Tuesday, June 30, 2009

marbles and hurdles

No I didn't lose them. I've made 2 blogs today and my computer keeps glitching them. It won't save my drafts. Grrr.

Ironic I would lose my marbles after using a marble analogy.

Kirby was pretty mad because my cousin and I agree that Santa Claus would beat Snow White in hurdles. It was our new game "who would win" So Kirby called the game designer and complained and HE was the one that won!

Anyway I'm sticking to it that Santa Claus would beat Snow White in hurdles. For one thing, just because Santa is fat doesn't mean he can't move. He can squeeze through chimneys and manage to not knock trees down or break ornaments and he's as quiet as a mouse! So you know he's stealthy.

Snow White is as bad as a teeny bopper running in a horror film with her high heal shoes and long gowns and tripping over twigs every 5 seconds. There she goes screaming like the girl she at the scary thing sticking in her way (it's a hurdle, dear, not a scary monster). She may be skinny, but physical appearance isn't everything. She's clumsy.

Of course if you disagree I'm welcome to hear your arguments:

Sunday, June 28, 2009

2 posts in one day bug me

So why am I doing it? Because that last one was really depressing and I wanted to let you all know while there is a very small part of me that is saddened, I am not really sad.

I use all kind of analogies to try to figure "people" out and the one that comes into my mind is a marble. There are a lot of colors and things people can put into a marble when creating them. Most are the generic cat eyes and all look typically the same with 3 general colors. However, there also many varietys that are totally off the wall and different. I think I'm one of the different ones. You can look into me and you see what you choose to see.

Of course if you don't look hard enough or if you're eyesight isn't good enough you're only going to see a few colors. In all honesty, I think a lot of people are like that and we hide behind our cat eyes.

I had a great weekend. I think Gavin and Gwyn would have had SO much fun, but I'm sure they had fun doing whatever they did.

It is really hard sharing your children with anyone, even the other parent (if you are not together). On top of that I have to share them with other families. It is a wonderful thing that they are loved by so many people. They have thier dad's family, my family, Kirby's family, and I'm sure even their dad's girlfriend's family. It is really hard to split your precious time with your children. Of course I make plans around when I don't have them, but that doesn't mean that I don't miss them!

I miss them terribly. My house has been quiet too much lately. I was looking at Gavin's unmade bed and I made it for him. I miss Gwyneth's hugs sooo much! No one can possibly tell me they understand unless they are in my shoes.

Okay I got off track there, but I think you get my point with the marble thing. If you're going to look into my marble, make sure you're looking deep enough to see all the colors before passing judgement. I know it's hard, but I'll try to do the same, too.

It's Okay

it's okay
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You can blame me.

I'll be your scapegoat.

I've made mistakes, but none so much as to make you disappear.

I would have given you anything had you just asked.

But I'm not a part of you like I used to be

and did you know all yours hate me?

I've moved on, I'm moving on.

You say you can't take it, neither can I!

I've made my life and it's mine.

I don't have to answer to you.

You call my name, but my room is empty.

I go to see how you are and you're gone.

You left me, but you tell me I've hurt you too much.

I wonder how can that be?

It doesn't matter what I say or do, wrong or right. I'm always wrong.

I can never make you happy and you'll never love me again.

So I give up. I gave up. I'm sorry the me I am now is not good enough for you.

I guess "I" I am never really was.

I've cried my tears and thought my deep thoughts.

I can only be me. What else do you want?

If you want to blame me, it's okay. You can.

Friday, June 26, 2009


It's usually Kirby's job to get the cat drool off of the furniture, but today since I'm home I tried to. Let me tell you I think Garry drools glue. That stuff is hard to get out! I don't now what I'm going to do with that old feline.

I was cleaning the house and texting a friend, she's going through a hard time and I have a +5 in xp for her situation. I told her she could text me anytime. You always wonder why you have to go through certain things and someone always says "there is a reason" blah bah, well I say f that reason. It sucks I had to ever go through any sucky situation, but I'm glad I'm able to give my pointless advice and shoulders. I hope when it comes down to it for her she doesn't have to be the one on the other end helping a good friend of hers for something similar. Her situation makes me want to cry. I told her I would make her a cake. Cake always makes me feel better.

The good thing about cake is you can have a piece in the morning and it's just the same as eating a creme filled doughnut.

Oh good news! I have an interview with another company on Monday! yay! Because my current company isn't working out the way I'd like it to.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Changed my URL

So hopefully that family will get the hell outta my life! and stay offa my blog and let me be.

although this is still a public blog and if they WANT to find me and harass me I suppose they can and I'll deal with it some more... *sigh*

But I'd like to get back to my "normal" blogging and that I don't want them to be a part of either.

I had a nice blog

Until it was ruined by drama. Although I like to vent and get things off my back (tell me what blogger doesn't) my blog is not meant for petty back and forth and argument. Not to mention how does that reduce stress? Life does not go on this way. That is what this has turned into.

If we, my children's other family and ME, are going to get a long we will have to learn to communicate better. Calling me: Selfish, holier than thou, spiteful, hateful, self-serving, saying my mom is too drunk, my mom is Nazi, poor innocent me, accusing me of running my mouth, calling me selfishness, ridiculous, vindictive, spiteful, hypocritical, petty, disgusting, disrespectful, calling me a fetal alcohol syndrome moron, and dumb ass does not get us anywhere. The name calling didn't get Mark or I very far when we were going through our divorce. To be completely honest, as much as I know the kids need to see their family. Seriously, if I treated YOU like that would you want your children to spend a week with me?

