Sunday, September 26, 2010

Thank You!!

Now I want to take this portion of my blog to thank those that have helped me since my broken ankle and my giving birth. If I leave anyone out I apologize, but I really am thankful from the bottom of my heart. First off all those that have said prayers for me, the baby, and my family.

My grandma, Travis, Mike, Missy, and Mollie, for staying with me those first couple weeks after I broke my ankle. The kids for doing all they do (even if it was the bare minimum at times). Also those that stopped by to see how I was doing (Dusty), providing snacks (Bryce and Amanda who both showed up with sundaes and frosty's for not just me, but the whole lot of kids), and all the books to borrow (Julie, Erica, and Jessica). My neighbor Carol for making us several delicious meals and Nadia for her delicious meal, too. I've never had pulled pork and that was yummy!

To those that stayed with me or kept me company those first couple weeks while I was still not able to walk after I had the baby: Kris, Kendra, Mollie, my mom, and Grandma. My church for providing us lots of meals that first week I was home with Rowan. Also the people that stopped by to see how the baby and I were doing including my friend Jessica, Ashley, and my cousin Jessica.

Most of all I want to thank my wonderful husband. I have mentioned in more than one blog his involvement in keeping the house, taking care of me, and working to provide the bacon for our table. Kirby is really such a wonderful person! I honestly don't think anyone else could have taken better care of me. He has been patient, tender, and loving. He has helped me when I was unable to help myself in every embarrassing way- especially postpartum. I wish I could express how wonderful he really is, but I feel a simple blog won't do him justice. I just can't express how I feel in mere words. I am not by any means done with my recovery, but I have to give credit where credit is due. I wish anyone could get a glimpse of how I see him through my eyes.

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