Saturday, February 28, 2009

Last Blog Of The Month

All in all this was a good month, but it's really hard to say "Februrary" was a good month or a bad month when really you're shorted. I mean what if the 1-2 days following the last day are so awesome or horrific that could really make a difference on how the month went? But in reality that is the start of March so you can't count it. Normally it would be the end of a regular month, though. I just feel jipped.

Maybe that is why we have so many holidays. Like how a grown up tries to talk a toddler into something that is cool but you really know it isn't. "Look at this cup it's red; red is the best color, it's so shiny." When you know thier favorite color is blue, but the blue cup is $2 more because there is a swirly straw attached and you're too cheap because they're just going to lose it so why pay the extra $2 for a swirly straw (because they don't make the plain ones in blue, only red) so you have to talk them into the one they don't really want.

So anyway the government is like "Look Februrary is AWESOME- we have Groundhog day, Presidents Day, Valentines, Lincolns Birthday (observed), We even have the superbowl, and Black History Month, Ash Wednesday, and for the partiers- Mardi Gras!! It is also American Heart Month and my personal favorite Chocolate Lovers Month (good thing it is also National Dental Month), As well as National Bird Feeding Month.

If you want to know the "every day is a holiday" for Februrary go here:

Anyway I don't know if jipped is a real word. I'm going to go look it up....... it's not. At least not in the dictionary I looked it up in. So I hope everyone's Februrary was as good as mine. I guess I'll change mine to average. I had some really funny moments that I had the privelege of sharing with all of you. I also had a couple rotton days I shared with you, too. It's like I said before- you have to have bad days to be able to appreciate the good days. I've had a healthy combination of both. We have dealt witht he colds and coughs that Februrary often brings, and it wasn't too terrible. I think Gavin is ready to be over his cold...

I'm ready for March. It's like they say "in like a lion- out like a lamb." I certaintly hope the lion part only lasts for a day or two because I'm seriously ready for some spring weather. I'm ready to get outside!! Fresh air, open the windows, plant flowers, clean the yard, I'm ready for the changes and feel good that the new season brings.

Life lesson: appreciate the holidays because I don't think March has as many... (I should look those up, too)

Thursday, February 26, 2009


I've decided to stop taking one of my pills. That's right.

Seems my mind is scatterbrained more often that not and I can't even think straight. Even Gwyn says I'm silly.

I have noticed another thing- a kind of side effect I read about due to one of my medications... my speach. I already have memory issues and I can't grasp words I want to say. Well sometimes they don't come out of my mouth the way they are supposd to either, when I DO know what word I want. I think I have a slight stutter. I read a blog about stupid people and I am not stupid, but upon talking to me you would probably think I am.

I seriously have customers that think I am completely airheaded. Things just don't come out right... and those of you that know me- well if it's funny I'll laugh at it. Personally, I think it's a good quality.

I used to shy away and crawl into my shell when I made mistakes, but now I'll be the first (sometimes the only because no one else heard/seen me) to laugh.

Anyway- I wanted to write more, but I just can't think of anything. My brain is such mush right now. It's like my mind is a foggish something.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Tooth-less Fairy

A few days ago, like last Thursday, my daughter lost one of her front teeth. I think losing your teeth is so disgusting... Anyway- she was working it so hard the night before, pulling, wiggling, and being so gross I had to tell her to stop. I was like 'it'll come out when it's ready.'

So the next morning she's eating breakfast and she's excited because it fell out. I'm so grossed out because she's holding it in her hand wanting to show me. I tell her to put it in a baggie so she doesn't lose it.

Apparently Gavin put it in a baggie and he put it in his pocket. You guessed it. He took it to school. I was just glad he rememberd to take it out of his pockets before putting them in the hamper!

I was joking around about how I wasn't going to say anything to her about the tooth, see how long it takes for her to remember to get it under her pillow. Well she is banking it. Saving it up. That's right. She thinks becuase it was a front tooth that means big bucks. I had to trade a green dollar for a gold dollar and it's still in my purse because her tooth is in Gavin's room because she's waiting for her other one to fall out.

So I have the wierdest kids or what??

