Monday, February 1, 2010

Ready, set, GROUNDHOG

I'm so ready for spring. I hope that little guy does what ever he's supposed to do so that spring can come early this year!!

-I- have been doing great. I have managed to mostly not deal with the morning nauseousness as much as I was. It really depends if I just ate and if that is what the body wanted. I am at about 9 weeks now so my baby is about an inch and a half big. I used a chap stick to demonstrate to the family how big our baby was.

Gwyn said I was getting fat. I told her it's not fat, it's a baby bump. So she told me I was getting a baby bump. *sigh* Thanks. I'm not ready for the big belly yet.

Also something hilarious with her- She had been pestering me a couple weeks ago how babies come out. I was not ready for this question so I avoided it at all costs and Kirby deflected her answers by distraction. Finally she cornered me. So I went all technical with "birth canal" and she was like- "yah, but where do they come out at?"

So I tell her the birth canal is... kinda where your privates are. She stopped me as soon as I said "privates" and told me I should wait until she is an adult before telling her anything else. She hasn't asked me any other sticky questions since.

At least by now I have time to think of a good answer fit for her. I still haven't thought of any...

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Triana said...

Chap stick! HA HA HA!!