Thursday, April 30, 2009

Goodbye April.

I think this last month was one giant April Fool. I'm going to wake up tomorrow and the problems of last month will have dissipated. Except for the few customers paper's that are on my desk...

I have a lot to look forward to. I'm sure if I go down my list it'll put you to sleep. I don't really have anything of any significance to say. I could complain some more... I know that always brings the blog ratings up, but I think I've been doing enough of that lately.

Anyway I'm working on positive and thinking positive... We'll see how that goes... I have a knock on my door and dinosaurs to retreive... till next time.

Lesson: it's okay to be happy with getting rid of the old and excited for the new.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

X's and baby daddy (or mama's)

Were they invented to make your life miserable or to just give you variety? Grrr.

Ya know, I'm a pretty good ex. From what I hear with my friends that have to deal with the baby mama's or baby daddy's I could be a lot worse. I try not to be although I will admit there are times I really WANT to be nasty and selfish. I know it's important for the kids to have a relationship with their dad. To spend TIME with him. I wish their dad could appreciate what I do for them- giving up MY time so he can have MORE when I don't think he deserves it. He seems to think I'm self centered and all I think about is myself and my wants.

If only he knew my ulterior motives in wanting my children to grow into responsible, happy, well adjusted, productive adults...

Lesson: Aside for the children- don't EVER go out of your way for them. There is a reason they are an X.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

TALKY talky

Someone at work has a hoarse voice, just one of those things I guess. She has been complaining about it for 2 days. Which is understandable, considering we are all blah, blah, blah on the phones all day. She's like, "I can't stand this..." and "I hate this.." and everything... She said she sounded like me. Um, EXCUSE me?? Was that a part of the "I can't stand this..." complaining thing going on?

I've heard her make comments about my voice before (yeah it's real girly, high pitched, and whiny) but it's not like I can help how I sound. Should I use my man-voice from now on? You know- the one I used to use when I played Ken when I was little? I wish I could record something here because I think it would be totally hilarious. Actually I have a better idea: I should suck on some helium and come into work and be like "good morning, I'm ready for work!"

*sigh* bloggers that haven't heard me talk- if only you could. You would SO get a laugh. Just look at my profile photo. That will give you a laugh.

I wonder what kind of reaction I would get out of that?? I accidentally got high off of helium when I was 12... (long story).

Lesson: Pick your battles, because fighting over you voice- well it's really not worth it, is it? Maybe she has to make herself feel better. I hope that helped, then.

I really am ADD

So Kirby and I were in the bedroom having a serious conversation about the children, discipline, ect and I say "ohh my pink highlighter!!"

Well you see I lost it a few days ago and I hadn't the faintest idea where it had gone to. Apparently it fell onto a shelf. Weird. So I was excited. He didn't even look to see it on the shelf. I mean if you drop something how likely is it going to fall on the SHELF you're walking by?? I could have been missing it for weeks!

So I think it is justified.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

just thinking... about cat puke.

It's never ending. Just when you think the carpet is clean for a while... you go to sleep to find your floor riddled with half eaten cat food. I think he does it for attention. I googled cat puke and apparently cats have an ability to vomit easily because if they were out in the wild and had thier natural diet- say a bird- they would have to expel things that aren't good for them such as a beak or claw quickly. Hmmm.

So I pondered- would you rather step in a crunchy garry (we call garry's) or a wet one. Crunchy ones are the dried ones that you don't find for a while. OR would you rather step in a wet one and if it's wet would you rather step in a COLD (not so fresh) or WARM (just out of the mouth) garry?

I know. Sometimes I'm so Gross.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Yeah... He needs a new knife

So we still had like 25 balloons in our house. Kirby tried popping them with his knife. He threw his knife at one and it bounced to his waist. To make matters worse he threw it again and it bounced across the room so far it almost hit the cat. Don't worry. That wouldn't have hurt the cat.

I've been meaning to get him one for a while now... I think it's been over due before we even met. Your hair looks nice.

Monday, April 20, 2009

gimmie gimmie gimmie

So after 2 years I get 2 weeks of vacation at my work! yay! I put in for it last Thursday to take 2 weeks off in May. Yay!

