Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I know that I need to blog more, but I guess being a new mother you just never have time... and it also helped before when I could do it from my phone and I did it when I couldn't sleep. I no longer have a "smart" phone. My phone isn't dumb by any means, but it doesn't know any better.

Anyway my house has been topsy turvy because we have officially moved Rowan out of our room. That doesn't sound like much of a project considering the largest thing of his is only a crib... but when it means moving the older boys into the loft, Gwyneth into their old room, him in her old room, and then we decide (as if we're not crazy enough) to get a new bedroom suite and redo OUR room. Oh did I mention we have to find homes for everything that was in the loft? So I'll be participating this year in the garage sale our edition does every year. See ya there!

I have been writing a lot the last couple weeks before this project showed it's ugly head. I think it might actually turn out pretty okay. I guess we'll have to see once I'm done. I do it when Rowan is napping so it's going a lot slower than I anticipated. Maybe I'll actually publish it and make some money. I think the important thing is that I do it because I want to, not because I have to.

I really need to find something to do with myself to make myself feel productive. I haven't worked since Frankenankle. Well I have, but not much. I feel like I'm foundering out there. Good think Kirby can help us while I'm flopping around on the ground. Cuz if we were both fish out of water I think we'd both be in trouble.

Well I really have a lot to say, but no time right now. I'm going to play
Dominion. Maybe I can be successful there. It is a friggin awesome game if you have never played. Never mind we are not going to play. poop. I guess we'll just sit in front of the boob tube for an hour.

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