Sunday, April 11, 2010

Absentminded- what??

"They" say absentmindedness is a part of pregnancy. I wonder if that includes putting salt, pepper, cooking oil, and cereal in the fridge (not in the same day)? Or maybe it is like the time a week ago I put salad in the kitchen drawer... Or when I had the salt shaker in my hand and turned the knob of a door and dumped it all over the floor. Maybe it was when I was pouring sugar in a measuring cup and accidentally dumped half the container out... Or maybe it was when I meant to eat my cereal, but ate the kid's insead. Do you see a trend? It all has to do with food.

I discovered the same hormones that cause the beautiful pregnant glow- also increases oil production in your skin and that can cause acne. I don't have a glow- I have a shine. A bumpy shine, to be specific.

Well besides feeling a little larger for what I think I should be (19 weeks today) for the most part I'm feeling great (as far as being pregnant can make you feel). The baby is moving and bouncing a lot lately that I can feel. Kirby loves to kiss my belly, rub it, and feel baby move, too. It's so great.

This week we will find out if it's a little missus or mister. What do you think it is going to be??? Well I'm hungry. Lets hope I can leave the kitchen in one piece this time.

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