Do I get my vacation? NO. Okay YES, sort of.

I get 1 week, but I have to take the other week another time. Not fair (I'm being a whiney baby here). I was really mad. Firstly, I had to say WHY I wanted 2 weeks, which in my opinion is no one's business except my own. If I want to take a 2 week cruise, laze around the house for 2 weeks, take care of a sick relative, or take care of my sick body, that is up to my discretion.

But Indiana state law says that my employer has a say in how I spend my vacation because those are fringe benefits. So no matter how I want to spend it they still have a say in it.

With that said, and my recent research (or actually my hubster's research) in the law I can do my vacation intermittently... but in MY opinion it is still none of any one's business HOW I spend my time off of work. I don't demand what they (meaning my supervisors) tell me how they are spending their time off of work.

I may blab everything in a blog on the Internet, but I only blab so much. I still have my morals and privacy. I like "letting it out" and I may talk a lot, but that doesn't mean everything I have is "out there".

I guarantee before reading this no more than 4 people knew I wanted my vacation, and I guarantee that no more than 3 people know really why I wanted my vacation then. Does it matter that I wanted it or that I wanted it for a specific reason? I don't think it does.

I guess one thing that makes me irritated is that I don't trust the person I had to divulge information to.

Lesson: Don't make assumptions about things you don't *really* know, and I will try not to assume things about you (by "you" I mean anyone). Lets just say it's a work in progress. My whole life is- and I hope it's an improving work in progress!

There I said my piece.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

An Unhealthy Month...

This is how I feel: "Ugh"

I don't know if I have felt good one day this month! First I had ths infection gave me cramps and pains. My dr suggested it was due to an allergy so I have taken precautions to avoid certain allergins...

Now before I was over that I had this weird back problem (like my lower back and it radiated out and up) for several days I could hardly move or lift anything without pain! It still hurts, but MUCH better. I told people my kidneys were failing me. I know, I know, that was WRONG of me.

Then I found I had some kind of virus that was giving me cramps and pains and I had to "let that work it's way through"... I'm sure Kirby is tired of hearing me complaing by now...

THEN last week- like Wednesday- I started getting a horrible headache, which, of course turned into a migraine. That was no fun because along with that I had the dizzies, stomach cramps, clammy skin, blah, blah, blah

Along with the migraine over the weekend I had this stomach thing that was just painful (and kept me in the bathroom). I don't think it was related to my head (I can tell the difference). So anyway I am feeling much better today, but like a truck hit me.

I told Kirby I've been a bad wife... He says I've had a rough month. I feel like an old person (no offence) because it seems like I've just been so sickly with one thing or another. I don't know what's wrong with me. A few months ago I was relatively healthy... now I just have one thing or another going wrong with me. He says welcome to getting old. I'm not even in my 30's yet. I'm not even close, mister!

Lesson: I keep on truckin because I know there are things to keep on truckin out there for... even when it's hard.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

it's hard to comprehend

What goes through my head when sometimes I don't even know what is really going through it....

Monday, April 13, 2009

On a whim..

So I'm speaking to a customer today and as luck has it I typically get the majority of the foreign (or would it be more politicaly correct to say difficult to understand) ones. Not that I have any problems with that, I think I can be very patient and soothing, especially when they are frazzled (although it can be very taxing on me, too) because they feel no one takes the time to understand them.

So anyway as per previous blog those that don't know me now know my name is three syllables. So sometimes people get stuck on that- hey sometimes my own family has trouble with it!

Well this poor fellow today just couldn't figure it out no matter I enunciated or when I spelled it. He finally said Ary- whim? I said "that will do sir."

And little does he know how fitting that is- or how fitting I would like it to be.

Lesson: appreciate the little things. I say that a lot, and boy oh boy do I try.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

One more thing- oh happy Easter

First off- It is Easter. Happy Easter. I did a thing with my family yesterday, had the kids on borrowed time (as they were with their dad's this weekend). It was nice seeing everyone.

