altogether and I'm not diving into that)

It wasn't until the last year and a half that I was married that we started to become more sociable. It was also that last year and a half I started to reach out to more peers, and that is when I found my kindred spirit. It was the spirit that broke mine.

All in all I'm glad HE broke my heart (and it took me a long time of healing before I could appreciate it), but sometimes I wonder why SHE broke it. Maybe that is why I don't really do what I need to do to get into the club where I can be the host of the baby showers and invited to the exclusive parties. Maybe that is why I am still reserved?

I'm jealous that I missed out on years and years of friendships and hanging out and when I was finally free to do so- I still don't make an effort... not really.

I think sometimes in general I hate people. I know I don't make sense at all. I love my friends and I want to be closer and do more, but I guess I don't know what it takes. Perhaps my spirit needs some healing yet?

Anyway that is my rant for the time being, I don't know if I helped me un-complicate anything... I'm waiting for the next invite and I love to have people over so I'm anxious to get my upstairs cleaned. One of my friends is throwing a surprise party for her husband. I have never had one and I am very excited to be a part of this!

Lesson: Don't turn down invitations because the only person losing out is you. That and pick up the phone once in a while.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Make Up Day

So Gwyneth was taking extra long getting dressed in the bathroom this morning. When she finally came out and was at the breakfast table I see one bright blue eye smeared here and there. She is smiling.

"Can I wear make up?"

"In first grade?" I say. "Um No." and that is a firm 'um no' as I'm getting a cloth and rinsing it with water to wipe her eye.

"How about fifth grade?" She must have guessed that I would have said another 'um no' to second so guessed to a more reasonable grade. I told her in fifth grade we would talk make up.

For one thing she didn't even have it on both eyes. It was one eye. Someone at work asked if I got a photo and I didn't because I never think of things like that. Of course I'd probably encourage more behavior like that if I did. I didn't get it all off. It looked like lightly smeared in blue eye make up instead of brightly sporadically smudged in a hurry 'maybe mommy won't notice' blue.

Lesson: Don't forget to look at your children in the mornings before they leave the house or you may end up with small surprises through the day. Good thing I paid attention to more than whether they tied their shoes or not!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Trim Your Bush

Have you seen the commercial for the Schick Quattro trim style for women? I saw it and didn't think anything of it. Kirby walked in the room and saw it and busted out laughing so hard and couldn't believe they put that on t.v.

If you haven't seen it- every time a woman walks by a bush it trims itself up. It's hilarous. I so want one of these. Let me see if I can find a link on u- tube.


I so got to get me one of these! Then I'm going to walk around my yard and let it take care of itself.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hey Baby

I wonder if I have a sexy voice? There are a lot of customers that call me babe, hun, sweetheart...

There was one customer that said he would "take good care of me" if I ever visited Mississippi. And another that said he would rather start asking for me instead of his rep because I had a nice voice.

I don't know if I sould be complimented or creeped out.

I usually play along... business is business, right?

Lesson: Suck it up around the creepy men because the customer is right, right?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St Patty's Fun: work, leprechauns, friends, kotex

I got the "shun" at work. I was gone for 2 days (Friday and Monday) with a detrimental migraine that put me out the entire weekend. I spent the majority of my time feeling miserable with an ice pack (I found it is less messy than toothpaste) on my head in a dark room or laying on the couch. I was not out partying or having fun...

Not one person greeted or said a single thing to me at work for as long as humanly possible, and even then it was only work related things. It was so weird. It's like I got the silent treatment.

Anyway work was work and that is that.

Happy St. Patty's day to everyone that loves green. That is one of my favorite colors. And according to my daughter it's a good thing I wore green because if I didn't a leprechaun would have come in and destroyed my house! Yikes. I hate to clean after kids, I really don't want to see what a leprechaun would do.

I posted on my face book my status update: "no green beer for me :( I did get to talk bananas and toilet paper sales! I love my friends!"

So someone wanted transcripts of my 'highly interesting' conversations... So if anyone else finds my ramblings interesting... or highly interesting here was my reply back:

It went something along the lines of "you're buying bananas and milk? You don't live in this neighborhood, what are you doing buying things like bananas and milk here?!"

My friend, "I was in the neighborhood passing through; I love Miejer!"

Me, "Yes, they have everything you need with low prices."

Insert intermittent conversation about wearing green and how Gwyneth said leprechauns will destroy your house if we didn't wear green so I made sure I had something with green on.

Me- back to what we're doing, " We were on the last roll in both bathrooms, we will soon be in dire need if we don't get this taken care of"

My friend, "Oh I heard there was a sale on the toilet paper." (she's very good at keeping up sales).

"I wouldn't know. Gwyn and I were sniffing deodorant as that was becoming a necessity as well, and getting girl items, you'll have to ask Kirby how the toilet paper sales were..." (seeing as how he already picked up the gi-hugic thing of t.p.).

We parted our ways shortly after that. The conversation was longer than that because I remember saying something about newspapers and how I wouldn't read them for 3 months if I got them.

