Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Spaghetti's

I think he has my smile... My mom always told me I had my dad's smile, so therefore he's got my dad's smile. Cute. He is one smart little baby. He was so fussy and cranky and crying I went to get his jammies to put him to bed early. So after I got his jammies on I stand him up and he starts squealing. He laughs and squeals and has a good ole time for the next 45 minutes. Smart boy. He knew what was coming if he didn't behave.

So I was just thinking I wonder if you can ever really truly get drama out of your head. I mean it seems like my life is sometimes a soap opera. Well only in my head. Cuz the outside is normal and I think if someone were to watch me like the Truman Show they would be very bored.

I spent and hour and a half today cleaning carpets. Exciting edge of your seat stuff! I'm afraid "The Spaghetti's" would get canceled before the first season finished. That is because I can't afford those fancy writer that had the strike a few years ago.

I almost said the writers that stroked (and I know this is mean), but I pictured a bunch of elderly people out on the lawn with their pickets stroking and twitching. I never said my writing wasn't callous at points. "The Spaghetti's" -boring and offensive.

I learned something this week. If you bring your drink in the living room when you know you shouldn't and you spill it- it is much easier to clean if half of it isn't under the couch. I also learned about the real Dracula. He was a psychopath, I think. A royal psychopath. You know that he found a way to take care of the poor and sick? He invited all of them for a big dinner at his castle- and then locked them in and set the room on fire! He also impaled thousands of people (women and children included) and left them up on steaks for over 3 months to scare the Turkish army.

Also- I wanted to clear part of Garry's name. My dear old kitty. I miss him so much. A few weeks ago we stumbled upon cat puke in the kitchen. I know it wasn't Garry's ghost haunting me. Garry loved me. It was Millers. Millie the bad kitty who pukes in private and blames it on Garry!!

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