Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I'm not going to punish you

But we are going to have a little talk.

I understand you're shy, I was also very shy (be quiet- you from the peanut gallery I'm talking about when I was little). I know you don't talk a lot. Not like me- or girls- we're always blah blah blah. And I know you like your privacy.

I respect all that. I don't force you to talk to me, but you know we've had some talks before. You know there are a lot of people around you that love you very much. It is not good to hold your feelings inside. I did for years and never knew who I could talk to or how to talk to anyone. But once I was able to open up, it's a good thing to share your problems. So you are not alone.

It's also not good to freak out or get upset when you need help. We've talked about that too, and you're getting better.

You don't need to clam up when I ask you a simple question. When someone asks you something it does not mean you're not in trouble. It is very irritating when you refuse to answer me and then get upset. That tells me there is something I do need to know.

While I do respect your privacy; you do need to talk to me. I need to know what is going on inside that head. I care about you and that is the way things are.

I'm not going to scream at you if you tell me something. Have I ever done that? Of course not.

If you think I'm some scary person to talk to, you need to tell me. Do you know what I'm thinking? (no) I don't know what you're thinking either. We can't read minds.

If you need or want something- you need to communicate with me. It goes both ways. You ask me something you would like an honest answer- same here. If I ask you something just give me an honest answer.

If it's personal- say so and we can talk where no other ears will hear. I won't tell everyone what's going on, but it is my job to poke my nose into your life. I need to know what's going on- and "I don't know" for an answer is not good enough.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Thinking with a clear mind

It's hard to think with a clear mind when everything around you is muck. Every time I think I have done it right and things are a shade of glass, something colors it.

I realize no matter what you say or do there are always things that are going to happen. You can't avoid changes that are going to occur to you or those around you, so there is no point in fighting it.

What is there to do? We don't have to sit back and take it and hope for the best. We do have some say in our own lives! Even when others around us are making the decisions that are going to affect us.

I've often heard that you can choose your reaction, although that would take some preconceived thoughts. If someone knew what was going to happen then they could obviously decide how to react and what to do.

Fact is, we don't always know what to do. Sometimes information has to sink in.

Thank you to everyone that read my previous blog. I know I've had some blogs that were out there (and even I'm embarrassed I put that smut up there) or were just completely ridiculous... but it's just me and really- no matter what you think of me, regardless if you like me or not you can't ask for more, different, improved, better, or anything.

I had a several comments about it on my facebook and my myspace. I really appreciate those that are my true friends. I know sometimes I dump on you. Sometimes you don't even know I do because I just sent you a text or something and said 'hi' or something and that was all I needed. I just want to say thanks.

I don't always think with a clear or unjudgemental mind, but I try.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Exiversary's and Forgiveness

I had a comment (that I approved) from "Anna" and those that know me, know that name is significant. I am pretty sure that the real Anna could care less about keeping tabs and following my blog.

Regardless of who it really was or not I got to thinking about the power of words of the comment. "Your exiversary clearly does bother you or you wouldn't waste the time and energy to throw it into your blog." No this date doesn't bother me, but I think it was bothering “Anna” when she read it. I won't deny that it popped into my head and it reminds me of once upon a time. This date was very important to me for many years. This date I thought I would celebrate for the rest of my life. But now- it's just a Friday. I know that and so does my husband. It is like any day that has significance- a person isn't just going to erase it from their mind the moment it means nothing. Maybe some day this day will come and go and I won’t even give it a second thought. Maybe that will be next year.

If it weren’t for this comment- I probably would have blogged about any other number of things. 85% of the time I get on here I don’t really have in mind what I’m going to say- I just word vomit on the keyboard and viola- there is a blog.

Sometimes I’m cranky (like yesterday), sometimes I’m silly, sometimes I’m serious (like today).

But today I thought I would talk about Anna (since she was so kind enough to actually say something to me after 3 years). I am going to try not to reiterate what happened or the pains that anyone went through. If this were really her, I think this blog would mean something to her (at least a very small portion of it).