Lesson: You know the economy is bad when the tooth fairy can't even get her own.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Yeah... about picking your battles

So today as I was leaving for work I see Garry getting all comfortable in my (3rd new- OKAY, actually I stole it from one of the kids) dining room pillow. I'm thinking 'ha ha you aren't going to sit on my pillow today you vomiting jerk!' So I walk around the table and turn ALL the pillows up so he cant lay on them. I'm SO mean!

So when I get home there he is curled and snuggled up on the top of the couch, drooling. I guess he got the better of me didn't he?

Tomorrow I will sacrifice my dining room pillows... Well not mine specifically, but maybe the one that died (it's still around for emergency butt use)- I will leave that for him. That is a good compromise is it not? I will just pass out if I come home to find Garry tainted my furniture again!

Lesson: Cat's are smarter than we give them credit for. He knew my intentions and took advantage of the situation. That is why he never leaves his hair balls on the kitchen floor where they are easy to mop up.

Monday, February 23, 2009

glasses, cat puke, and pondering

So I planned this long hilarous blog for all of you today... and I realized I must have left my glasses at work. Either that or I'm wearing my horrible scrached ones tomorrow. Anyway the computer is a blur and not because of my eyes... Well actually- it is becuase of my eyes. If they would behave and just have perfect vision then I wouldn't be in this situation.

Anyway I lied about the really hilarous blog. Sorry, but I'll try to make this somewhat interesting.

While I was scrambing in my brain for something completely hilarous to actually share, nothing came to mind, except that my cat pukes a lot. I don't think it's all because he's old, he's always done it. He's a nervous fellow. If his food bowl is too low or too full, BAM, if Millie chases him too much, BAM! He licks too much and sleeps too much, ect, ect.

I got new furniture and I have never had anything nice or matching. I didn't even have it a month before the cat vomited on it! I was so mad. I thought for sure a child would do something first. What is wierd is that cat never vomits on furniture- it's usually the floor (we got a carpet shampooer just for him).

So for Christmas Samantha Claus got this nice fluffy pillow- just for me- for the dining room. I'm always sitting on one of our bedroom pillows becuase I sit all day at work I hate to sit in a hard chair at home. Well lets just say that pillow died a painful death and leave it at that.

So we went out and got pillows for ALL the chairs for the dining room. Garry only sits on mine for some reason! And of course- you got it. He christined it finally today with his cat vomit... *sigh* I can never win this battle with the vomiting cat!

Lesson: I can cover the furniture, but I can't cover everything. I must choose my battles wisely. He wins this one, but if he thinks I'm letting him under the blankets tonight he's got another thing coming...

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Meltdowns Bring You Closer

So my son had a meltdown this weekend. He's not normally one to talk about his feelings, what's bothering him, and all that. So it's like the red head he is, once he's had enough he'll burst out. Of course his temper isn't really that bad. He's not a screamer, thrower, or anything like that. I have never had a problem with him except for a snotty attitude every so often.

So anyway- He gets very angry and usually will cool down on his own in his own way if you give him his space so he can take some time out for himself.. Well- he had a full blown meltdown- the curl in a ball act like a 3 year old crying we don't know why meltdown. It started because he was upset about a "dumb" rule we (Kirby and I) had added during a game, but he wouldn't tell us what the rule was he didn't like. I tried to ask him to explain it to me because I didn't understand and he just kept saying how stupid and dumb it was. It was very frustrating and I see red flags popping up all over-there are other issues going on- so I say we need to have a talk.

Not a bad talk, but a "we need to communicate because something's going on I don't know about and I need to help you" talk. So then he pitches the fit and says he hates the game and he's never going to play again- even though he'd been asking to play it all night. He clams up and won't talk to me or anyone. He's crying like a small child standing in the corner acting like a freaked out animal. We weren't yelling, he wasn't in trouble, he just started freaking out.

In fact, he hardly ever gets in trouble. He is usually a very good, well behaved (except fighting with his sister) child. I have no reason to punish him. Most of the time I ask him to do something he does it, or I mildly lecture him & problem is resolved because he understands and I have no reason to continue with discipline.

I see kids run around a crazy or throw tantrums all the time in supermarkets and stuff who's parents have no control- that isn't my child. Believe it or not, strangers in restaurants have come up to me to tell me how well behaved my children are- so I don't think it's a lack of discipline on my part... At least not that triggered this. Although I DO think he could use dome toughening up!

