Friday, December 27, 2013


Every time I try to think of something funny that happened nothing comes to mind.  I know crazy things have been happening in my life.  Have I forgotten how it is to laugh at myself?  Gee I hope not! 

So...  the other day my daughter was at the table and the dog was next to her.  She had her face down by his and was snuggling and loving on him when the dog burps.  That's right.  Bandit burped right in her face!  I didn't even know dogs did that!

I asked her what it smelled like and she said she was "breathing out" as he did it.  Yeah right.  Who was ever "breathing out" when someone does something like burp in someones face?  Not that I know a lot of people burping in other people's faces or anything.  

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Somebody ate the crabby pill

It wasn't me! 

Today was ridiculously busy at work... Just one thing after another.  It's one of those days I'm sure glad I'm not the bossman.  I won't talk about work though.  Who wants to talk about that anyway?  I'm sure we all get enough of that as it is.

Oh. my. word.  My husband just came in the door with cookies!  Time for me to go...  mmmm

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

self reflecting

I had to get an email address to someone I hadn't spoken to in literally years.  I knew we corresponded several years ago so I went into my "sent" folder to find the email address.  I've used the same email for 14 years.  I don't think a lot of people in this day and age can say that.  Can you believe I had emails from as far back as 2007?!

So I was reading some and they got me really depressed.  I was one sad little person for a long time.  

On that same note I am just amazed at the person I was, the person I still am, and the person I grew into.    

I think deep down I did (and do) change, but I AM still the same person. 

It kind of upset me that I'm the same person.  The same attitudes, same morals, the same deep seated feelings that drive me.  Sometimes I don't feel very adequate or like I've really grown up that much.  I can't change my innate personality, apparently.

So anyway those are my deep thoughts for tonight.