I want to mention that everyone heals differently. Will I ever forget what happened? No. I can’t. I’ve tried. It was just too big a part of my life. Maybe some day I can look back and it’ll be hazy. Does it still affect me today? Yes, but in ways that I'm not going to get into right now. Will I ever be like I was before August of 2006? No. I’m a different person. If you ever thought you knew me before (or you think you really know me now) you can erase that preconceived thought out of your mind, because that is no longer me.

Because of what happened I am where I am today. But aren’t we all where we are because of the decisions made in the past? There are always things I wish I had that I could improve. And I will work on them, but things are what they are. Maybe some day we can all move on completely.

And now- for Anna, I’m going to “officially” take the next step. I took this step in my mind over a year and a half ago, but now is a good time as any to make it public.

I have forgiven Anna. I don’t hate her; nor do I wish her any hard times. She has been free from my mind and thoughts. At least any negative thoughts. Am I curious about her? Yes. I loved her. I would have done anything in the world for her. But things are what they are so I let her go. I let her go along time ago. I forgave her a long time ago. Do I forget? No. I can’t, but I don’t hold a grudge against her. She is free from any traps of my mind.

If what happened didn’t happen I wouldn’t be where I am today. There is nothing I can do about my past, nor at this point would I want to change it; it makes me who I am. I’m sorry about the pains we had to go through to get where we are today. I’m sorry sometimes I remember something and it’ll still hurt briefly. But today I’m happy. I’m in love. I’m so in love... I have a lot of friends. My children are perfect. My blended family keeps me on my toes. My house is clean. The air is fresh when I smell it.

I have my present and future keeping me occupied to worry about my past. But like anybody, that doesn’t stop me from taking the trip down memory lane every so often. The good thing is I’m building new memories, good memories (and I hope that everyone that was involved in what happened are, too).

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Going To the Chapel

Okay here's the deal- This is probably going to sound really juvenile and childish and junior high. But I'm irritated to no end, so I'm going to blog it. Yay!!

I'm married, but every wedding makes me insanely jealous. There are like 3 going on *right now* holy cow! ...and my exiversary is also this month. Not that I allow that to bother me, but it WAS pointed out this week that it would have been 10 years. Well who can resist the 7 year itch? Besides me, or course?

Anyway, I didn't really get a wedding with Kirby and I'm okay with that. I think it would have been horridly fun to plan one and invite people and pick out colors and all that. I wish I could be involved in someones so I can do that kind of stuff because I find it exciting... Marriage is not about the wedding anyway (I had the big one with the dress and cake once) it's about the stuff after the wedding. The people committing.

Anyway- One of my friends (I keep calling her that even though we never talk) is apparently getting married super soon! I'm so excited, but she didn't tell me or anyone. OK, when I say she didn't tell anyone I mean me and another mutual friend that would probably like to share in her day. I would love more than anything to be there for her and wish her well and go shopping for a special gift. BUT I'm not on the guest list- or her list to tell people. I guess in all honesty, I had secretly hoped that I was more than that to her.

Looks like my rant is more on the lines of "I'll never understand why people are the way they are and why they throw away friendships and don't care and leave other people hanging when they thought they were really good friends, but I've known for a very long time how they feel because they don't care, but I care too much and it hurts and they'll never understand that." Don't give me crap for the run on sentence. The wedding thing is just a front because I *really* want to be there. As far as maintaining friendships- I mean, yeah she lives kind of far, many of my friends do since I moved, but I said I would be happy to drive to meet her anytime! It's not like some of my friends who live out of state, we could see each other if she wanted.

We remind me of this poem Around The Corner

I also think of my old friend Rachel and I. The only time we ever talked was when I called. The only time we ever did anything was when I went over to her or picked her up or drove. I had to practically beg the few times she bothered to go out of her way to drive to me. The only times we hung out was when I suggested it. We never did anything she ever wanted to do because it was all me me me. That is not how a friendship is supposed to be so I "broke up" that friendship and promised I wouldn't ever have another one-sided friendship again. No matter how kindred the other person seemed to be.