I DO know however, that there is NO discipline whatsoever at their dad's. They do whatever they want, get whatever they want, and as far as a manly father figure well I'll leave that up to him. My opinion- spoiling them doesn't build them into productive adults. But that is his prerogative. So I have to do what I can to make them into humble, caring, loving, appreciative people.

Anyway I got a little side tracked there. Kirby and I got a little too frustrated with this unreasonable behavior. Gavin does act too wimpy sometimes. He acts like he’s going to cry every time he wants to ask me a question and sometimes when he does get the courage to ask Kirby a question (like with homework) you do see a tear escape. So I’m not sure why he is so frightened and shy. I don’t know what brought on this childish whaling to the eldest child of the house.

My first thought was if you’re going to act like a baby then I’ll treat you like one. Then I thought well if you’re going to cry then I’ll give you something to cry about, but I knew that neither of those would work. Gavin has this knack of telling the other parent “how horrible” things are here and then I get text’s and worried e-mails because he blew something out of proportion- so I have to take into consideration that… Not that I care much about the ex’s opinion when I know he can’t handle anything I do- but it is annoying to have your parenting skills constantly 2nd guessed when you’re only getting half of the story- and half of that half for that matter.

So I told Gavin to go to his room while Kirby and I talked. Kirby was really quite upset by Gavin’s outburst. Gavin was acting like an animal (I know it’s redundant I keep saying that, but I don’t know how else to describe the behavior) . It was as if he were a stranger and we were beating him- when all we tried to do was talk to him about a rule he didn’t like on a game.

With him being the oldest child he gets some extra privileges (like staying up late) and he should also be allowed other privileges, like helping adjust “dumb” rules to games. If we know what they are. Most of the times we have implemented rules it is for the benefit of the younger kids- not necessarily to make things harder or more difficult for him. We aren’t mean and out to get him.

So we calmly went into his room and had a nice long talk with him. Kirby explained to Gavin that he gets to do stuff with him he can’t with Josh. He isn’t going to take his dad’s place and he doesn’t want to, but he does want to be a good step dad. I took my turn explaining that he doesn’t have to be scared to talk to us. We aren’t going to laugh, make fun, or go tell his sister stuff he wants to tell us. We told him he can tell us anything. I’m his mom, I know lots of stuff and if he doesn’t want to talk to me because I’m a girl he can talk to his dad, Kirby, or even Sara (his dad’s girlfriend). I don’t want him to feel alone and scared to talk to us or other grown ups.

We told him it isn’t good to keep things bottled inside you. If you have problems you need to face them. Even if they are silly and you’re working on your homework and you forget what 1+1 is you shouldn’t be scared to ask. We are grown ups and we are here to help. We will never laugh or get in trouble if he needs help.

He confessed a great fear he’s had for a while and we talked about it (no I’m not telling you, sorry). Apparently some kids at school and the Y are talking about this certain thing and it has gotten him super freaked out. It wasn’t the rule to the drawing game he didn’t like, but it was a good start.

And he suddenly became super chatty the rest of the night talking about all these other things going on at school, his friends, and lots of stuff.

Lesson: Patience does pay off, and sometimes a different, positive approach. Perhaps I should follow my own advice? Sometimes the parent can learn a lot through thier children, such as not to bottle things inside. It was a good lesson for all. I just need to make sure I am more open to him and provide him more opportunities on "his turf" to talk to me. Let him be in control, instead of me demanding the information.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Little Princess

I read that book this weekend. I actually got it for Gwyn and me to read together, but I remember it was such a good book when I was little... So I curled up on my favorite chair (we had 4 kids this weekend and they were enthralled by video games most of the time, didn't even miss me) and I read it.

I don't know if it's becuase I'm much older and reading it or if it's been such a long while, but that has got to be one of the saddest books I have read in a long time. It was a pretty good ending and all, but still very sad. It kind of stirred me, I suppose the classics always do?

Well I know this wasn't much of a blog, but I was just thinking how having children has given me an opportunity to divulge into my childhood over and over and steel small pleasures long forgotten. Now I get to go put her to bed... She is mad at me because she doesn't agree that our supper was actually supper.