I once kept one in my bedroom for about that long- I had intentions to read it. Eventually, I only read the advice columns and I think we made a volcano on it afterwards. The volcano lives on top of our fridge with my snail.

I have to tell you this tid bit... Gwyn learned to read so when we first picked up my "girly items" she's like "it's Kotex, MOM" (Of course only I heard her and I think the gross man down by the condoms). I thanked her for pointing that out and offered to let her carry it. Upon further thinking though, I thought it would look really bad for my 6 year old to be carrying my girly items... So I let her carry the deodorant. Just in case there were any other gross men wondering by my daughter. ugh.

Lesson: Changing your attitude is hard. Maybe that is why people change personalities. I kind of like my personality though, so I'll try to continue to improve my attitude.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Say I Were An EVIL Villain...

My evil superpower would be the "migraine attack." I didn't disappear for another four days... I'm coming out of another 4ish day migraine. As far as I know a migraine can't kill you (at least I'm still around)- so I wouldn't be a completely evil evil super villain. Just mostly evil.... and annoying.

What would I do? I don't know... Maybe I have a superpower (a secret cool one I used in my sleep) and I use it and don't know it and I get the migraines because my energy is so drained. I don't know what that would be... saving the cheerleader.

Anyway because we love the way INSURANCE works I still have to wait 3 1/2 months before I can see a neurologist, which my family Dr, girly Dr, and chiropractor have said I should do. But I can't right now because they're stupid expensive. INSURANCE won't pay for sh*t for my head or headache medication (yes, that includes my crazy pills I take to prevent these migraine attacks... yes I know it missed this one... it doesn't get them ALL... obviously. ) or anything because of the pre-existing condition.

Speaking of insurance here is my whine- so get your cheese if you have any- and how much I love the way business works. After waiting patiently for 12 months for my pre-existing label to fall off I find out that the husband's place of employment is now requiring the spouse to carry their own insurance if applicable very soon... How is that freaking fair?? I've waited over a YEAR to see a REAL doctor that can actually help me with my head instead of give me another drug that has bad side effects and doesn't work and I only have a 6 month window to do it???

Ugh, that's enough to give me another headache. I should become an alcoholic, too bad that wasn't real wine.

Lesson: Don't think about things that worry you when your nursing a headache. Believe me, it doesn't help.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Comments and Drinking Beer

Okay I know I've had some trouble with the comments on my blog... I'm not sure what the problem is I've screwed around with the settings a few times to try to correct it and have a few blogger friends corresponding with me via my myspace to help me out here. So keep on trying to send me your wonderful (or despising) comments and eventually- they will show up. I tweaked it again tonight... so try again.

Anyway- speaking of comments I'm changing the subject I wanted to share something my daughter was asking. She wanted to know specifically what age a "child" was and if I was a child. Of course I want to tell her I'm a child at heart, but I know she wouldn't get it, because then I'd have to explain maturity and how I'm really immature even though I'm older... So I tell her I'm an adult because a child can't and shouldn't have children (hidden lesson here??) and since I have children I can't be a child.

She says "Yeah my dad is like 29, he's so OLD." Ha ha ha ha, she must have forgotten that she just asked me how old Kirby and I were 3 days ago.

Anyway- If you know my children at all, they are very specific, technical, detail oriented- only when it benefits their point of view. It drives me insane. I get technical right back, maybe that is where they get it from?

I basically tell her this: Gavin is 10, therefore he is a pre-teen and at 13 he will be a teenager until he is 20, but at 18 you are considered an adult, but any teenager is still a child. Again I omit the maturity thing.

Gwyneth is amazed because her teacher's helper is 18 so, completely ignoring all my previous logic she says "MY teacher's helper is 18 so she's an adult."

I say, "She may be an adult, but she's still not old enough to drink beer."

Gwyn, "well duh- you're not even old enough to drink beer!"

Bless her heart, she just carded me!

Lesson: Don't let Gwyn know what is in the bottom drawer in the fridge. Also, don't tell her that wine has alcohol... or long island iced teas.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Blog- worthy terdnado

Kirby told me I haven't made a blog in a while. I think because not much of interest has happened. Well stuff has happened, but nothing blog-worthy.

Well... we did have a tornadoish storm.

Okay, okay tornadoes are blog worthy, but I don't really know what to say about that because while Kirby was out watching the cool hail I was cowered in the pantry with the children (and crabs). Gwyneth was a little freaked out, I had to get stern with her to calm down so I could pay attention to the weather. And the boys reassured her she wouldn't starve because of being in the pantry she started to act a little better (but still scared).

I had to tell them these kinds of storms were usually very fast and we wouldn't be in the pantry long enough to starve.

Of course I had my lap top trying to look at the radar when that started a "would you break your lap top to save your life?" And a "Would you rather keep the T.V. or keep one of the cats?" (they know the answers because they know I'm always too serious). Which of course those questions lead to the string of "would you rathers?" to each other. Of course I can't remember any to share but they are all outlandish and ridiculous. I think one involved poop. Because when there are boys in confined spaces for too long eventually everything will end up with poop, pee, puke, or farting with or without sound effects and profuse laughter.

