Tuesday, March 30, 2010

NLP ruined my day

That would be the fort's very own Next Level Productions- which is a giant bowl of ca ca. I had an interview with them last summer when I was job hunting. The way the guy explained the business was they are a marketing company and he named off a few businesses that he worked with. I was under the impression they helped market the local businesses. ya know- cuz he said they were a marketing company.

I honestly thought they helped design logos, slogans, or push products- such as negotiating with local Wal-Mart for shelf space... that type of thing.

I didn't get the customer service job I had anticipated last summer. Well that was okay because I am working for another company that has their faults, but all in all are a pretty good company. With that said I found an opening online and submitted my resume into the company. Nothing against my current business, but I thought I would have more opportunity, etc. It was for a "Public Relations Leader" for customer service...

Specifically (and I am copy and pasting this right from the email I rec'd)

"NLP assists large companies in the Consumer Products and Sports industries with high end marketing promotions. We are looking to fill key job openings throughout both industries at various levels with training starting at entry-level.

If you are interested in Management, Marketing, Public Relations, and working in the highly competitive Marketing Industry, this is the job for you! Requirements JOB REQUIREMENTS


  • Candidates Must work well under pressure in a extremely fast paced environment
  • Possess Excellent Customer Service Skills
  • Self Motivation A Must
  • Candidates Must Possess Excellent Communication, Organizational and Interpersonal Skills"
So sounds pretty good, but at the same time very vague. So I go for another interview and I get the same impression from the manager about the company. He is looking for someone to work in public relations/customer service. I would at times go to local businesses to make presentations of NLP's services. Okay- so I'm thinking I go to businesses and tell them what we do and how we can help market their products or boost their services... Right.

He gave me an average pay range and offered to allow me to do a working interview. Basically shadow someone for a day to get to know the ins and outs of the business and see if it's going to be a good fit.

WELL, WELL, well.

If he had said- 'we sell junk out of the trunks of our cars and you're going to hang out with a guy that smokes 2 packs of cigarettes a day and doesn't stop for lunch. This foul mouthed associate will show you that we cold call on hair salons, vfw's, bars, and any other run down little mom and pop shop barely making it to solicit our wares- such as crappy light up bunny ears, cheap bbq sets, and bedsheets. Oh your pay is commission ONLY...' I think I would have known right then that the job wouldn't be for me. Not at all the impression he had given me.

My day sucked, ROYALLY. I know the working interview was to help me make an educated decision, and while I appreciate they at least let people see what they're getting themselves into- had he not been deceptive in the interview and what the company actually does I would have known without wasting my entire day that I didn't want to do it.

The thing is- we prospected in Peru, IN- about an friggin hour away. Really- for a working interview we could have prospected a couple places in our local area. THEN if I wanted to move onto where they really wanted to go I could.... or I could decline and not waste 9 hours of my life.

I would never EVER sell cheap Dale Earnhardt Jr sunglasses, crappy dancing bunnies, fish candles, sets or ANY of the sh*t he had to offer. I certainly wouldn't pester people that are trying to make an honest living. I felt like a dirty peddler.

Furthermore- I won't even go into the fact how horrible it was for me to be pregnant and not eat or drink all day. I asked lots of people to pray for the health of this baby because I was inhaling sooo much smoke. I can tolerate a cigarette or two. But I don't think I had a breath of fresh air today. My eyes are still burning and red and my nose- I shoved Vaseline up it to help with the dryness, but I can't get the smokey smell out of my nostrils.

Don't get me wrong- I have some family and friends that are smokers... I honestly think that most of them are respectful of non-smokers and preggies- but this guy has a serious chain smoking problem and doesn't care for anyone, but himself. I can't even think of all the blatant lies he told people. Sometimes his lies (about products, what he's selling, pricing, etc) were so on top of each other he contradicted himself. ugh.

Glad this day is over and you're probably glad I'm done blogging about it.

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