Lesson: If you can grasp the things you'd forgotten then they wouldn't be forgotten.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Whiney Baby

That is what I'm being.

I was doing some extra work upstairs and I hear this loud thump thump thump and I see that Neds Head is tumbling down stairs. Garry is standing at the top of the steps with a statisified look on his cat face.

So I hear another smaller thump thump and see a headband falling down.

Apparently my cat learned a new trick. Gravity. What he can push from the top of the stairs will surely go to the bottom of the stairs. Garry had a blast learning his new trick, but it was overwhelming seeing things fall to the bottom of the steps and he soon ran down to play with these new "toys."

I was watching the cat play with my headband & thinking I shoudn't be such a whiney cranky butt, all consumed with work issues. I DO have a life outside of that place- and I need to re-focus and remember that. The work will still be there when I get there in the morning... I am an adult and I know I need to be a grown up and face my problems I have. Or suck it up and deal with it... Or I can take the cowards way out and leave. I'm too responsible for that.

I'm sorry for the blogs I posted if they were out of line. I was in a really cranky mood. But it's like I started out. You have to have bad days sometimes. You wouldn't be human if you didn't. Thanks Garry for learning gravity to show me that things that go down must also be brought back up, like Neds Head (and my grim mood).

Lesson: Be prepared to suffer the consequences of your actions. If you push something, it's going to move and where it will move you'd better be prepared for it.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Another Day at the Office

Today was not a good day for work. It started off with a meeting we had from the owner in 3 different groups. I was late coming into mine. When I came in I explained I was on the phone. The owner asked if I liked talking on the phone. I said "sometimes" It was not in a rude, or nasty way, I was just politely answering his question while finding a seat. I did not mean any harm by it. Of course our jobs keep us on the phones all day- so the majority of us are on the phones constantly. It's kind of a goofy question to ask a CSR. He made a joke about it something to the effect of "Sometimes I like being on the phones too" everyone laughed and he cracked another one and we started the meeting.

Well *someone* from that meeting told my supervisor, who inturn, sent me this e-mail:
"Next time **owner** asks you a question such as if you like being on the phone…say yes…even if it’s not the case all the time. It is, after all, what you get paid to do.
You don’t need the “target” on your back. "

*I took out his name for obvious reasons

So I reply:
"It was a reaction. I didn’t even realize what he asked till everyone was laughing at me."

Then I started thinking, that is kind of rude- what does my sup mean I have a target on my back? Does that mean someone is keeping a close eye on me? So I respond again:

"You know, he made jokes about it- and I don’t have a bad attitude. I really do like my job. I have my days- but everyone does. So is there someone that has a problem with me or should I be worried because I said “sometimes” instead of “always” I didn’t mean any harm by it. Is my job threatened?

I’m assuming that he himself said something to you about it because there is a problem that needs to be corrected on my end. Tell me what I need to do to make it right."

And sup replies back to me:
"Man I feel bad for telling you because now you are worried…but don’t. It’s not worth it. At least you were honest! He can’t expect people to LOVE being on the phone! It just sucks because now that is what he’ll remember of you. Even though it’s not what you meant.
He makes me so nervous that sometimes dumb things come out of my mouth. Your job is not in jeopardy and if he knew ANYTHING about you, he would know that is not what you meant. However he doesn’t take the time to get to know people so therefore doesn’t know peoples personalities and how they may react to certain situations or comments. Anyway I’m rambling…it’s ok. "

So I'm thinking- Why in the world did the sup even have to send me an e-mail anyway? Because I said I liked being on the phone SOMETIMES instead of ALWAYS? How completely ridiculous is that? Is the guy that signs my checks really that shallow? No, I don't think he is. I think my sup is. SO sup e-mails our marketing guy (I'm not sure what his title is) but he's another big boss man that gets new customers and sometimes assigns them to CSR's.

Sup FWD my e-mails to him and said this:
"Aryan is really feeling guilty – or worried – about the comment she made in the meeting to **owner**.
I shouldn’t have said anything but I wanted her to be prepared if anything was said to her."

I wonder WHO exactly is going to say anything to me that I need to be prepared for? I only said one freaking word in the meeting.

