Monday, April 11, 2011

My Bestie

For some reason lately I keep thinking of that time back in winter/spring of 2009. I thought my life was perfect. There wasn't a thing that I would have done to change it. But like all things I got ants in my pants and changed it up.

Of course there has been lots of changes. Like my job (or lack there of), my new baby, me, me, me. Yeah I get tired thinking about me all the time. I guess if I had some friends to occupy my mind I wouldn't have to. I mean I have lots of friends, but I really miss the bonding you do when you're working with them. You know what I mean- the group of you that can get along, even that token annoying person, because you have that one common thing. Work. I like work.

I really am enjoying my time home with Rowan and all that. I love writing in my book, moving rooms, and going to lunch with my Mom every Friday... but I went to a little party thing and of course most of the people I knew because I used to work there. I know this is silly because if I did work there I'd probably be all "I wish I could quit" but I really wish I could be accepted. The money is nice, but it's the people is why I'd be crazy enough to go back.

I just don't have that bond with any of my girlfriends anymore (or anyone hence the missing working at that place). You know, that kindred spirit kind of bond like in Anne of Green Gables. I don't really have a bff (bff's are for fools). Okay I only said that because I'm jealous. I'm like the only girl in the world that doesn't talk about my "bestie" or write our names in a heart with an arrow- oh wait that last one was for lovers. I suppose I could do that with Kirby.

I'll be blunt. It really sucks I don't have a bestie of all my own that I can actually talk to and stuff. Maybe I should send letters to all my girlfriends and have them check the bff box to find one that way.

It's probably good that I'm already married. If I were to plan a wedding I wouldn't have a maid of honor. How sad is that?? You know what's sad? I have never been in a wedding (besides my own and that doesn't count... or my mom's when I was like 12 or something).

Okay I'm done sulking for now I guess I'll go do something productive. Like facebook.

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