Saturday, February 1, 2014

mistaken identity

So...  I'm a regular at our local Meijer and through the last few years I've ran into the occasional employee that I think I know.

One was this nice lady named Brenda that I used to work with at Undersea Sensor Systems Inc.  We were friendly enough.  She even gave me my banana bread recipe.

Kirby, Gwyneth, and I had a cart full of grocers at our local Meijer when we're searching for a line to check out.  Shopping on Saturday??  The worst.

I say, "Lets go in this line!  I know the lady.  Her name is Brenda and she gave me my famous banana bread recipe!"

I fully intend to ask how she is and when did she start Meijer and I looove her recipe.... when I see her name badge clearly says "Nancy"

I'm so glad I saw that before I started talking to her like I knew her.  Because I totally would have.  

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