Now, on that same note I have thrown some names as well, so I'm not completely innocent of the trash talk. I said Adam had the maturity of a school boy, he was rude, crass, jerk, and jealous. I said Lisa can trash, run her mouth, and her comment was snide. I called ma baby daddy, ma baby daddy, I said ignorance must be bliss (which isn't even calling a name), and I called him an ass and jabbed at sperm donor.

With that said, I have NEVER, EVER called him or anyone a name in front of the children. In fact, when his weekends are over and Gwyn is crying I'm the one wiping her tears telling her it won't be long that she'll see her daddy again. I hold her and coddle her and give her loving because she wants her daddy. Yeah, those parts his family doesn't see. I don't blog them. They will never know what it's like to be on this side.

So we need to stop the comments, anonymous and not, and start to learn to communicate. It will never work they way any of us want to if we don't. As the kids get older they will start to understand and learn what is going on more and more. I guarantee. Then none of us will "look" good. They are are smart. They probably already know, I don't doubt, but they love us anyway. Because I have the best kids around and their love is way better than any love us adults can possibly give.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wow Thanks for the Enlightenment Lisa

For those that DO follow my blog (and read the comments) I have to make a few corrections here. First off: Word of advice: Divorce is never pretty. And if you have children it's not over when you sign the papers.

Anonymous is Adam, Ma Baby Daddy's brother (would you prefer me to say sperm donor? because I'm feeling feisty!). Because Adam is about Kirby's age, but has the maturity of a school boy. He's ALWAYS made comments like that and the hatred runs deep within him. Even when I WAS part of the family Adam's always been rude and crass. If you have a myspace you've seen his comments; I still have them. I have re posted them under my "blast from the past blogs" word for word as well. Adam is a jerk, plain and simple. Personally, I think he's jealous.

Lisa can trash and run her mouth all she wants. She'd be a good drama blogger. People that know me have already formed their opinions of me. If they don't like me I really don't care. They don't have to read my blog and if people that know me change their minds because of my blog- then so be it.

Now to another point: Lisa, because she's the knowing all of everything, especially ME, (apparently because I hung around her for 1 week in 2004) she knows my entire inner workings and attitude on life and EVERYTHING... simply amazing. I wish I had that kind if intuition. Especially since she knows exactly how my mind works so much better than I do.

Anyway she says I should know ALL the facts, eh? Well perhaps, just MAYBE she should know all the facts, too besides the one sided here say and the small portions she grabbed from my blog (which she obviously didn't read, because some of this info will be a little redundant). I don't know- maybe you should take a little of your own advice, Lisa???

I didn't get a baby sitter on Father's day, which was Sunday. We spent the entire day with Josh and had a wonderful time. I got a babysitter on my Anniversary which was Saturday (as I recall I posted the blog on Saturday so I don't see how you even made that mistake), for a few hours so we could go out. It wasn't planned that we would have Josh, but we ended up having him all weekend instead of just on Father's Day. So it was a pleasant surprise. And you have a problem with that? Since when is MY business with MY NEW husband yours? Do I monitor when you have a sitter for your children so you can go out??

ps- on Father's day I had my children make a card for their dad- and pappy. Of course if the "family" doesn't appreciate that I had them take time out of their hard playing to do that, I don't have to. I've done that every year since my divorce. I'm sure Mark doesn't care, but I can think of better things to do for that hour I waited for the 3 photos to develop for his card and the 45 minutes we spent in making it. Do you think they would do that on their own? I'm going to say um- no.

Oh and another fact Lisa didn't have is the e-mails and texts I have from Mark. I have 3 different times that he asked for the kids. Yes, count them- 3 different dates. 1, 2, 3. First one doesn't even have dates just "most likely... first week of Aug...It might just be like 3 days" THEN I have 3-8. Then the last and final dates of 2-7. Now just in case I was wrong I checked my calendar just now and 2 is a SUNDAY and 7 is a Friday. So Maybe Miss Lisa smarty pants YOU should have ASKED ME and we could have consulted our calendars together because I think yours is off. Oh that explains why you think we had a sitter on Father's Day.

Next you say that "peculiar that you and Kirby would both be allowed two 4 day weekends off in a row throughout the summer." Well I think that goes down into MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS. Until you consult me on what you do with your vacation time I don't think it's your business what we do with our vacation time.

I'll admit I'm wrong- and this blog is probably wrong because I'm dragging it out, but hey- it's my blog and I can't let your snide comment have the last word. Oh yeah, I wanted to retaliate and get some facts straightened out, too.

I know I'm not perfect. I've never said I was. But I'm a blogger and I'm not going to stop just because someone is mad at me. If something is on my mind that isn't cute and fuzzy- well that's why I have it. Blogging has always been a good outlet. Does it step on toes? Yes. Do people have opinions? Yes. Do they tell me I'm wrong? Yes. Not very often though, except ex-family that thinks they know everything about me. The point is I blog, I like it, and I don't mind the comments- good and bad. That is one of the reasons I allow anyone and everyone to comment, even Adam under Anonymous- but I'll call you out it if I know who you are. So don't get all whiny if I do. If its not Adam then maybe he should take it up with me. But it is. This a blog. It's for me, it's public because I know I'm not the only one with a crazy life.