That is kind of how I feel with this other person. Only I haven't gone out of my way for her either. I guess it goes both ways. The part that pisses me off? As soon as I throw in the towel and close the door on the friendship- I'm reeled back in.

I just will never understand some things.

I give advice, maybe I should take my own.

Anyway I think I need to go back to bed and wake up on the right side and re-blog because BOY am I CRANKY today. To any of my friends reading this- I apologise now. I'm just trying to unscramble my thoughts and I'm really too irritated to write. It's like another friend pointed out. Being cranky is a side effect of being a woman.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

As I promised: Monkey Pee

So apparently I was invited to a baby shower or a wedding shower. You know how they always have these cheesy games? Well this one was slightly different and apparently a lot more fun! Here is basically how you play (according to my dream so if it doesn't make sense blame my brain):

So we are grouped up and we get iPhones with various photos and videos of monkeys. Each person has their own group of monkeys they work with. At the end of the game you get with your group and score your points all together. So you work individually (but together) one of your monkeys may also be assigned to someone in another group. Each phone has different monkeys, but there are only a certain number of monkeys altogether.

So once you figure which monkeys you have, you go to monkey island and make friends with your monkeys and give them water to drink. Why do you want your monkeys to drink? Because apparently the object of the game is to get your monkey to pee the most. You get them to pee by making them drink.

You have to collect the monkey pee in large beakers (yuck!!!).

I was pretty upset because at first I thought I only had 2 monkeys, then in the video I saw 4 other monkey's. But they were baby/kid monkeys and you know that those don't pee a lot.

So that is about it for my monkey pee dream. I don't know who won because I woke up. If that makes you want to play that game- well the idea isn't patented, but I don't foresee it becoming a very popular game.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hiding Cinnamon Rolls (on the roof of my mouth)

Remember this blog?

Well I thought I had beat those dreams since I made that blog... but apparently I didn't. So I had several dreams where I was chewing this green gum and not only was I constantly pulling gum out of my mouth (then it got weird) at one point I even took out 2 cinnamon rolls. Granted, they were mini cinnamon rolls (I think strawberry flavored), what was I doing with 2 cinnamon rolls on the roof of my mouth?

When I found the cinnamon rolls my mom was in my room watching me spit the gum out (which is unusual because in my dreams I typically do it privately). She seemed shocked that I had cinnamon rolls hiding in my mouth and demanded what other foods have I been hoarding away? And what was I going to do with them? I kept taking gum out the entire time, trying to explain to her that I went to a buffet earlier (which I did in another dream- my dreams seem to run together), but I didn't save it, the cinnamon rolls must have gotten stuck without my knowledge.

As usual, I don't even remember putting any gum in my mouth. When I pull it out of my mouth little by little and then it gets more and more and bigger and bigger and I have to use both hands... That is the part that I hate the most. The pulling it out and especially when it's stuck on the roof of my mouth, around my tongue, and around my teeth. I'm always afraid I'm going to choke on it or something. I think I choke and gag in real life sometimes.

Those gum dreams seriously freak me out, add cinnamon rolls and I'm disturbed for the day.

I started a new migraine medication, and those that know me know that I can have some really wild vivid dreams... well guess what one of the side effects are? Vivid dreams. How crazy is that? I'll tell you what. If I have the gum dream to many times I don't know- I may have to choose a headache over it. I have another one about monkey pee. Perhaps I'll share what I remember about that one tomorrow.

In the mean time: Keep dreaming... Not sure how I can beat my gum nightmares, but I'll think of something.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Quick Quack Make Me A Flapjack

I'm sure like most songs I sing along with on the radio (I got that line out of a book), but somewhere I left the actual words behind and made up my own. I don't think I'm much of a rule bender, but I wonder if I ever combine rules and begin to make up my own when I forget what the original ones are.

