Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Rigging the Game

We have this party game called "Say Anything" The kids love it. It is this game where you go around the table each person asks a question and everyone writes an answer down. Then the question asker votes on which answer they like the best. Then all the answerers get two votes to choose the answer they think the asker is going to choose. If you really want to know more I suggest you visit this site:

I played the other night with friends and found a creative way to tell my news to them. The fun in telling and element of surprise was so well received we thought we'd do something similar with the children. We got them all together and Kirby asked the question and I put in the right answer. Of course it was rigged, how else could we make a creative announcement to the children that they are going to be big brothers and a big sister?

It took them a while to understand what we were talking about... but in the end the thoughts sank in. We had 2 requests for a girl and one undecided.

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Triana said...

That sounds like so much fun! You're awesome.