I only use first names, I never put last names. I never put exact locations, or identifying information. If I want to complain about work then fine. If I want to complain about YOU then fine. If I want to be happy cheerful then fine. What do you care. Except to "check" on me.

Oh and if Lisa wants the kids to see how horrible I am when they grow up, FYI: I am saving all my blogs, journals, letters, everything for them. When they are older and want to know "what happened" Even the bad stuff I did and the mistakes I made. I'm genuine, I have them. I'm not afraid to show them these blogs when they get older (or her nasty comment).

They can see how many times their family has called me names. ...Of course I have done some name calling here- not near as much as has been slandered on MY name... Okay 3. Ma Baby Daddy, sperm donor, and I called Adam a rude, crass, jealous, jerk with the maturity of a school boy. I'm sure he'd say the same thing about me. Oh and he or Mark made the comment about my mother being a nazi... Yeah that's creative. Oh and is that the brilliant comment that you are referring to Lisa?

I told my grandma myself I'm her grand baby mama. I think you and your family just want to find anything and everything to be mad at me about when the only person you have to be mad at is yourself you say I'm rude and selfish, but your comment shows me that you're no better.

Now the million dollar accusation:

The "real" reason I said "no" is because Mark argued with me and pressed my buttons (because he knows how- we're so good at fighting) and I got angry because Mark is something I'm not going to say on here. It wasn't even 24 hours later that I told his mom they could go. I didn't say it to torture the kids. Geez what am I going to get child abuse because I got into a fight with my ex that the entire family's been drug into?? I've said a million (okay not a million) but I wanted the kids to see their family blah blah blah blah. It's good to see your family. Get to know the people you're related to. I will say it till my lips turn blue that I want the kids to see the family. They obviously don't care. They just want to be mad and blame someone. So fine let them blame me.

PS I still don't take the blame for Florida. I've ranted enough on this subject... for now. I suppose if this is going to turn into a drama blog it'll get popular Hmm??? Drama always attracts readers more than cute and funnies.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I made a mess

I was thinking that MAYBE just maybe the dog poop is actually rabbit poop. Then I remembered that rabbits poop are really small. There is more in my yard. Yuck.

So I have a lot on my mind, but not sure how I want to place the words on paper. Err computer screen. My spaghetti did just run out. My plate is completely dry and the dog just licked it.

I was thinking if this was my rock bottom I wonder how much further I could fall. When will I get desperate and when will I get depressed?

I watched myself about a month ago walk into a spiral hole and then it got slippery until next thing I know I'm staring up at the rings as I'm sliding further to my "rocks" I remember a few blogs ago when I thought rocks in your face were a sign. There is a link: http://spaghettispast.blogspot.com/2009/06/i-know-it-is-and-subway-for-lunch.html Hmm. Not the same kind of sign.

So now what will I do? I guess I'll pick myself up and trudge along the overgrown path to the wheat fields and make some spaghetti noodles from scratch. Yeah we prefer wheat sketti noodles here.

If you're a first time reader- I speak in general terms for anyone that may have gotten themselves into a predicament. Of course I have myself into a situation... But I'm not ready to divulge that to the world of the Internet quite yet.

Lesson: I'm sure I've said this a million times. Keep on going.

ps I've sneezed a zillion times I think I've got bad allergies or getting a cold. That stinks.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Florida Drama Kids Update...Sorry for the terrible title

As of right now I don't have a clue if the kids are going to Florida or not. I'm going to say no and I'm 98% sure the family is saying it's MY fault.

So my ex mil and I exchanged some emails back and forth she explained the situation and I explained my point of view that ma baby daddy either: A. doesn't care or B. just doesn't understand. I think both.

EVERY SINGLE email I sent her I told her the kids could go. I explained that I wanted them to go. I wanted them to see their extended family, blah blah blah. She insisted we just keep our original plans.

It's funny (not ha ha funny, but ironic funny) I remember once when Uncle Chuck was married and his ex took everything she wanted out of the house while he was at work, including a photo frame she wanted (she left the photo which was of his parents) and the family was outraged. Of course I was a part of the family at the time and joined in on the gossip and verbal lynching of the woman. It's weird now how I can finally understand the other side of things- being on the other side. Not that any one of us ever knew her side. We were in another state!!

I don't expect ma baby daddy's family to ever side with me, but I would like to be understood once in a while. His mother (whom I used to think myself very close to, but I'm not her daughter in law- or any connection. Just an ex member, and that makes me sad... but that's another sad blog and I've cried too many tears for her) Anyway- his mother said she didn't like it when I call him "ma baby daddy" Well Mark himself said to me what goes around comes around. I only started that nick name because he called me "his baby mama" (and worse). The other nick names I can't post on my blog.

If his mother ever knew the text messages her son sent me (that I still have, for the purpose of records)... well I don't know. Lets just say I have things that he's called/said about me that I can't repeat. When "Anonymous" (who is one of her sons, Adam likely) left that message saying how selfish, holier than thou, spiteful, hateful, and self-serving (I copied and pasted those exact words, btw). OH- I have other comments from other blogs, too- Where is my MOM to write Adam and tell him that even though I do wrong things (and I told my ex mil in the emails I was wrong in losing my temper)... where is my mom to say I'm still HER daughter and he shouldn't say those things about me? Huh? Where is someone to defend me, even though I'm not perfect??