Today is a rather gloomy day and I'm home (again) doing what homebodies do best I suppose. Playing on the computer! No I'm kidding. I've got a ton of housework to do. My mind feels so much like mush these days. blah. It's hard to feel worth while when the things I do aren't really worth while. Yeah, yeah the laundry will get done eventually, the dishes will get washed, Garry's cat vomit will get shampooed... Sometimes I wish I did greater things besides cat vomit duty. I also wish I didn't have to get migraines or bother with eating because that's an inconvenience.

I tell you- that human food idea I pitched several blogs back is an idea worth listening to!! Think how easy it would be to feed the kids. You could put bowls out like the cat dishes and they can come and go. We can have treats (my cats love them) and if the kids are good, we can give them treats. Maybe the treats can be in the form of candy corn. Mmm. Nah, cuz then I'd lock myself in the pantry like *someone* did the other day.

Well it's a Monday. It's gloomy, cold, wet, rainy, and blah- so it's no wonder everyone else is blah too. Oh well we'll get over it. Just think of sunshines!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Candy corn Season

I have a problem. I'm an addict. I love that stuff. It is so yummy.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


From one thing to another. Do you realize that everything you do is influenced by one decision or another that was previously made? Of course I'm not writing with any intentions to be that deep today.

I was thinking of the rights and wrongs of using another person's influence to get your personal gains. My philosophy is that you can't really move up unless you know someone or something. Knowledge is power. These days growing from the ground up is nearly unheard of.

I would like to start from the ground and go up; and I've tried. It just doesn't work the way I want it to. Let me rephrase that. It doesn't work the way I feel it should. I've found some of my faith that I lost so I'm working on putting my trust back in higher places that I took away. Anyway what I'm trying to get at is should I feel guilty for getting what I need? I said a prayer and have done everything I think I was supposed to do.

On that side note maybe I haven't done everything I was supposed to do? I guess only the results that I see will show that.

Either way I wish my mind would clear and I could be as jovial as I was just a few months ago. I think sometimes my happiness has drained away. It's still there, just not where I wished it was. My husband just laughed really hard at something and I want to laugh really hard. I'd like to make some blogs that are cutsie and preferably not about my cats. I always have cat stories, but I should probably wait until I'm 50 to share them too much.

Lesson: Take what you have and remember to say thank you to those that help influence you (positively).

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Waiting and waiting some more

On a good note I got a call yesterday for a company that wanted to set up an interview. Upon thinking about it I realized it was an insurance company and that I ALREADY interviewed with them.

I like insurance- that is why I have my license. My problem with them is that any and every insurance company will hire anyone. It doesn't matter your credentials or if you even qualify for the job. They don't care if you're a dirty sales man or passive (like myself). Of course I would like to do insurance, but I need the right company. When I think about it- with any job I need the right company. I want to be a good fit, but I also want the company to be a good fit for me.

Every insurance company that I have gone for an interview for at the end of the session- even if I have given a poor attitude- they still want me. Why? Why aren't they more picky about who they get on their team? Because with general insurance companies the individuals work independently. They don't have to answer to anyone but themselves. Yes, they represent the company, but I suppose in a twisted way the insurance company knows that the individual representing them are going to do a good job because it's all commission and they have to get paid- so they are going to rep good. At least that is my theory.

I don't know if I have it all exactly figured out. I just know that I'm tired of the run around with insurance companies and I'm tired of getting my hopes up for a real, good, legitimate, job and waiting for them to respond and then getting turned flat on my face.

I realize it's a hard economy, but these companies can throw us a bone here. Tell me why you don't think I'm a good fit for your team when clearly my resume and in my mind I can do well if not surpass the position on your job. What am I missing?

I'm just frustrated; I'm not a very patient person. At any rate I'd better get back to the little work that I DO have to do and keep on trucking.

Lesson: learn to be patient because being impatient doesn't really do anything but stress you out.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I can't spell it

I wanted like the Bam Bam Bam, but when I look at it, it looks really Flintstones. Maybe Bum Bum Bum? But by now that I've given the title of my blog that much thought I've already forgotten what all I wanted to say.

