Monday, October 25, 2010


Yanno- I wanna blog and be all quirky and stuff... I just don't have it in me when I'm sleep deprived. Although that is when I do my best work. Instead of blogging with my phone in the middle of the night I've got a bottle in someone's mouth. Oh how life changes huh?

So I have a lot on my mind, including what to do about the ole job sich-ee-a-tion. I technically still have my current job... I am waiting for a mess with disability to clear up (or not) and see how I stand from there. I've wanted to blog about it and complain, but really- who wants to read about my complaining when they hear me talk about it enough?

Seems like lately I have had a lot of pitfalls. It seems like the things that are "easy" in life are really difficult and the things that are "hard" are not too bad. Sometimes I don't feel so much like getting out of my jammies (today for one, I didn't) and then others I go all out with the making up my face and stuff. Some weird moods. Supposedly I still have those hormones making me bonkers??

Oh if only I had the answers... at least some. I'm tired of feeling guilty for Kirby for MY situation. After all, it's really my fault I'm in the position I'm in. I wish my past decisions would stop haunting me and let bygones be bygones. I know it's all in my head. I can feel it rattle around in there when I shake it.

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