Anyway I got a little off subject there, what I wanted to say was:

I get the feeling that Mark pressed my buttons (because we're so good at fighting) because he WANTED me to lose my temper and say NO the one friggin time so they would have someone to blame for not going to Florida. I don't think anyone really wanted to go. Because if they did then they would just go (with my freaking blessings).

Sunday, June 21, 2009

yeah... My monkey did it.

My 300 year old lady neighbor has these 3 mini collie yapper dogs. Yeah at least HERS don't bark at 4 am (and wake me up, that's our other neighbor). But she lets them poop in my yard. We do not have a dog, just Garry the vomiting cat and Millie the window licker.

So I get out of my car today and am thisclose to stepping in dog poop for the zillionth time. There are about a dozen dog turds in my yard (on her side side) and a nice "freshish"one in our driveway. I'm *sick* of it. I get my poop flinger and fling it back into her yard. Because I'm mad a lot of it goes into her drive way...

So here's the deal. If HER dog is pooping in MY yard why do I feel guilty because I flung some into HER driveway? I mean there was poop in my driveway, too. We were going to move it into the grass, but decided not to. She says she keeps her dogs fenced in her back yard, but I have photos of her dogs in my yard and driveway.

Speaking of photos- we found out if we can get photos of the dogs doing it and the owner doesn't clean it up that is $50 a fine per photo... (I have to leave the mess in my yard for inspection when we turn it in, "proof" they didn't clean it up). Because dog poop is nasty. Some of the bacteria harbored in dog poo includes E. coli, fecal coliform bacteria, salmonella and giardia. *scary*

If you own a pet you need to be responsible for, and that includes cleaning up after it, not only feeding, watering, and housing it.

Kirby suggested we take Garry and have him vomit all in their yard. Yeah only 2 things:
#1 Garry doesn't vomit on command.
#2 If you step in it, you aren't going to be freaking out cleaning it out of the crevices of your shoes because of how disgusting it is... although I'm sure it's unsanitary, but I wasn't able to find what kind of germs were in cat vomit.

Me? I'd rather step in a cat hairball than a doggy doo any day!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Yay! My first anniversary

This is my 1 year anniversary. To be married to the absolute best man ever!! This has been the best year of being married I have ever experienced.

Kirby is the bestest card picker outer ever. Seriously. And the best card writer inner, too. Unfortunately MY gift didn't get sent out on time by the company I ordered it from (their mistake) so we won't see it until Monday. It's the best gift ever. I'll have to tell you on Monday.

We had Josh, as we get him this weekend for Father's Day. So we had a sitter and I won't get too sappy with you (who am I kidding), but we (Kirby and I) spend a nice romantical evening together. It involved eating out, walking while holding hands, and ice cream. Mmm.

I don't have a lot of time, but if you want a really sappy blog read this: http://spaghettispast.blogspot.com/2009/06/not-best-man-better-man-friday-january.html

I'm happy, in love, and couldn't love any man more than I love my husband. I'm more in love every day and look forward to many more years. He treats me well, respects me, protects me, and puts me first. I really couldn't have anyone better! I have a "keeper" as everyone says. I wish I would have found him years ago! Of course I was married to someone else years ago... but you know what I mean. I'm so lucky and blessed!

Lesson: When you love, love with all you have and more.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

If You've Ever Wondered...

Here is what people with migraines can eat that won't trigger a migraine:


Also, you must not skip meals or else that will trigger a migraine. Good luck. :)

I don't have a migraine right now, but I thought of that last time I did have one and I've been meaning to share. It made me smile.

I was thinking of inventing human food. We can manufacturer it much like cat food (I saw Bill Nye make dog food). I'm sure it would be easy. I would totally eat that. Mmmm. I could make different kinds like baby human food (i.e. kitten food) senior human food for active seniors... Science diet (that would be mine). Oh the ideas are flowing... I suppose I should have gotten a patent on it before blogging it to the wide world.

Kirby just pointed out that if I did this my cat may eat people food... Well I could always get back at him by eating his cat food. he he he

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Oopsie Wrong Car

So we were eating lunch yesterday between appointments. I had to use the ladies room and afterwards I just went to the car. I couldn't remember *exactly* where my associate had parked... He drove. He had a 300. I saw one near where I thought we were and saw someone sitting in the front shuffling papers.

So I quickly went to it and opened the door. No sooner had I done that than I realized that it was the wrong car. I apologised profusely to the lady and stifled my laughter (at myself) as I walked semi-aimlessly (at least I went in the general right direction) to the correct car. Apparently a large box truck had blocked my view and we were parked beside that.

Oops. Looks like I'm still at my old tricks. It would have been funnier if I had plopped myself into the passenger seat- but I didn't.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ma Baby Daddy (drama)

Here is the deal. I'm going to complain. I will give a back story so you know what I'm talking about. I try sooo hard not to bring baby daddy to the blog but sometimes you have to let it out.

So here is the background: I will spare you the Indiana Parenting Guidelines, but if you want to read here is the link: http://www.in.gov/judiciary/rules/parenting/index.html#_Toc189562155

Now, I remind him of all the notices that he (baby daddy) has when it comes to stuff and told him over and over about giving me notice of what weeks he wants the kids for summer. Of course as usual he doesn't answer me.

