Tuesday, May 10, 2011


You know that my life is finally coming back on track when I do something that is totally me. SOoo.. I had a paper cut and I put that new skin stuff on it because where it was in my finger it kept like opening up. Not very feeling good. The new skin stuff kept coming off and making it open up more. So the little light bulb went off on top of my head and I got Kirby's super glue.

Lets just say that it was a good thing that 2 of the older kids were around because I had Rowan plus his 3 1/2 month old girlfriend over. I was babysitting the other baby if I need to elaborate.

Anyway get this: I glued a fork to my thumb. Precisely the prongs were glued to my thumb because that is how I picked it up.

I got the acetone to get it off, but it wasn't budging! So I had Gwyn holding one baby, the other was pacified for the moment in the rocker seat, and I made Gavin google how to get super glue off. He didn't find anything I didn't already know.

Apparently you have to be patient when getting fingers off of stuff. The funny thing is the thumb that was super glued to the fork was the same thumb that was holding the bottle so I have NO IDEA how in this green earth I got glue on THAT thumb.

Anyway that was a while ago. I found the fork because it had my skin on it. I don't know where it is now... I hope it didn't get put away.

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