Monday, March 19, 2012

women's rights

Okay so I totally know I haven't kept up in this. I guess since I know my most important fan is gone (my dad) I kinda lost the blogging spirit. Of course there have been many blogworthy topics in the last several months.... and I'm sure I owe you an updated post on wassap with me... But I guess something finally bugged me enough for me to post.....

Now I know I'm doing a "no no" BUTTTT I copied and pasted a portion of a conversation from facebook because I seriously what to know if I'm wrong of if this guy I was talking to is a douche. I think the latter... but of course I have been wrong. Oh, and NO I won't tell you any personal information or who posted it. So don't ask.

For the privacy of the poster- who is my friend (for now until I get deleted and blocked for this) I will only keep to my specific conversation. Basically the conversation is about women’s rights and how he is sick of the government (and essentially us tax payers) giving assistant to those lazy women who keep having babies and we need better screening of welfare cases. Basically this guy (we’ll call him MIHS- for Mr. Ignorant High Schooler) thinks because he tells a woman he doesn’t want a child he can have as much sex as he wants and it’s okay because he did his part in being responsible by telling her he doesn’t want kids so if she gets pregnant then it’s all on her. My first post was in response to the initial thread- not his retarded comments.

Here goes:

Spaghetti Fields: This message isn't about women's rights. It's about anti-woman. You do know they can't get pregnant on their own, right? I don't condone paying welfare for women with 500 kids, but it isn't like they got that way all by themselves. If society should force pills and abortions on them then society should also do the ole snip-snip or castrations on the fathers. Just because the woman is the one that carries the child and is more likely to end up taking care of the child doesn't absolve men's participation in this issue. I think you'd be surprised how many people you call "friend" or a "good person" or who have anonymously helped another in need that came from welfare. Imagine your life without those people.

MIHS: Every time I had sex I ttold the girl before, "I don't want the kid, if you get pregnant get rid of it or its your problem". Though it takes 2 to create it the woman usually wants to keep it. Thus she should be financially supporting it on her own... just saying...

Spaghetti Fields: MIHS- I know you're very young so here's the real world: if you have sex and she gets pregnant you are responsible. The state doesn't care about your "feelings" on the issue. You may never be a "daddy" to that child, but it's still biologically yours and irrefutable in court. If you don't want kids then don't have sex. If you don't want your wages garnished, your tax refunds taken, or look at jail time for non-payment- then don't have sex. I think a lot of welfare cases could be avoided if it weren't for "deadbeat" dads that want to "have all the fun" but not deal with the consequences. ...and FYI the state doesn't care if you’re in high school and you have your whole bright future ahead of you.

MIHS: I know everything you said. I experienced it. I looove sex so that is not an option. I'd rather hire a hitman and take them out. ;) if it is made clear that you just want sex and no kids, then the person shouldn't be held accountable. Regardless of what the real world or state thinks. Why should your life get screwed up because a girl kept a kid that you don't even want? Something is flawed there. And I like how you try to blame "dead beat dads". The father did not force the woman to keep the child for one. For two, [poster] was referring to the women who lay on their back, have kids and don't try to work, just for welfare money. (Enter Sarcasm from me: Yeah because that is what every woman wants- a screaming baby on the hip from anyone they come across just so they can get free money.)

Spaghetti Fields (by this point I know this kid is set in his self-centered ways so this is my final rebuttal against his chosen ignorance… and you can see by all my comments I inserted here that I really wanted to go off on him, but I know it wouldn’t get me anywhere): I realize speaking with you is an entirely moot point and you will never take responsibility of your actions. I just hope that because of your ignorance any children bring into this world by you aren't stuck in the same horrible cycle of welfare that you so despise. I'm sure there are women that have children just for the sake of having children AND I know they didn't do it by themselves. If you're so anti-woman that you don't think men also manipulate the government then you are grossly mistaken because it goes both ways. As far as welfare screenings: I'm pro drug testing, half-way housing, and job placement. Deny those that are on drugs and alcohol (yes alcohol, too), and those that are approved- provide job placement and possible help with child-care so they CAN work and learn to be a productive and independent member of society.

MIHS: I was responsible by making my intentions clear. A woman being a single mother is considered responsible? (Um yeah- One irresponsible single mother doesn’t mean we all are. I was a single mom for a short period of time. I went to school full time, worked full time, and managed to check over homework and make dinner. How many would say I was being irresponsible??) That's the most irresponsible thing you could choose for your child. (You’re an idiot if you think that every single mother chooses that kind of life.) I've been with my woman for a very long time, we see eye to eye, and we agree to not have any children. (You’re in high school- what is a long time to you? 6 months?) Therefore I won't have children running around out there without a dad. If you honestly think that the genders of people manipulating the system is of an equal ratio (no it’s not equal, but these posts only focus on how irresponsible, manipulative, and horrible women are and no consequences for the men that helped them get into the role they’re in.) , then you are the ignorant one hun. (euww, don’t call me that) I understand where you're coming from (really?) and you made a couple valid points, but I guarantee most of the women on welfare are on it thanks to their own stupidity. (because the guy told her he didn’t want kids when he had sex, right?) That's what frustrates hard workers like me...

So anyway this is my drama post for spring of 2012. Hope you enjoyed and feel free to leave a comment. Yes I do approve them individually, but feel free to tell me how wrong I am if you think so.... but I'm pretty sure I'm not.

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