Thursday, February 5, 2009

What is the point in an ironing board?

So I went in the bedroom and the door was opened up all the way, Millie the cat likes room for her fluffy butt to get in and out I guess. I proceed to shut the door to get ready for bed when the ironing board fell on me. It lives behind our door.

It flipped open.

If he's anything like his cousin that lives in the garage I know closing that sucker at midnight is not something I want to do with 2 sleeping children (well one light sleeper with a cold). So I'm trying to fiddle with the little bar thingie very quietly- and it won't close. So I give up & lay it half open down in the middle of the floor, and decide to step over it to turn on my electric blankie since it's -45 here...

Okay, okay, so it's like 5 degrees outside, but my bedroom is friggin COLD. And that is like my 2nd most uncomfortable thing, being shivering cold where I can't get to sleep- my teeth chatter while brushing them- you know the drill.

So I'm stepping over this ironing board that is probably laughing at me because there is Millie fluffy butt cat right under it. Cats have a way of knowing when you are taking a big step because they seem to know when the perfect time is to get right under your feet. I saw her and tried to step even further and over stepped and ended up stubbing my toe on her claw while at the same time managing to curl my 3 large toes under- all while wearing my favorite fuzzy slippers. It hurt really bad.

The lesson learned: Get rid of the ironing board- why do I have 2 anyway? I have had one for the last 11 years and I have used it maybe once every other year?? ...and now I have 2? What for? To torture me? Where did that other one come from?

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