Sunday, September 26, 2010

Adventures of Rowan

So after 8 years what is it like to be a mommy again? Weird. I had not forgotten how to change a dirty diaper. Or to make sure I don't jostle a baby too much after a feeding. Although an "emergency" trip to the bathroom left me no choice, but to let him swing shortly after eating. He enjoyed it, but not so much the changing of the clothes for the 3rd time that day. Daddy and I learned when changing the diaper to make sure it is pointed down in the diaper and not left to it's own accord. That lesson took us a while. Like SEVERAL clean outfits and blankets later from the diaper leaking through the leg.

Also I have the worlds cutest infant (currently screaming in daddy's arms cuz he refuses to burp). That baby burps like a real grown up person. He has his own personality and will grunt (like we're fooled) while he's being burped. When he does though- wow. I bet he could put a couple drunks to shame. Okay he's loud, but maybe not THAT loud. Definitely all boy!

He is 3 1/2 weeks now. Where did the time go?

Besides taking care of my wee one I haven't done anything overly amusing except for recovery. Apparently being a new mother, learning to walk, and have had major abdominal surgery takes it out of you. I still have wicked cabin fever, but I'm not as energetic and lively as I make myself out to be. I know nap when the baby does, but I'm ready to be a normal person again. So by bed time (when he's wide eyed and bushy tailed) I'm exhausted. Geez there goes that burp!

Frankenankle update: Apparently losing 25 lbs and the pregnancy induced edema is the trick for the ankle feeling 78% better. Seriously. I have began my recovery to walking- with the boot. I started out at 25% and am up to 100%. I have a wicked limp. I think that is mostly due to the fact the book raises my leg by like 2 inches. So it's nice to be able to walk to pick up my baby and carry him (albeit, I wouldn't carry him too much after he's eaten with my jagged limp!). I also have to be cautious of carrying hot liquids in a mug. A little unstable for that. -and now I did not learn that the hard way!

In all honesty I will admit, I'm scared out of my gourd to walk w/o my boot. It's like my ankle is all exposed and ready to snap again... ugh. I don't get that figure of speech "scared out of your gourd" I'm not a pumpkin!

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