We had a couple uncles from out of town visiting helping Grandma with a bunch of chores around the house. Which brings me to some pondering...

I wonder if one person's great news and "better position" diminishes any one else's position in my family? I hate it when people ask me what I do and what I've been up to, and then I end up feeling stupid because it's not as cool/significant as my other hard working relatives. Well what have YOU been up to in the last couple years? I enjoy my job and working with people so I don't mind customer service, so please don't be like "oh you're in customer service..." with that condescending tone of voice with me. I hate it.

It's like I've never been quite up to par with some of my relatives and that makes me sad because what did I do? Is it because I'm my mother's daughter? There is always a black sheep and unfortunately my mom has kind of made herself it. Don't get me wrong, the family loves my mom (we are a very loving family), but there are some members that are kind of distant. And when you live out of state, you tend to be.

I wanted the kids to meet these family members, but I don't think they did...

Anyway- I guess I'm cranky because I have been in some pain lately.

My baby daddy let Gavin have 4 hard boiled eggs before the Easter thing with my family. He says I sent Gavin home with diarrhea and then Gavin got sick all over and was crying saying he hated eggs. Well I don't know if he had any at Grandma's, but I do know that 4 hard boiled egg is a freaking lot and 10 year olds don't really know control. I'm sad he is sick and not feeling well (and that I have to wash pukey clothes because my baby daddy can't take responsibility and do that himself), but I don't have control over what they do at their dads. Would you give a child 4 candy bars? Probably not.

It's a hard lesson for Gavin to learn, but I've been teaching responsibility. Overindulgence is one of them. They are pigs at the dinner table, hogging things down, choking on their drinks, and racing to get 2Nd's. I say no to 3Rd's.

I don't know for sure if that is what made him sick or not, BUT it's Easter, candy, eating a lot, and 4 eggs... it's a good guess. They are almost home so I'd better finish this so I can get my washer ready for the nasty bag...

Last time the ex sent a nasty bag home it was because a dog peed all over Gwyn's coat. THAT about gagged me- it wasn't even rinsed out. I asked him to rinse out this stuff today. Lets see how well that goes over.

Lesson: I can think of a zillion ones here, but none that seem fitting.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Missing Documents and other boring stuff

I think someone stole my identity. Although I don't know WHO would want to do that. My marriage certificate and social security card have seemed to grow legs and walk off. To you Mr (because you're an idiot and probably don't realize that "ARYAN" is a female name- *sigh* fellow bloggers pronounced Uh-Ry-ann) and I'm mad if you DO try to steal my identity.

Good luck getting any kind of important loan. My credit isn't exactly the best, thanks to the gift of divorce.

Anyway I'm probably the real idiot and misplaced them. I've been trying to get to my bank for months to get my name legally changed (and checks ordered) and therefore never put them away properly.

So today I had parent teacher conferences and the kids had a 1/2 day of school and I had to take a 3/4ths day of work. So I had time to *finally* go to the bank and get it done. Of COURSE they needed those documents and I looked for 3 hours and coudn't find them.

So when I went to pick up the kids Gavin's teacher forgot to tell him that he was a car rider and he wasn't in line. So I pull into the parking lot and I'm calling the YMCA trying to find when the bus will be there incase he got on it when I see the Y bus leave the school and I hang up on them to get the lady to flag the bus down, but I'm buckled in. THEN the school calls and tells me Gavin's in the office and where am I? I say I'm in your parking lot because my kid wasn't out there where he was supposed to be. So they send him out. He was very upset. His teacher forgot to tell him he was a car rider. I told him not to worry, I would have found him.
Poor guy!

Anyway I know you want to know how the kids did- so I'm going to make you wait till tomorrow!!

Just kidding. They did great. Gavin is on the honor roll and Gwyn's teacher said her grades couldn't get any better than what they are. She is her top reader and Gwyn even borrowed a book from her teacher!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

happiest feline ever.

So Garry was snuggling and purring and so happy. He was walking a back and forth sticking his butt in our face, as cats do. I swear an old lady couldn't have a happier cat than me. Kirby and I were laying on the bed petting him and we noticed his whiskers were glistening with droplets of his drool...and it was dripping on my top cover.