Here was his reply:
"No problem.

It was taken in good fun. I’ll reinforce that to her as well. Tell her not to worry.



I don't know how sup found out about my lethal comment unless maybe he (the guy sup e-mailed) said something?? But who knows. I don't know why it was even an issue in the first place.

I'm ready to leave this company... I tell myself to wait until I have my vacation before I do something stupid.

I haven't had any interviews since this summer for a couple reasons. #1 I don't know what to do about day care. Most places are 8-5 and I can't afford another $200 for morning care for my rugrats. They are more like rugpuppies, becuase they aren't exactly little... #2 the side effects to my medicine is really weird and kind of freaky- makes me kind of spacey, scatterbrained, it effects my memory, word recall, ect. So I'm really apprehensive about how that would go in a new job... but it's not good selling yourself if you're on some wacked out drug- yanno? #3 I don't know what I could possibly do anymore I feel so out of the loop. That one is actually the least of my worries because I think I can do almost anything. I am not worried about pay, I'll take less if it means I'll be happier. Besides, if I am able to take a part time job and even eliminate the day care bill altogether- that would save me over $412 a month!

I've been doing some of the work stuff at home this week. I know I shouldn't because I don't get paid for it...

I would ask the other sup in the group but I know they're soo busy all the time. Kirby thinks I need to go to HR and discuss my issues. I just don't know. It isn't like any other job where I could complain about a co-worker, we have a meeting, hash it out and we're all better... I just don't know. I feel so bad for the other people besides me that are being picked on... I mean- can't the others sup see it? Maybe I will have a meeting with them... Rock the boat. Get it out. When I quit and they ask why! I don't know. Kirby thinks I should... like now.

I don't want to have a meeting and pour my heart out and have sup go and gossip to all sup's buddies and friends and make things that much worse for me. I have been there and done that. I'm out of highschool, but I guess some people never really leave it, do they?

Kirby doesn't understand. He's too far gone. I love him, but he's not "one of us" He's been in his snug position for so long he's forgotten what it's like to be the peeon. And that's what I am. I guess I should remember my place.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I Was Abducted

Okay not really, but where did the last several days go? I'll be honest. I have been cranky. I all started when I wasn't having a good day. We all have bad days right? And I think we should. We have to have bad days to show us how good our good days are. We can't take for granted every piece of happiness thrown our way. We have to appreciate what we have. And sometimes, even though we know we are greatful for what we have- we still have our bad days. It happens.

I had objected to myself on writing a blog that was unhappy becuase it wasn't the me I wanted to display. But in all honesty I'm not always the happy go lucky person I make myself out to be. So the next day came and it was still a bad day and so on and so forth... Needless to day I'm still having a bad day. I guess that is turning into a bad week?

Don't get me wrong- my valentines was fantastic. I was totally going to write a sappy blog and make every single (and married) woman jealous. But I was just plain busy (it was a pretty good weekend). Don't worry I'll still make you jealous, just not right now. I'm just not into it. I want my heart and soul into the color green so I can paint the picture and etch it into your minds.

Anyway I ask myself why am I so cranky? Well a lot of reasons. Firstly work. And I guess the main reason I have sucked it up for so long is because I know there are a lot of people out there hurting for money. But really does a person have to put up with emotional and mental abuse for the sake of a few bills? I guess the answer is yes, because I have. Things were really bad for a while. Last Christmas time a girl (someone who's opinion I value) said she would punch me in the face because I didn't know the owners son and I was basically lynched by my supervisor... I blogged about my experience on myspace. The blog is now private.

The people that commented to me on my myspace blog suggested that I have a private talk with her (supervisor) behind closed doors (it's like they didn't even read my blog). Well I would- if I trusted her. But I don't. I know for a fact that she gossips about me behind my back. I've caught her. I don't know what I would say would stay behind those closed doors, and quite frankly I doubt I would see any changes. The majority of my problems IS not with my co-workers (though that one comment hurt pretty badly) it's with her. I can't even go to her for help without her rolling her eyes, sighing heavily, or shuffling her papers like I'm bothering her. And no, I'm not just being sensitive- she doesn't act that way with the people she likes. She acts happy to help... She obviously has favorites in the group. Unfortunatly I'm not the only one she doesn't like. She has a very keen way of humuliating you in front of everyone and I've seen her do it to others. I can't even defend myself, much less defend someone else. When I see her do it I really want to say something, but I don't.