ANYWAY I went to the neurologist yesterday. I was conformed, once again, I am NOT dying and I likely do NOT have a brain tumor although the last time I had a MRI was in 2004. He wanted to ramp up my crazy medication, but I told him that I didn't know if that was a good idea. So we switched medications. So I'm weaning off of one medication for 1-2 weeks and weaning on another for 1-2 weeks.

I've been doing lots of research. It looks like I won't be as crazy. At least not medically induced. I'll just be regular crazy. Maybe I can drink a soda without hiccuping. I think that was a side effect to one of the migraine medications I was on.

I also have to make sure I am eating enough, not going thirsty, I am not over sleeping, or under sleeping... Basically he said my body needs to be on a schedule as much as possible. He said I don't like change. That is why I get migraines every time I go on vacation. Weird. There was a lot of other stuff we discussed, but I won't bore you.

At any rate I'm feeling really "woozey" right now. I have a dirty insurance salesman coming over tonight (no offence Joel). So I have to get motivated to mow the yard, clean the house, and scratch my mosquito bites. I have a lot. I wish I could squeeze them. I think that would be so cool. Pinch them like a pimple and get the poison out.

I wonder if you can do that?

Monday, September 14, 2009


I have been thinking of some epiphany, some life lesson that would turn your thoughts and make you think. I just don't have it. It isn't that there is nothing going on in my life because there is. It's just that nothing is making my mind spontaneous combust.

I had a garage sale that kept me super busy last week and I've been having fun yesterday rearranging it and shuffling things around. There must be something wrong with me because even just thinking about it I want to go out there and rearrange it again to see if there is another way i can set things.

I have a lot of things I need to get finished. The dishes are piled up, the laundry is piled up, the grass needs cut, I was going to shampoo the carpet in the dining room... Yet here I am on my computer messing with facebook, tiny adventures, blogging, and procrastinating.

I'm thinking of the lessons I've heard recently in church, my friends, what I'm teaching my children, and nothing seems to be motivating me yet I do feel motivated within. I suppose I know what my problem is. My problem is I'm here and not somewhere else being productive. I'm still working on that. I guess how can I motivate someone else and inspire if I, myself, am not feeling very motivated or inspired? I tell myself I'm a good leader, yet I don't feel like I'm leading myself very well.

At any rate I have many things that need to be done and little time...

Lesson: Life waits for no one, so keep on going even when you don't want to- or you may fall behind.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Car Seat Debate

Car booster seats. I am a law abiding citizen and when the law in Indiana passed a few years ago I went and bought my son a car seat, even though he had been out of one for over a year. It was my choice to take him out because I thought he was big enough and I always made sure he was buckled in properly.

My car is small. I can't fit 3 car seats in my car, even though my car is designed to fit 3 people in the back. A cousin had the same problem with her 3 small children. She ended up getting a van. If that is just my family that was forced to get 3 car seats and 1 mini van, how many other families in Indiana had to get multiple car seats and a mini van? Probably a lot. I remember the local Wal-Mart couldn't stock the car seats fast enough. I didn't have a choice when I got Gavin's seat, he's lucky he didn't end up with a pink one! So I don't want anyone to tell me my opinion (yes I know it's just an opinion, but it's a very strong one) that the law wasn't passed to give our state a little boost.

Sure the safety of the children may be one factor, but I saw the billboard's and the commercials promoting children beyond age 8 to stay in boosters. They were really hitting the parents hard, guilting us into getting boosters for everyone- even beyond the age of 8. I have adult friends that are very small- should they still be in a booster seat? Seriously.

I did a paper in college on the safety and the necessity of the booster seat safety. You know most sites that I was ever able to find on the booster seat safety that promote it are made by the car seat manufacturers?

There have been research done on car seats and booster seats. Yes, I agree, they are a good thing, but I also think it should be a CHOICE when I'm ready to take them out. Parents continue to get their choices taken away from them. We may as well get bar codes stamped into them when they're born and let the government just do the rest. Okay, okay that is a little extreme.