He didn't take the kids last summer except for his every other weekend. Sometimes I feel like I'm pushing the kids on him... But I know he works wacky hours so I try hard to cooperate with his schedule. Kirby and I are doing something new with Josh and Cruz and I thought it was great idea if we could get on the same page: instead of every other weekend we are doing 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off, switching on Wednesdays... (not to mention this will give more time to the non custodial parent- i.e. baby daddys Kirby and Mark).

Last year we couldn't do anything "fun" because of getting one child to one place or another. It was really a pain. For example, Gwyn wanted to go to the state park for her birthday and it was cut short by like 4 hours because we had to drop off a child at a certain time on the weekend. Another time we tried to go camping and had to cut that trip short as well because we had to drop off children to a parent by a certain time. This would give us 2 weekends with no time constraints on our plans. *perfect* Right??

Well first off I pitched the idea to ma baby daddy who didn't give me any ideas at all on his plans by April 1st. He thought it was a great idea. As usual he never answered me and I had to get a hold of him later on (conveniently). <-- sorry for my snide comments I'm a little angry writing this, but I'm trying really hard to keep to the facts and less of my opinion. So right off the bat I lost my first weekend of my 2 weeks in June. I also lost a weekend the 4th of July because I had the kids last year and "it's only fair" he have them. So we did something last weekend and our next plan is July 10 trip. Then I had Aug 1, and Aug 7 weekend. Well I get an email asking about a WI trip for the kids for 3 days the first week of Aug (my week). Okay. Then I get an email asking about 3-7 Florida trip. Okay....3rd is a Monday- I can still pull off my plans for that weekend... 7th is cutting into it, but maybe I can work around it (I get the email on the 14th so I'm thinking about my plans). Then I get bombarded with all these texts... He text asked if I got the email and I shall share the rest of the conversation (with my smart alec comments):

Me: (I get text asking if I got emails and stuff so I answer him) Are you working?

(I'd rather call so we can discuss as Kirby and I are sitting at the table scratching our heads trying to re-plan our plans for that week. We are losing 2 weekends if we want to go out of town... Looking at the calendar the only weekend we will be able to do ANYTHING is the one we just did and the weekend we planned on the 10th.)

Me: (Again because he doesn't answer in forever). Do you have to do it on that week? When are you planning on leaving and coming back- are you flying?

Ma Baby Daddy: Yeah that's when Todd is off. 2-7 (okay thanks for answering the rest of my questions).

Me: When are you leaving and when are u coming back- and are you driving or flying?

Ma Baby Daddy: We're flying. Not sure exact times yet. I wanted to get with u first.

Me: Well this is eating into 2 of my weekends i already lost 4th of july to you so we are trying to rearrange our plans to fit everything in that we wanted to do so that is why we need to figure this out so it works for both of us...

Ma Baby Daddy: We can trade a week.

Me: Wont work cuz the stuff we wanted to do i wanted to do w/ everyone and I have plans next week and the week after the vacation. Maybe u can let me have the 4 th?

Me: We are trying to coordinate with the other x too.

Ma Baby Daddy: So you had planned the 2-7?

Me: (duh) Well it was my week and i had plans but i'm trying to find a yay (thanks t-9, supposed to be way) to make it work for us all. I really wanted josh and cruz w/ us for our big plans. And if we trade weeks we won't have the boys

Ma Baby Daddy: k it's the only chance in years they'll have to see their cousins and todds kids are your round in school and have that week off. (I'm not stupid).

Me: I understand that. It's fine they can go im just asking if i can have the 4 th since i am losing a week and have to shuffle my plans

Ma Baby Daddy: Yeah if that's what you wanna do

Me: Well i was already shorted that first weekend in june then a weekend in july (4th) so if you take a week away in august that messes up 2 more weekends. I had plans for every weekend off and now we can only do one thing (july 10) that is why I was asking for the 4th weekend. Of course I want them to see family i know they don't see them so don't talk down to me. u are getting them practically the whole summer (he watches the kids while I work, btw) and that was my time- again. (I was still kind of mad and I wanted him to understand that I was going out of my way so he could have them more. Because he acts like he "doesn't get" that he's messing with my plans... kind of like Mother's Day. Oh if you haven't noticed I'm still quite bitter about that).

Ma Baby Daddy: You get them all year all the time. if the summer is your time too then what do I get? I told you I don't care if you get them the 4th as long as they get to see fireworks then it doesn't matter. (Um like you can control what I do, I don't boss you around on days you have them, how about you take them to the ocean?? Hmm??)

Me: I don't want to fight. U need to read the indiana parenting guidelines. I can send u a link if you want. U are supposed to tell me ur summer plans by April 1 -u didnt- we share the summer. i am being nice not a bitch. I am not a bad ex. U are taking advantage of me being nice as usual.

Ma Baby Daddy: You're giving me a hard time about one week I want to take them on a nice vacation with there family. How is that being nice. You can't switch cuz you won't sacrifice you're own plans on the weeks you don't have them, and the parenting guidelines don't say anything about you have to have them the same time as your step kids. How is asking for one week taking advantage? cuz I didn't give you 4 months notice, just 2? (if it were 2 months wouldn't that technically be the 2nd of June?) It's one week! And I told you I'd switch or give you more weekends (and I told him I can't- because I have plans that can't be cancelled the weeks we don't have kids. Does he expect me to take an out of town trip with Josh and Cruz and then another one with Gavin and Gwyn? Does that make sence?)