It isn't that she makes a good argument, it's that she is so adament about her point of view it doesn't matter what your opinion is. I have tried to be so nice. I have gone out of my way specifically for her to please her and do what I think would make her happy. But I always fall short. It's very stressful.

I understand I can't please everyone and I know that not everyone is going to like me and vise versa. But we work together and this is my supervisor. I wish she could put her issues with me aside for the sake of the team so we can just do our jobs pleasantly. Or get me fired and let me collect unemployment. I get the feeling sometimes maybe they want me to quit...

Nextly is my medication. Enough said there. It does a lot of weird things to my body. I started another one for another problem I have and it is in the process of tearing my insides out. Taking all these pills seriously depresses me, and especially my... I'll call it my "w" pill. It is for the gift I got that keeps on giving. I have some serious freakish health issues going on with me and a lot of aches and pains I haven't even complained to my husband about. I feel like I complain so much about my head and numb fingers (and I got a new one- my face goes numb sometimes, too) and my memory is shot- that what is another complaint about my body hurting in another place? It isn't going to make a difference. I'm not even 30 I shouldn't have these problems.

Oh and lets not forget- it's probably stress, but I've been working a mild migraine for the last 3 days. I had a headache for several days last week but it's trying to go full blown on me. I tell myself if I can eliminate what is causing the distress in my life I will become a much healthier person... and in that- a much happier person.

I guess that isn't going to happen any time soon so what I think I need is a good dose of sunshine and laughter.

Life lesson: You gotta keep plugging away- I'm not a steam engine, but something interesting and better could be around the next corner.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A good motto

Alex Haley's favorite motto is "Find the good and praise it." That is a good motto to think about, especially if you have had a really rotton day. Of course I suppose in a way that is kind of how I have chosen to live my life. Maybe not exactly those words- I try to find the humor and learn my lessons- but same difference. I basically look for the good things every day.

Yesterday was a really stinky day and I kept thinking- I know something funny happened. I was looking for something that made my day more bearable. You know- misery loves company so when you bring yourself into a bad mood it's hard to find something good because you just don't want to. I guess it's partly an attitude thing because I knew I was in a bad mood and didn't want to be, but every time I resolved to stop the 'tude- another dark cloud piled on my thunderhead.

Anyway I was folding laundry and I kind of ripped a finger nail off. The only reason my nails grow is because I work in an office. I told Kirby I just wasn't cut out for the hard labor of laundry anymore! ...and laundry was the easiest part of my day!

I know that wasn't very funny, but he wanted to cut if off with his knife. Sorry I guess I was too cranky to be humorous yesterday.

Lesson: Keep on trying because it's in there! That little bug still crawls, even when you're being a cranky butt.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Screaming like a girl

So Sunday is my laundry day. Like a drone I do it faithfully every Sunday or I curse myself throughout the week because I'll spend all week doing laundry... Of course that means the following Sunday there will be hardly any laundry because I would have done it during the week with the rest of the clothes.

Anyway this was also a kid weekend which meant we got Josh. Josh has had this cough thing for the last couple times he came over and we have been doing breathing treatmens and such. I got to thinking it's been a long time since I've washed his sheets. I don't do them on a regular basis because he's only here every other weekend.

So I was in the boy's room getting his sheets and blankets when this warm fuzzy thing touches my arm. I scream like a little school girl and who but Garry my man-cat pops out.

Of course Kirby and Gwyn come running in to see what is the matter, be nosey, and laugh at me.

Later as I'm sorting Kirby sees Millie (the fluffy butt cat) and tells me to watch out because she is furry and warm. So all night I've had jabs at being scared of the warm furry cats. All because Garry was sleeping in Josh's blankets.

Lesson learned: If kids don't make their beds, check under the covers before taking them off.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

I've slept with another OR cat juice- you pick

The snow on the ground is melting away today. It's the first time I've seen the grass in weeks and weeks. Of course it's all brown and gross. That got me to thinking of other things that are brown and gross.

