Sunday, May 27, 2012

another blog about poop. Does it ever end?

Ok.  Every time I see that stupid Women's Rights blog it annoys me.  So I need a new one.  I told my husband I didn't know what to blog about.  It isn't like I'm not busy with a zillion interesting stories.  I have a toddler (baby Rowan is now almost 21 months).  ...Aaannd a teenager.  With a couple in between.  Oh the stories I haven't shared.... 

My husband said I should blog about how much I love him, but I've already done that.  Plus it's kind of hard when he and his friend are talking about 2 minutes.  If you want to know that inside joke I guess you'll have to message me because it's not appropriate for here. 

Anyway I do have a good story for you.  So the other day my cousin and I are carpooling to karate with a couple of the kids when someone makes a nasty smell.  Whenever we're in the van and the kids do something rude my husband always yells at them for pooping their pants.  I must have picked up that habit because I yelled at the kids for pooping in the car in such a small space with so many of us. 

Sooo...  One of them tells me that the other really did poop because supposedly they fished around in the back of their pants and pulled out a little chunk. 

Needless I had to send a message to my cousin that went something like this:  "Hey- let me know if you find a tiny terd in ur car..... seriously.  don't touch any little brown things w/ ur fingers.  If you do let us know so we can punish if necessary... the child in question may or may not be joking." 

Well true or not the messages we sent back and forth had both Kirby and I in stitches.  I wonder if my cousin will still allow us to carpool.  Would you?