Sunday, February 7, 2010


That's right. I'm not a football fan. If you've seen one game you've seen them all. BUT with that said I wouldn't be a real American if I wasn't subjected to watching this big thingie once a year (if I'm not at work or otherwise engaged).

So with that said I think the Saints have the prettier uniforms and it would be very cool for them to win their first Superbowl. (There is 1.27 as I write this so we'll know who won by time I'm finished probably). And with that said as much as I'm sick of seeing blue everywhere (it's really not my shade), I think it would be a great boost to our immediate economy if the Colts win.

So at any rate I did enjoy the half time show. The only one that comes to mind is the "artist formally known as" Prince and this giant sheets. I didn't have the privilege of the wardrobe incident with Janet Jackson... but I think The Who were pretty good... For a bunch of grandpas jamming out the light show they had was friggin awesome.

Now with all that rambly I read one of my other blogs and I really think that pickle I mentioned sounds good. So I think I am going to get one. Oh BTW the game still isn't over, but it looks like the Saints have it.

ps, I really hate when people say "toodles" Ugh.

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