Saturday, April 29, 2017

over 20 years ago....

To clarify it says:

"from the deep pits
of agony I do stare
into the face of space
There is no one there when
I call.
I fel a yearning to be held and
really loved.
But i'm only 16!  Too young.
Why do I have to wait?
Because there is none
to be for real at this age.
to feel the things and have the laughter of
my youth
I am captive and stuck in
the boundaries of my own paper.
With the scrawel of my pen I can
be the most joyous or the most
of nothing but the
period on my paper."

I can tell by my penmanship how hurting I really was.  Years later, I still remember feeling desolate and lonely, not having a soul in the world to talk to.  I thought I was too much for anyone to understand...

Next time you ask how your child's day was, remember there is probably more going on they aren't telling you.  My older kids are teenagers.  They drive me crazy, but they are real people, sorting out real feelings, dealing with real loves and losses I probably don't even know about.  Maybe next time when talking to a teenager don't push them off as self-centered, typical teenager, but as a person who thinks and feels just as deep as you.

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