Me: (I'm getting frustrated because he obviously doesn't listen to anything I'm trying to say or appreciate that I'm bending over backwards for him... -a "thank you" would be nice. I should have bit my tongue but I didn't) U obviously dont know anything. Ignorance must truly be bliss.

I text Kirby: Doing the training sales call thing but it was boring so I text mark to get that thing straightened out and he is such an ass and i'm trying so hard not to fight or be mad. (I try to just not text ma baby daddy anymore because I know it's going to end in a fight now.)

Ma Baby Daddy: Do u realize the only day you miss is the 2nd? They'll Be here during the week anyway. (oh and he knows my schedule??)

Ma Baby Daddy: I know you went on two vacations last year without the Kids. Honestly, what parent gets off work for vacation and doesnt take their kids somewhere.

Me: (okay I know it's ridiculous because he is only pressing my buttons now, but it really irritates me when he thinks he knows everything and doesn't know jack.) Well not that it is ur business but since u want to poke ur nose into it i volunteered those vacations. So i was WORKING maybe u should know what ur talking about before starting something. (ps I hope he wasn't referring to my honeymoon because who brings kids to that???).

Ma Baby Daddy: Oh man you got me

Ma Baby Daddy: Cuz you working at the booth is way more important

Me: (I'm fed up by this time and his unappreciative behavior towards me.) U know what forget about the kids going to florida. They can wait till it is your week. I let you have them on mothers day and bent over backwards enough for u. We will keep our original schedule we agreed to. U want to be an ass to me then be one...

I text Kirby: He made me mad so I said no to florida. I'm sure i will hear it. Sorry to disappoint u.

Ma Baby Daddy: They can only go 2-7. You don't do anything but give me a hard time. I'll tell Todd and everyone you said they can't go

Ma Baby Daddy: Even tho it's just half a day on the second. It's not about me or u. It's for the kids. (funny he said the same thing when we got into a fight about him taking the kids on MOTHERS day for wrestling... which I gave into)

Ma Baby Daddy: I was only an ass cuz you called me ignorant. You get what you give. Don't make the kids suffer cuz you want to prove something.

Okay I know that was read-y. I had a lot of time, obviously. But when it came to the disastrous Mothers Day you can read it here: http://oldspaghetti.blogspot.com/2009/06/still-pissed-grrrrr-tuesday-april-28.html Which, in the end they went and spent the majority of the day with their FATHER. No "thanks you" from him for me letting him have them.

In conclusion:

So of course I'll let the kids go to Florida and let them see their family (I'm tempted to wait until he gives me an apology, but I know he wouldn't know what it was for that was pretty much my marriage). Don't worry I won't get into that disaster. Besides I have what was left of my blogs.

The last time I saw that side of the family (when I was a part of it) was 2004. Gwyn was barely 2 years old. So this will be exciting and fun for them! It would just be nice if ma baby daddy would appreciate that I DO make sacrifices for them and if once in a while he would "bend over" as much as I do. So far what plans has he ever given up? When have I ever said "no?" Even in the middle of the school week when he asks for them I let him have them (and there is a tardy on their report card so he brought them in late once). When he says he needs to drop them off early or pick them up late (sometimes messing up my Friday plans, yes) I allow him. Most of the time I don't complain.

In fact I'd rather not even talk to him- ever. But I know I have to. So it would be nice if we could find a way to communicate with out getting into arguments or fights. It would be nice if he acknowledged what I do for him so he can have the kids more and see them more.

Okay I'm stopping now because I wrote another whole paragraph I had to delete... It's hard not to go on and on sometimes, but I'm biting my tongue- or rather biting my fingers.

Lesson: I've said it once and I'll say it again. Do no favors for the ex because they are not going to do any favors for you.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Wow, boys + summer = stinky

I do have very good news for my fingers!! The one that got stung is pretty much all better except for the tiny little teeth marks you can see in it. I never did get my revenge... lucky bastard. It had better be eating other bugs in my flowerbed or else (if you could see me I'd be shaking my fist).

So the kids got these cup and ball things. I swear those are rigged. I tried it for like 5 minutes and it wouldn't go in. I did manage not to hit myself. The only way I could get the ball in the cup is if I put the dratted thing upside down and put the cup over it. I got like 11 in a row before I got bored and stopped.

Of course I guess I should add that Kirby schmirby did it in like .02 seconds. Show off.

Who here has boys? I have a couple. My son and my step son... and for the summer we also have my step son's half brother who's pretty much another son of ours. Well boys are stink-y. If you have one multiply that by 3 pre-teens. Yuck.

I started laundry today. Usually I do on Sundays, but I thought for sure my laundry elf would come back and throw me a bone for the summer... apparently not. He's still mad about the stomach flu incident last winter apparently. I told him not to worry about it; I would take care of it. ANYWAY- Boy's hamper stinks. Play outside all day get all sweaty and dirty and stinky. WOW.

I wonder if I was that bad as a kid. Probably. I was a gross kid sometimes, I think.

Lesson: if their socks are wadded up make them do it because I ain't touching that nasty.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Yeah it wasn't that great

So I have a lot to say, I've made some changes in my life I'm almost ready to blab about on the Internet, but my finger is still hurting and swollen from the sting so I'm not much into typing long pieces of wordy things right now...
:( I want to, but my fingers don't. Hmmm... maybe I should get them on pain pills because we all know how crazy they can act.

