Tuesday, September 27, 2011

UGH Scarrrry!

Oh mi gosh. A tick or something just jumped on me. I think I almost passed out. No way- I couldn't faint knowing something might be sucking my blood. So I wadded it in a tissue; I was thoughtful enough to grab a new one. I know from experience those things don't just die like a spider or any normal bug. I swear I smooshed that thing like there's no tomorrow.

Here's the catch 22- I want to keep it for bugmaster Kirby to identify (in case it isn't a tick or some bloodsucker and I can rest easy).... so I opened the tissue to see if it was thoroughly dead- that sucker jumped out!!! So I'm wiping my shirt off and then checking my hands to make sure it's not touching my skin. Then I'm on my hands and knees searching the carpet trying to be a big girl cuz you know I will freak out if I can't find it and secure it.

I can't have it LIVING where there is a chance it might get my baby- or worse- ME. I know my neighbor is an advocate for throwing boxes on bugs, but I want assurance it won't escape. Normally I put a cup over it and a book or few on the cup.... but with the baby getting into stuff NO WAY.

So thankfully I recaptured the nasty little thing and put it in a jar. I put alcohol on it and it drowned. It occurred to me that is an awful way to die. Plus I wasn't sure if it would be identifiable. So I fished it out with a q-tip... When I looked at it a minute ago it was CRAWLING! I tell you- those things do not die!! That lid is screwed on tight, but now I'm all itchy all over.

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