Like my cats eyes that water. I wipe them out with a little kleenex and it's kind of brownish and gooey.

So anyway I know everyone wants to know about this other I have been sleeping with. I've known him all his life. Yes, he sleeps under the covers with me; he likes to cuddle. He'll bite if I move too much. He's over 11 in human years, but I figure in cat years he's about 60.

Seriously though it's annoying, like sleeping with a small child that sneaks into your room. Instead of quietly getting into bed and falling asleep, he purrs on top of my head for a while, paws at me (because I make him so happy), and moves from one cuddly spot to another.

I have to bury my hands in under my blankets because he'll put his head under them and force me to pet him. It woudn't be so bad (I actually like the pawing, it's like a mini-massage), but for the fact he does have watery eyes AND the last few months he's taken up drooling. He can be kind of wet. It's annoying.

Most recently I give up and open my blanket so he can crawl under and get comfortable so I can sleep. It was after a few hours one night he came out and shook his head in my face and his eyes and mouth were full of cat juice.

I got sprayed ALL over my face in my sleep. It was so disgusting and I was half asleep; all I kept thinking was those brown eye goops I have wiped from him. I wiped my face off on the blanket (gross I know, but I was sleeping). I got comfortable enough to fall back into my deep sleep and snuggled into my pillow only to snuggle into another COLD wet cat juicy spot. By this time I was awake enough to shove him off the bed and trade pillows.

He is just a very attention-demanding cat. I love him, I have watched him grow and develop his personality and taken care of him since he was a kitten. I have worried and even cried when he did things that scared me. He is a part of my family.

The lesson I learned: I seriously need to break him of the sleeping with me habit (much like I had to do with my daughter). OR I just need to be sure to point his body away from my face when he's getting out of the covers... OR get him to sleep with my son. Gavin sleeps like a rock. Nothing wakes that boy up!

Friday, February 6, 2009

"The" Proper Intro

And I think what better time to do it than when I am at my most busiest, since I am the epitome of busy? I figure I have left you some little ditties of my life, now is a good time to properly introduce myself since you have fallen in love with my blogger style and hopefully I have sucked you into reading more (I have a really good cat juice story coming up).

For starters I am a mom of 3 and a half. Two are my own: Gavin at 10 years and Gwyneth at 6. I also have a step son Josh who is 9 and a semi-step son that is not really ours who is 12. We don't always get to have him, but when we do we certaintly have a house full! I love it-well exept for the sick, fighting, spoiled rotton times... I also have 2 cats, Garry (he pukes a lot) and Millie (she's skittish), 14ish ants, 3 crabs, and some plants I am hoping I won't kill. I've managed (very poorly) to keep a poinsettia alive for over a year so far!!

As you may have deduced I am married; pretty newly- we tied the knot this last summer after just over 18 months of dating. This is my 2nd marriage, and I can honestly say I have met my soul mate. I can't even describe how wonderful he is to me and for me. My friends think he spoils me. His name is Kirby. My heart flutters still- just like it did when I realized I was falling for this guy (after I swore off love forever!).

I was with my baby daddy for just under 10 years and married for over 7. We were high school sweethearts. It was a difficult divorce. I don't like to talk about it (even though I used to blah blah blah all the time) anymore, sometimes the memories still hurt. It was by far one of the hardest, most painful things I have ever had to endure.

It was also one of the most pivotal things in my life that made me who I am today. One of the reasons I can smile through my pain now. Breaking my heart and healing helped me learn to look up in the dark and above all- I found who I really am. I discovered things I didn't know about me and learned to be myself- not me and him. So I can honestly say I am me with no attachments. I won't ever mold myself to fit another person's needs again. I have learned that it's okay to be me, in fact I love it. It's okay that not everybody has to like me!

Another the thing I wanted to share with you is because I'm sure I'll be posting many a blog about it. I suffer from debilitating migraines. They last for days on end. Short ones will be 3 days, but the last several months they are up to 5-7 days. They are terrible. I have done everything, tried everything, gone to the dr, and been on every migraine pill under the sun. I am currently taking a medication that is supposed to prevent them. The side effects are not very fun. It affects my memory, my fingers & toes go numb for hours, and other things. It is hard to life with, but I suppose the lesser evil wins. My dr says I have to go to a neurologist and I need to get an allergy test. I'm waiting for the opportune time for that. Like insurance (you know those pre-existing conditions).

