Monday, February 28, 2011

florescent lights flicker

Have you ever thought of someone in a certain light only to have the bulb replaced? That happened to me today and I can't stop thinking about it. How many people in my life have I been looking at under the wrong bulb?

I'd been fancying myself on how much I've matured in the last 4 years, but then something happens that shows my immaturity like a raw carpet burn. I wonder if I'm ever going to truly grow up! I'd been past hurting people. It ain't my thang!! I think for the past few years that I have been very good at not gossiping, bashing, or otherwise degrading another person. The drama llama has stalked out of my life because I was starving it.

Before you open your big mouth- My ex and I are a work in progress and you have to admit we have come a long way since my blogging drama!!

Anyway this is not about my ex. This is about a woman that I have always wished I had a small bond with and could never figure out why we couldn't connect. I honestly thought she hated my guts. I come to find now that may not necessarily be the case. I'm so confused!

She is someone that for the last 2 years I wanted to apologize for being so ignorant and stupid around her the one and only time we met like 15 years ago. She never knew it, but she has always meant a lot to me, deep down. I always felt bad I hurt her feelings and wanted to make amends- or at least get "my side" heard.

What makes her so special is she is the wife of someone I had considered at one point one of my best friends (I know I must go through them like I go through fingernail polish. That is if I wore much fingernail polish). I've always thought of her like the saying "any friend of yours is a friend of mine" kind of thing. She was important to him, so therefore she was also important to me.

So anyway I only want to help my friends and I'm afraid whatever I say or do is not going to be of any help. Some things people just have to work on their own.

Isn't it amazing how one decision someone makes can affect so many people? How a word can make or destroy a person?? I hope she can forgive me.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Went for a drive yesterday and like clockwork as soon as I put Rowan in his car seat he spit up. He can go all day with no spittles and as soon as he sits in that seat- thar he blows!

I always put on a "riding bib" when we go, but yesterday he was like a little geyser. You just never know when he's gonna go. I ended up changing his clothes entirely before we left and got a new bib. I tucked 2 spit rigs around him in hopes of saving the outfit for our destination.

So it was quite warm in my car with the sun and the "heatwave" outside, I took off his blanket. I figure if I was hot enough to not wear a coat while driving I bet he'd get hot back there. He didn't care and by time I reached where we were going he had thrown each spit rag aside, his bib askew, spit a couple more times, took his sock off and had eaten that to a nice soggy thing and thrown it aside, too. All in all- it was a good drive for him. He was a happy boy.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

What's up Februrarians?

What's the big news? The weather reached like 46 today! Break out the bikini's, it's a heatwave! It's so funny how every other post on face book is the weather this and the weather that. It's like that any time anything interesting like weather happens.

There's still a foot or two of snow out there, but hey- it's melting. I hope it continues to melt so Rowan and I can go for walks in the stroller. I know he'll love going outside!!

My big news- Rowan's second tooth is poking through. He is such a cutie. He's finally at that state where he wants whatever you have. I would let him have my phone except I'm not sure what drool would do to it. I am going to clean off one of the old ones for him, I think. He'll fall for it for like 5 minutes. Babies are smart like that.

Today I learned Valentime cards are not where cards normally are. Because why would anyone look for holiday cards where the store keeps their regular cards?? Apparently people are now getting their cards in the grocery section. I always get cards when I go to pick up a gallon of milk. Milk always makes me think, "hey there's a holiday tomorrow and my child just informed me her class is having a party and she needs to send some cards out." Also Kleenexes remind me that I need to send my package out. I have had it since December for my niece. We threw some Valentime surprises in there... I know- I'm the worse package sender outer there is.

I also have Mother's Day cards for my mom for the past 2 years because I keep forgetting and she says "just give it to me next year." I haven't found any Father's Day cards so I'm kinda glad I remembered for once to give it to my dad this last year. At least I think so. I can't remember. I'd feel bad if I found it. I love my family to death and I'm sorry I'm the worst card sender outer there is.

In my defense half the time they forget my birthday. One of my aunts and I got into this huge argument about my birthday once. I had to pull out one of my mom's old birth announcements to prove to her what day it was. She said my driver's license was wrong. LOL. Good times. I think she was embarrassed because she did a video thing for my grandparent's 50th wedding anniversary and it was announced on the thing to the entire everyone that was there. Oops.

Ps, I know I am spelling Valentime wrong. Gwyneth and I read the Junie B. Jones and the Mushy Gushy Valentime. I liked the way she said it wrong throughout the entire book. Because even though one of her friends tried to correct her she decided she liked her way of saying it better. :)

Friday, February 11, 2011

lazy technology

Rowan is taking a ridiculously long nap. I'm sure now that I started a blog he'll wake up. I have been busy re-doing a very time consuming task I started yesterday. Turns out I put my hard work into the wrong web site.... Uploading photos from 2009 to present to print. Yeah... I know why have I waited so long to do this? Because I'm crazy. Actually I need some prints of my newborn to put in my house and maybe a few updated ones of the big kids. I wouldn't want anyone to come in here and think I'm stuck in 2008.

With today's technology looking at old pictures is as simple as just a click of a button. But I still like the old fashioned flipping through photo books. I have to actually buy them and put them together and then I also have a zillion scrap book projects I need to finish... Technology has really made us lazy. Or perhaps I'm the one that is lazy. I would prefer to think of myself as a procrastinator that never gets anything done.

Gwyneth was complaining about her chore of doing the dishes. I told her when I was a kid I had to wash them (brace yourself) by hand!! Blasphemy, right?! Soon she'll be asking me, "back in the olden days was T.V. invented?"

I am still very tired from the flu. I feel like I could possibly take a nap now, but I know that would be silly when Rowan is going to be waking up any moment. Well time to check my upload and see if I'm ready to move onto my "silly" pics of 2009.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Well... I haven't been around because I got the sickness. I am finally getting over it. Nothing like 102 fever for a week and feeling like I got hit by a semi-truck that forgot to stop at McDonalds to unload the sausages. Anyway I have been trying very hard not to share the love.

Poor Gwynnie came down with the stomach flu type thingie. She needs to freak out less (which is understandable, vomiting is my absolute LEAST favorite thing- even more so than ticks) and learn to RUN to make it to the toilet. Poor thing though. Now every stomach hurt she is running to the bathroom. I'm glad she got the concept, but now she needs to distinguish each different stomach ache and not be so paranoid...

So Rowan got this little pokey tooth in his mouth. Too cute! I seriously need to get a baby book for him... So this month hasn't started out the greatest, but I'm hoping it will end good.... I mean- that chipmunk thing said spring was going to start early- that is good news right?

I think if we get anymore snow I may have to invest in some ski's to check the mail. We have a drift that goes up over my patio chair seats in the back. The kids love it- cuz the forts are already half built- they just have to fortify them. If I were feeling more well I think I would go stomp around in it. I like the way snow crunches when you walk. I would like to sit Rowan in it to see what he does... Hmm if we start to feel well later this week maybe I'll have to...

I really missed my poor kitty when I was sick. Normally he would have been right there with me trying to help me feel better. I was under my electric blankie and I thought of him because when I took him to the vet the time before last he said Garry wasn't generating any of his own body heat and I had to warm him up. Poor thing. I really miss my old man cat. I keep getting kind of sad and wistful that Rowan won't know him like the rest of the family. He'll only know "garry's" as vomit piles and not for the cat that was known to make them everywhere.