Anyway I wanted my faithful readers to know- I threatened to go out into my flower bed and find that critter that mistook my finger for a beefsteak and I was going to smoosh it... but Kirby talked me down from the violence. That, and my mild allergy to mosquito's and that this vicious thing may eat some (If it wasn't a bee and didn't die when it stung me)... *sigh*

So that is where I am. Oh and I adapted to one handed typing pretty well, it's just a HUGE pain in my arse.

Lesson: When looking at my flowers, be a defensive flower looker and remember my surroundings and what could lurk nearby.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

dratted beez

Sorry no blog tonight. I got stung in the finger :(
I will find a photo you will enjoy.

That looks Yummy


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wrong Number

First off- I just read my previous blog. Don't EVER let me blog when I take a pain pill for my migraine again... Half of that makes NO sense. Well it does to me, but I realize that it doesn't to my readers.

So anyway I call one of my customers "Tommy" who gave me a cell phone to call back when found his information.

I call for Tommy and the guy on the other end says "No, this isn't Tommy you have the wrong number." I apologise and hang up and try again. He answers and says, "Yeah this is Tommy... Just kidding it's still the wrong number." Then we had a little laugh.

Apparently my tech gave me a wrong digit in his phone number. OOPS. Someone called my cell phone 3 times yesterday for Paul. Too bad I didn't know my new trick then.

Thanks Mr. Wrongnumber for the laugh.

Monday, June 8, 2009

lots of pointless babble (thanks to pain pills)

So in a matter of I don't know how long- it was a long time (I was doing other stuff in between and during) I posted 113 old blogs. Can I say "yikes holey cow." I'm not quite caught up to the Spaghetti blogs (when I found this site), but I'm getting there.

There were some funny ones. Well one that made me laugh a few times. Let's see if I can remember which one it was... um no. That was just too many. I made one about a rock that fell in my face and that was why it's messed up. Just kidding. I bet that made you laugh though.

My friend Missy had her baby and I love babies and I just want to kiss it and hold it and love it!!! I am SO happy and excited for you and I wish I could really express it to you!

Oh I finally let the cat out of the bag to everyone at my work. Yeah, I'm quitting. Thursday is my last day. I was thinking of doing it by bringing in goodbye doughnuts or some kind of comfort food. But we all know they won't be that heartbroken by it (I'm sure doughnuts wouldn't be turned down). But I did it in a much better and personal way. I sent a private message to everyone via email.

I really do work with a wonderful group of peeps. I think it's funny when people say that because all I picture are the chicks you eat at Easter.

Seriously- focus. I really do work with a wonderful group of people. I will miss them all. It was really hard making the decision to quit. But there are a lot of reasons, most of them are too boring to get into. But I need to do this for myself. I really wanted stay, but then I knew I couldn't. I have a lot going on. But like I said it's boring stuff and I'd like to keep the few readers that I have. :)

Okay I'm being a looney bin because my head started splitting open and spewing migraine ooze into my eye. So I took a pain pill and sometimes it makes me feel a little loopy. I probably shouldn't write when I can't focus, but my fingers won't stop typing (and I type fast). They think faster than my brain does some things. It's a good thing they are good spellers.

So back to my job thing- I have a prospect and I am a licensed by the state to sell life, accident, and health insurance... So that is what I am going to try. If it doesn't work I will get a "real" job again and perhaps you will see me when I seat you at Applebees. I chose Applebees because I have a connection there if all else fails and I become desperate for a job. Or McDonald's. I have experience there. I'm sure my ServSafe certification has expired tho. I'll have to look.

I keep thinking about my favorite customers and that makes me really sad, too.

Okay I'd better stop before I make a fool of myself.

Lesson: perhaps I shouldn't blog when my head hurts and I'm under the influence of pain pills that only make me not care about the pain instead of make it go away. I hope though that I took the pill in enough time that the headache will go away (and my headache won't make my stomach a blech) That is the worst. My stomach already hurts from being all pms-y, but I won't get into that. I've babbled pointlessly enough as it is.

Complicated Crap

Why do I always get myself into these complicated time consuming self serving projects?

So anyway yahoo360 is shutting down and I am converting them onto another blog THEN I decided I'd get myspace blogs into here, too and get everything on the same place... ha ha ha ha ha... I have a lot of freaking blogs. It's mostly easy- copy & paste. But like I said- I have a lot.

ha ha ha ha Why am I so OCD????

It's called a "blast from my past" or something dorky not that I expect anyone to read ALL those freaking blogs- but IF you're laid up in the hospital (like long term) and bored or want to torture your friends...

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Dry as a bone

That is a figure of speech I don't quite grasp because bones aren't really dry. That is what I told Kirby. He asks what do I mean because bones are dry... I said not the bones I think about. I asked what bones are he thinking about. <-- Goodness that IS some fabulous grammar. I shouldn't blog right after I drink coffee.

Back to my bones. I asked what bones does he think about and he suggested old dry bones in a cave, and 100 year old skeletons.

Okay good point. But when I think of that figure of speech I think of the bones under my skin that are all wet from my blood, plasma, and muscles and stuff. Or bones from chicken wings and ribs when I'm eating them- definitely not dry. And dogs slobbering on bones. Oh and I'm kind of a perv sometimes because I mentioned another bone that isn't always dry.

