Friday, June 8, 2012

Larry and her identity crisis

So... I was out of state last week and since my phone isn't very smart I can't connect to the great Internet like most normal people these days.  If I could I totally would have blogged.  I had so much to say about so many topics.  Alas- I forget most of them.

Apparently my husband is the owner of a gaming company.  I'll post the link of our (whats his is mine, right?) web site whenever he gets a round toit.  Sometimes I think those round toit's are difficult to find.  Also the husband surprised me with a BRAND NEW CAR.  Okay- so it wasn't a complete surprise and technically it's not a car or mine.  Our van kept dying and since my car is a POS (and we can't fit all the kids in it) we kind of had to do it.  I just didn't think it was going to be BRAND NEW because we discussed looking for a newer (like 2 yr old) something or other.  It's okay.  Not what I would have picked exactly, but since it isn't mine and I'm not driving it I didn't really give much input except I had to be sure we got the dvd player.  Who gets vans these days without one of them?  They're only an extra $1000.  So it'll be paid for after 3-4 months.

Also I may need another part time job to help pay for this??  

I don't know if I ever blogged about my car.  I call her Larry.  I try not to, but Larry just comes out and I don't think of my car as being manly, although it may be.  Does anyone know a Larry that is female?  My poor car has identity issues.  Maybe it was because of rebelling that it is a POS (I really do love it).  A few years ago it was raining and my driver window fell in the door (that was fun).  The next year the back driver window fell.  So I have the windows held up by string and plastic.  I can't roll them up or down.  So when I drive I have both the passenger windows down and I get a nice breeze on the back of my neck.  I drive that way because the a/c doesn't work.  Yeah my car is great.

Do you ever go through a drive thru in a restaurant and get annoyed by the person who is always hanging out their door?  Yeah there is a possibility that is me.  

I know... you just wasted like 3 minutes reading about Larry.  Too bad for you.

So I will try to think of those more interesting topics I wanted to discuss and blog about them next time.  :)

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