Now that the boring part of me is over- I work full time. It takes me 10 minutes to do my hair. I know that is what everyone really wanted to know.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Great State of Chicago

If you have taken the time to read the "about me" you'll know I work in customer service. Of course I didn't make my "about me" section very easy to understand- that's just me though.

Anyway- I had a Marriott in Chicago, one of my accounts call in (this was a couple weeks ago). I helped the engineer find the part he was looking for and answered his questions, but for the life of me I couldn't find his account. There are a zillion Marriotts in our system so I thought I could narrow it down by searching under state.

Wouldn't you know there are NO Marriotts in the state of Chicago? I looked EVERYWHERE. A coworker finally asked me what I was doing and I told her I found California, Colorado, Connecticut, every "C" state except Chicago.

She tells me there is no Chicago state.

I argue that of course there is, I have been there, I spent my honeymoon there for crying out loud!! Chicago is a dot on the map behind me only three hours away from us...

...So she helped me find my account and wouldn't you know that Chicago is in the state of Illinois?

Now it is one of our favorite jokes that we are looking for this account in the state of Atlanta, or the state of whatever. Well I think only I tell that joke. But it cracks me up every time.

Lesson: Sometimes no matter how busy you are, take a step back and take a deep breath. Then laugh at yourself.

What is the point in an ironing board?

So I went in the bedroom and the door was opened up all the way, Millie the cat likes room for her fluffy butt to get in and out I guess. I proceed to shut the door to get ready for bed when the ironing board fell on me. It lives behind our door.

It flipped open.

If he's anything like his cousin that lives in the garage I know closing that sucker at midnight is not something I want to do with 2 sleeping children (well one light sleeper with a cold). So I'm trying to fiddle with the little bar thingie very quietly- and it won't close. So I give up & lay it half open down in the middle of the floor, and decide to step over it to turn on my electric blankie since it's -45 here...

Okay, okay, so it's like 5 degrees outside, but my bedroom is friggin COLD. And that is like my 2nd most uncomfortable thing, being shivering cold where I can't get to sleep- my teeth chatter while brushing them- you know the drill.

So I'm stepping over this ironing board that is probably laughing at me because there is Millie fluffy butt cat right under it. Cats have a way of knowing when you are taking a big step because they seem to know when the perfect time is to get right under your feet. I saw her and tried to step even further and over stepped and ended up stubbing my toe on her claw while at the same time managing to curl my 3 large toes under- all while wearing my favorite fuzzy slippers. It hurt really bad.

The lesson learned: Get rid of the ironing board- why do I have 2 anyway? I have had one for the last 11 years and I have used it maybe once every other year?? ...and now I have 2? What for? To torture me? Where did that other one come from?

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I'm having kittens

Yesterday after work I was sitting on the stool eating some grapes and my daugher pats my belly and asks me if I'm having a baby. I'm only 128ish pounds. Does she seriously think my belly is big enough she needs to pat it and ask if there is a wee one inside?

So I tell her yes.

She says "really? I'm going to tell my teacher, so if you're lying to me, then that means that you're making me lie."

Since when do 6 year olds care if they are lying except when they are in trouble for it? Then she tells me she if it is a girl she is going to play with it and if it's not, oh well. I told her she won't want to share. She said she would. She would give her all her old gross stuffed animals.

Wow, I am really raising a thoughtful child. So she made me tell her if I really was or wasn't pregnant because I sure LOOK pregnant. I say yes, I'm having 8 like the lady on t.v., only mine are kittens. They are going come out so fuzzy and cute!!

Then she accused me of lying to her and I told her she should not say her mother is fat. She says she didn't say I was fat- she says I was pregnant.

Then the converstation veered off in the direction of chicken eggs and how humans are different and how I told her a long time ago that all moms have eggs inside them... Sheesh.

Makes me want to have some scrambled baby chickens & sausage (for breakfast tomorrow maybe).

Today's Lesson: I should consider a short lesson in thoughtfulness to Gwyn and forget about explaining the eggs thing till she's maybe a few months older.