Wednesday, March 17, 2010


So I totally had a couple airhead moments at work. But I really can't say what I did because when I first wrote it down it wasn't funny. Don't you hate that? It's like when you have an awesome dream and when you start to tell someone you find out that it really isn't that awesome when you put it into words.

My brain is awesome. I wish we could record some of the stuff that goes through it. Do you ever think in pictures? I do.

I'm feeling great. I've had some crampy stuff, but over all we are still good. I think I'm getting bigger. I "feel" it. I keep thinking- I can't get much bigger, right? Then I remember that I have like 6 1/2 more months of this.

I really like mashed potatoes.

I had a company that wanted to interview me and after some good face book advice (I thought who would hire a pregnant lady? I know companies can't not hire me because of discrimination, but with that said who is going to hire someone that is only going to be there a few months and then be off for a month and a half?) I decided to call them back and schedule it.

Well turns out that I did interview with them... One of the 16 plus places I interviewed with over the summer. She said she would look into it and get back with me... I'm still waiting. poo on them.

I had another company that wanted to interview me and I called them and they said they can only do them tomorrow. Well I'm kind of working tomorrow and that place is a stickler for attendance (so I can't miss work). Of course if I knew I had the job I wouldn't worry. So what to do? Risk my current job for something else I don't even know? I would like to take the risk, but at the same time I don't think I can handle the risk if the consequences are dire. By "dire" I mean fire-d.

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