Gavin can make farting sounds by shrugging his shoulders against his neck. Weird.

So all was safe in our house, but unfortunately the tornado did hit a mobile home in a town about 20 minutes away. No one was killed and there were minor injuries. That got us to thinking of our hasty evacuation process and what we should do next time an emergency pops up. It was good practice. I had thought about it since I moved in this house, but haven't had to put it into action.

Oh and if anyone was wondering a "terdnado" is a waterspout that gets into a sewage plant.

Lesson: Be prepared for quick action and be glad you at least thought ahead, even if you hadn't practiced it.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Have you seen my bond?

So I was helping Gavin with his homework and I made the comment that he'll probably be a rocket scientist when he grows up (he is kind of a nerdy boy) and he's like "I'm not doing that." So I ask, "well what are you going to do then?" He gets that deer in headlight look... The one where he's froze in his seat and on the verge of tears. I really want him to open up to me with out freaking out every time I try to have casual conversation that isn't about wrestling or video games. So I tell him, "you know- you are allowed to change your mind later; even I can still change my mind. It's never set in stone- it's what you want to do at the time."

I can tell he's thinking really hard and the question is stressing him out dreadfully. I break the tension by telling when I was little I really wanted to be a unicorn (my mom even had me thinking I was growing the "corn" on my head because I would bump it on the ceiling when I climed into the top bunk) when I grew up. I had to change plans as I got older, because you don't really see unicorns around these days. He laughed at that and told me he wanted to be in the army.

That is a good start- hey, it's not wresting! Oh, he nixed the video game designer idea because too many of his friends are into that (kudos for going against the flow). I asked what he would do in the army and he said drive a tank and operate the machine gun. So he wants to blow stuff up. Great!

Well at least I got something out of him. I still have some years to talk him into the nerdy scientist. I think there is more more money in that and perhaps he can find a cure to migraines! Of course I'll be over mine by then, but if I can save one more person from what I suffer from now... Okay okay I'll get off my soap box... I have a headache right now though. All right I'm shutting up. Those that know me are SICK of hearing how my head always hurts.

Anyway since his meltdown I have been really trying to reach out and find that bond we once shared. I don't know, maybe it's the pre-teen thing going on, but I'm not ready to let go!

Lesson: If it isn't working one way, find another way to reach your goals.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Stomach grumbles, mean hawks, accidents

Are you ever sitting there and you stomach grumbles really loud and you know it's not because you're hungry? You have to go to the bathroom. But you can't go just yet because it isn't ripe. Your body hasn't given you the green light. So you have to wait and listen to yourself rumble and ramble and make all these "preparation" noises (and hope no one else can hear) but you're being super loud... Yeah you know every one has that problem at one point or another, but no one ever admits it. I don't think loud stomach noises is a quality you should brag about, but it is kind of funny.

So anyway speaking of stomachs we went to Burger King (I'm so sick of that place), but we had a request put in by Josh and Cruz. That is probaby what brought on the said stomach rumbles, that stuff just isn't good for you. So while we were waiting on Josh to play a sparrow flies into the window and is soon chased after by a hawk. Apparently the local hawks also go to Burger King for their meals. I didn't even realize they ate sparrows!

So this weekend I changed my clothes more than a teenager girl (and I have never done that).

Yesterday we went to Sonic (only the best place to get a cheeseburger). The lady didn't have a lid on the cup all the way and I put the drinks in my lap and freezing liquid falls right into my crotch. Ohmigosh. It was sooo cold! I felt like I wet myself with frozen urine. I'm SO glad that we can't actually do that. Not that I've wet myself recently, but I think with it being cold it was so miserable. So on the way home I started to get more comfortable becuause it was getting warmer (due to the miracle of body heat) and it almost didn't feel like someone's drink had spilled into the unknown regions of my body... Then I had to get out of the car. You could see your breath it was so cold. It was only a short walk from the car to the door, but I swear I had ice crystals building in the crotch of my pants. It was quite unpleasant.

Then today I was sitting in only the best chair in the house and had my feet up on the ottoman and Garry (the old man cat) hops up and at first puts his butt on my belly and his head up on my knees. He's been cranky all day, with his cat puke stuff, so I turn him around to pet him and get gets up all uncomfortalbe like- I smell something that is raunchy and it isn't just regular ole cat breath. I smell my shirt and it really seriously stinks! I also see a brownish spot on my jeans. So I call kirby over and have him smell it.

So anyway I change my clothes and get a paper towel with water in lou of a wipe and call the cat over to wipe his butt. Wash my hands and go back to being normal. We had company over and I'm a gamer nerd, so we play some D&D, then painted some on our minis!

Lesson: Sometimes you have to treat your animals like you do children if you want to be sanitary, even if it embarrasses them. Garry went in a room and hasn't come out till about an hour ago.