It's just if booster seats are the answer- how did we ever survive before they came along? With the stats I read millions over the years should be dead from vehicle accidents. (Kinda like with my insurance pitch everyone should have cancer, burned houses, or some other horrible thing -a lot of people do, but it's not devastating, there are millions and millions of people and we keep reproducing, so we must be somewhat ok).

Got a little off subject there, sorry. Don't even get me started on the school buses. Why hammer on normal vehicles that have safety devices when there are NONE on school buses? My children ride those scary things EVERY day!!

I realize I'm not right, but anyone else with a strong mind about it isn't right either. I don't think there is exactly a perfect answer. When dealing with probabilities and statistics there never is. so please don't shoot me down because of my opinion.

In my opinion, I hate to see my 7 year old in a car seat when I know that she is perfectly safe and fine in a regular seat belt. What it boils down to is HOW your child is buckled in and seated in the vehicle. Regardless if they are in a booster seat or not if they are not buckled in properly and wearing the seat belt properly- it doesn't matter. Now if a booster helps the belt fit "snugger" that is each individuals matter of opinion. I have seen kids with very loose seat belts in a booster, and with the shoulder strap behind them. Like I said- it's HOW your seated and buckled. Seat belts work the way the person buckling them in works. Not how the seat is designed. Otherwise bucket seats in cars would be safer, etc.

Of course my college paper was oober pages long. I had both arguments, why experts think they are safe (with the research backing that up), and why I think it is jack (and my research backing that up)- but I'm obviously not going to bore you with my college paper.

It isn't really the fact that that there are booster seats that tick me off, it is the fact that our government tells me how to parent.

As always I'm open for debate on this topic and welcome opinions. I'm sure most people will disagree with me, but that is fine. I'm stubborn- a law abiding stubborn citizen.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

End with a joke

It's a beatutiful moose. I've waned to make a blog the last few days, but I'm just not sure of what. I don't have any cutsie stories to share, or any silly cat things going on. Well I *could* come up with some cat stuff, but I would seriously have to consider making an all cat blog.

I'm just kind of blah. I'm nervous about tomorrow and how that is going to turn out. ...And NO, I'm not saying what's going on exactly so don't ask. It's just some personal thingie that I'm doing and lets just say no matter what the outcome is there are going to be hurt feelings. Of course it is never my intention to go and hurt people's feelings, but things have been set in motion and need to be followed through. Of course I don't think anyone on the other end gives a rats behind of my feelings so I don't know why I'm even bothering to care... I just do deep down.

I guess that is just my personality. Even in my darkest moments when I have felt the deepest pain from the hands and actions of other people I still have an urge to reach out to the one harming me because I see a glimmer in their eye. It's like I can tell the people that hurt others don't mean to or want to deep down.

At any rate- tomorrow isn't the only thing on my mind. I have a weight that just keeps getting heavier and heavier. It makes blogging hard. For a moment this was turning into a drama circus and I had to take a step back and look and I was like 'wow my blog is really pretty terrible' It was like junior high girls locker room gossip fest. And on that same note I don't want an emo blog because I'm going through a semi-whats going on with my life crisis. I've read some pretty awesome blogs and I think- why can't my blog be like that?

Well because those people aren't me. That's why. I actually went on here today to delete those drama blogs from a couple months ago. Because they are ugly. Not just the people that commented, but I was being pretty ugly. The reason I kept them in the first place, along with all my other past blogs from yahoo and myspace- is because that is who I was. Sometimes I am an ugly person. Everyone is at one time. I can't fool myself if I want to think that I'm some bubbly person and only keep the happy shiny blogs. Because even if I were to delete them I still know who I am. Why lie to anyone else about me?