Monday, April 6, 2009

Tooth Fairy Visit

I was in the shower yesterday and when I get out I hear Kirby tell Gwyn to show me what's on the table. I peer over and see grass. Okay so she's got grass on the table (they had a cup of it they were growing from the YMCA).

I go back to whatever I was doing, probably being a lazy bum on the computer, when she shoves this bloody tooth in my face! Gross! I look at her and she is smiling and the tooth that she told me only the day before was loose is STILL in there so I'm confused. Apparently she lost a DIFFERENT one.

I don't remember Gavin losing so many teeth....

So Gavin was cleaning his room and *finally* put the first one (you'll have to find my blog I think it's titled the "toothless fairy" or something for the story) under her pillow. So she had two teeth under her pillow last night.

I finally got rid of that gold dollar with our 8th president (Van Buren) on it that I've been saving for her for EVER! I also gave her another 4 quarters and 2 dimes and a nickle. I figured saving a tooth for a month deserved some kind of interest.

So this morning she looks under her pillow and shouts "What?! NO dollars?!" I counted her dollars with her.

After school Gavin asked her about her money and she showed him and he was like "Oh I can't believe you gave her a gold dollar!!"

Gwyn realized that I (the MOM) could possibly "be" the tooth fairy and that I would trade her teeth for money? I told her if I had a gold dollar like that I would keep it. She thought that over and realized that must have been a good point.

Lesson: Always have a back up plan and a way to save your arse. I don't know why parents do the tooth fairy and santa, but I suppose it's always kind of fun... and deep down we can catch a little piece of our lost childhood.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

ohmigoshes- he strikes again!

My friend Chrissy used to say that all the time. That is what I was thinking of this morning when I woke up to find a gross hair ball on the middle cushion of my couch. Why is it when we had our old CRAPPY furniture the cat NEVER so much as did ANYTHING on it? But now that I forked over hard earned money for new, nice, furniture he has to drool and throw up all over it all the time?

You know before we have company over we have to clean our furniture to get all the cat drool off? I swear between kids and cats I can't have anything nice. Well I can- I just have to realize it can't stay nice. I think I've got the kids thing pretty much under control- since we have the drink rule (and other rules the mean ole mom, me, has implemented). Hey I still make red kool-aid, you just can only have it in the kitchen.

So Kirby is getting ready to clean up the cat vomit off of my couch... he's so sweet. I don't know what I'm going to do about that vomitious cat. I'm going to have to be like an old lady and cover my furniture with plastic. But then I thought he likes plastic and will only chew it.

Lesson: I don't know what I did to offend the cat... but we will find a way! Till next time*

So now that I'm about done with the blog Garry is sitting there on the floor doing his licking the roof of his mouth thing, scrunched over, feeling all like he's going to give us another present. *thanks Garry*

Thursday, April 2, 2009

April Fool

I told people at work I was going to go home and tell everyone that I was pregnant. I think it would be funnier for a pregnant lady to go home and say she wasn't. If I were knocked up I would say I'm just getting REALLY fat.

Some people probably wouldn't find that very funny, but my humor has always been kind of off.

So I was sitting at my desk and today is Thursday and usually we're so busy because all the techs call in and want to get thier stuff next day air so they can have it before the weekend because they forget to order it earlier in the week like they're supposed to... (I know that was totally boring).

So I was sitting there and it occured to me that Monday was so long ago. I blurt out, "It seems like Monday was a few days ago."

A co-worker laughs and is like "I love you Ry Ry."

The new guy laughs, too. He isn't used to my humor yet I suppose.

Lesson: At least for me just becuase it seems like it's been a few days doesn't mean it always has been.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Purple Fuzzy Balls

I wish I had some. I tried to grow them once, but it's just physically impossible. Speaking of possibilities. I'm the girl who has it all, but still doesn't have it all.

Does everyone in their lives have one third of it that just isn't quite up to par? Is there always something that has to be awry? Or is there something wrong with me?

Lesson: Don't over think it. Though that is a stupid thought because I always do.