Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Dust Has Settled

Okay I know it's been a while since you all got to be enthralled by my wonderful blogging and the blogginess it brings to your life. Well things have been slow and busy at the same time! I recall starting some projects before I had my daughter and they got left by the way side once she was born. Amazing how those things just take up your entire life. So there it is, another baby sucking any time I have and leaving me exhausted by ends day. Oh and I'm sure the kids I have been babysitting don't leave me deprived of energy either.

So I had a birthday this weekend. I officially moved up an age bracket. I think that may be part of the whole "energy" problem. My bones aren't creaking though so that is good. Except frankenankle, but he hardly counts.

I was so sick this weekend and had NO energy. Yuck. Kirby is the best husband ever! He planned to take me to a day spa and then dinner with my girlfriends. Normally I might have cried out of guilt for being sick, but I was too sick to even do that. What a sweetheart I snagged, tho! He went out of his way tonight to get me some chicken noodle soup. Because an upset stomach with tomato soup or french onion soup (my choices) I don't think would do. I'm feeling loads better tho! Just some headaches from not eating... which apparently my head didn't talk to the stomach to find out why nothing was going IN so it is being very unsympathetic to my situation. It should be happier since I gobbled that soup. Which by the way- I think was the tastiest chicken noodle soup I have ever eaten in my entire life!!!

Okay and for those of you that only follow me for the Rowan... He is pulling himself up! I'm amazed at how fast he has grown and I wish he would slow down. Just last year I was plump with baby and now I'm 15lbs short of my pre-pregnancy weight (which that can come a BIT faster if it wants- but no more stomach ailments!) and it amazes me how fast a year really does go by!

This year I will be an official mom of a teenager and I'm not ready. I wish I could go tuck Gavin in like I do his sister. I kinda like seeing him grow up, but I miss him being little, too!

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