I'm not an ugly person all the time (and I like to think the general public and hopefully the people that made comments on them aren't either). I know I'm not perfect, and I know I have faults. But the thing is I need to learn from my mistakes. That was a mistake. I know what I need to do next time someone wants to be nasty to me (or at least I hope I do). Regardless if anyone else has learned their lesson I hope I have.

Um, just to clarify, that is not an invitation to pick on me to test my skills.

I know I'm rambling and my blog isn't as eloquently written as the Cheek of God, or quirky as Life, Unassuming & Complicated, and I'm certainly not as devoted (although I wish I were, that is so inspiring) as findingmywingsinlife, but hey- I'm just me and no one can ask for more. I guess all these people are just being themselves, too. FYI their blogs are all on the side (under Saucy Blogs) if you ever want to check them out. They all have their style and I have mine.

Anyway nothing funny here for today. Sorry. I can tell you a joke.

This guy walks into a bar and it hurts really bad.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Migraine info.

This should be in my pointless advice blog, but I have had a lot of requests for it so here you go!

Here is my amateur list of migraine triggers (with help from google and my personal experiences). Of course you have to find what works and doesn't work for you. I recommend keeping a "migraine" diary. Record what you do, how much sleep you get, and everything you eat. I have found some of my triggers this way. It is horribly boring, but effective (in all honesty I stopped doing mine and I should start it again). If you can find even one thing (no matter how small) that triggers the migraine- it is so worth knowing so you can avoid the pain!

Here is what I have compiled- migraine triggers:

*Too much sleep, or not enough
*Overstimulated senses
, including noises that are too loud, scents that are too strong, or lights that are too bright. (that is definitely one of mine, ugh!)
*Hormonal changes
*Physical exertion (or lack there of) or abrupt lifestyle changes
*Environmental factors
*Dietary habits
, such as fasting, not eating enough times during the day, or becoming dehydrated
*foods or drinks containing Tyramine (will go into detail later)
*Nitrates, a food preservative (will go in to detail later here, too)
*cold foods, such as ones that cause brain freeze
*Caffeine (of course if you have a lot of caffeine on a daily basis, having a lack of may trigger a headache)
*Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)-
*Tannins (will go into detail here)
*Sulfites or sulfides (again detail)
*Aspartame (NutraSweet)
*High levels of potassium

Foods to avoid, or at least take into consideration when eating them. I recommend eliminating a few out of your diet for a few weeks, see how you do, then try a few others. Obviously if you take everything out you will never eat again (and skipping meals can trigger one!). Also, if you're not sure if it contains something, read labels!

Blue Cheese
canned cheese (euww!)
Processed cheese

What has Tyramine:
Fava, Garbanzo, Lima & Pinto beans
red wine
aged, canned, cured or processed meats
canned soups

What has Nitrates (processed meats):
Bologna and processed lunch meats
Hot dogs
other meats that are aged, canned, cured, marinated, tenderized
sausages (including chicken, turkey and soy sausages)
jerky (beef and turkey)
corned beef
all other beef/poultry/pork/wild game/fish that has been cured, smoked, pickled, canned or preserved with nitrites.

What has Caffeine:
iced tea
chocolate (my favorite)

What has Monosodium Glutamate (MSG):
often found in Chinese restaurant food
many snack foods
prepared foods
seasoning products
*Note that MSG may be labeled as hydrolyzed vegetable/soy/plant protein, natural flavorings, yeast extract and Kombu. MSG can also be hidden in broth and stock products.

What has Tannins:
red-skinned apples
apple juice
red wine

What has Sulfites (check labels):
commonly found in wine, more so in white wine
most dried fruits
canned vegetables
many processed foods

Other foods:

champagne, and dark or heavy drinks

Many fruits and vegetables and some that contain high levels of potassium. There are just too many to list (as you can see). These you just have to experiment with to see what agrees with you and what doesn't. Also keep in mind how they are prepared when eating them.


red plums
canned figs

Broad beans
navy beans
pea pods
Soy Beans
all other beans
Brussels sprouts
chili peppers
garden peppers


yeast-risen bread products

home Yogurt
Sour Cream

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