Anyway my cat just jumped up on the dining room chair and the pillow slipped off so he did, too. I laughed at him, then I felt bad because he's an old cat so I called him over to pet him and tell him he didn't have to lick himself. But the other one came over and he got all pissed at me because he's jealous of her.

Lesson: Go to the cat to console him. And if you think outside the box there is no use trying to get in. They don't let people like me in.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Unrelated Randomness dreams and work, go figure

So I had this GREAT idea (straight from my dreams) for a game for family game night. I had so much fun playing the game in my sleep I actually woke up gleeful. And when I started thinking about the mechanics of the game I realized how stupid it was.

Basically you have a group of people, highlighters, books, and a timer. You highlight the best sections in the book and the person with the best section wins. You go around and share portions of what you highlighted. In my dream I won because I had the best section. I had one word highlighted (that I chose to share) "gab" I didn't even think that was a word. Spell checker didn't catch it so it must be, but it's sense is eluding my brain right now probably because it came from a dream.

So anyway in real life something even better happened. I had this Dudley's Pizza. The owner was Dudley. I kept thinking of my aunt's dog Dudley and everyone at work kept talking about Dudley Doo-right (or whatever). I always have to be different.

So his account was inactive. Well the chain of events goes something like this:

From: Aryan
Sent: Thursday, June 04, 2009 3:38 PM
To: New Part Number Entry

I am putting in c/c info now.
Dudley's Pizza

Customer Service - Team #8

Then I get a reply:

From: Doug
Sent: Thursday, June 04, 2009 3:39 PM
To: Aryan; New Part Number Entry

I think this needs to go to a different address.

So I reply back:

From: Aryan
Sent: Thursday, June 04, 2009 3:42 PM
To: New Part Number Entry

I've verified his address and he's ordered before?? He's had some orders in preferred accounts...

Customer Service - Team #8

Doug calls me back and says he thinks I misunderstood his e-mail. I was supposed to send my request to activate the account to "New Customer Set Up" email NOT "New Part Number Entry" email. OOPS. I'm so used to just putting in "new" in my email I forgot to double check which one it was going to.

If you're like me and didn't notice where I sent the emails to you can scroll back up and look. I found it so amusing I forwarded it myself at home so I could tell my husband and laugh some more.

Lesson: I can't help but share the funny stuff. Laughter is the best medicine, so if you know any sick people send them my way, though I'm told not to quit my day job just yet.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

holey rusted shoes

My kids shoes are so holey and ratty. I wonder if they didn't wear shoes what their feet would look like. I mean their feet don't have holes and ratty pieces of skin hanging off. How can their shoes seriously look that horrible? Today was the last day of school and Gavin's gym shoes were practically brand new. He's like "they're kind of small" I told him he's throwing away his current shoes and wearing those almost too small gym shoes until I buy him a pair of new ones. Then we're measuring his foot like a normal person and getting him shoes that fit. Apparently children think if you can't fit your foot in the shoe with out untying it then it's too small.

So with that said- I wonder how long it'll be before the ex'll get mad that I didn't get shoes yet because I said I was going to last week? In my defense I had a migraine. That pesky Wal-Mart!

Lesson: The Chinese (was it the Chinese, I don't want to be politically incorrect) had a good idea in wrapping their feet, they saved a lot of money in shoes I bet.

I can spend as much money in one pair of Gavin or Gwyneth's shoes as one pair for myself. Of course I'm not a name brand girl... I'm working it. It's hard to be high maintenance when you can't afford it.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Thoughtful Customers.

I have a cusomter that says I'm very sweet all the time.

Since I was out yesterday he said he missed talking to me. He said I was sweet and asked where I was, and I said I had some migraines. He asked if I got them at Wal-Mart.

I told him if I got them at Wal-Mart I would be sure not to shop there anymore.

*sigh* if only it WAS that easy.

Something Doesn't Mix

And apparently for ME that would be 2 rum & cokes, shot of tequila, hard core dancing, shot of cough medicine- just kidding it was really a jager bomb, and a Bud Lime. I remember laughing at a tampon wrapper on the bathroom floor (because drunk people are sloppy) and getting Julie's flip flop when she slipped on the floor. Of course all this was only within a couple hours of each other.

I couldn't tell you what the band sang and Mollie- you're going to have to tell me the name of them (Ghost something) because all I can think of is Jettingham or Abraham and I know that isn't right. They have since broke up and regrouped.

Anyhoos all that alcohol makes for an unpleasant Sunday. I knew my stomach would be upset, but I didn't expect to develop a killer migraine Sunday night. It's like a hangover that gets worse. Who ever heard of that? Well I don't drink enough to really know so maybe it's common? And on that note- who ever would want to be an alcoholic if that is what they have to deal with??

Anyway I missed work on Monday (and that sucked royally because I felt HORRIBLE all day and accomplished nothing) and am just now getting over it. Kind of sucks.

I guess I kind of owe Mollie one tho. She was our DD and if I never got on her nerves before I'm sure I did Saturday.

I think I may drink some water melon. I mean eat some. I guess with watermelon you get to do both. I'm feeling kind of snack-y.

Lesson: I should have snuggled my hubster instead of partied with my girls. But I love my girls. So either way if you're drunk and only have $13 make sure you buy your own drinks- then you can't drink too much.