Thursday, May 26, 2011

Roofing In The Rain

Today was Gwyneth's 3rd grade special thingie at her school. Gavin's was last week. I love how they are both so talented and that we get to do special things like that. Even if I am sitting for 2 hours on a rock hard bench so I can hear Gavin play for 5 minutes or that the lady in the purple shirt moved every time I did blocking my view of Gwyneth. Yeah... lady- Rowan is going practicing how to throw stuff. See how long she sits in front of me again. Oh I would never do that!! would I?

I think it is so neat seeing the young lady that my daughter is turning into. I'm so glad I can be a part of my children's lives. I keep thinking I should do something special for Josh to make him feel special.... but what? I thought about looking up an origami thingie and making him something. I think he would like that.

So we've been getting our roof done for about a week and a half now. I thought the job was only to take a couple of days... When it went on 3 days I thought they would be finishing up... but no. Apparently they don't work Saturdays, either. SOOOO this week it has been rainy, rainy, rainy. and guess what happens to roofs that are half way done when it rains a lot? I think we may be getting a little bit of new insulation, some dry wall, and a few ceilings re-painted. The big bossman came yesterday. He wasn't a very happy camper with our house, but with the storms (it was like hail and tornado siren storms all day) it is a little understandable something like this might have happened. I'm just upset they quoted us "a couple of days" because if it had been done in a "couple of days" then this wouldn't have happened!

So I asked the foreman (or one of the bossmen) about why it was taking so long. They had 3 mostly non-rainy days last week and Saturday was spectacular (well I was sick in the bathroom all day, but from what I hear it was perfect roofing weather- and perfect enjoy your life weather if you're not sick), but they don't work Saturdays, probably because it was going to be the end of the world.

He told me it was his fault. His men started our house before they were finished with another and the other one took a little longer to finish than they anticipated. He also said that he had some medical appointments so he wasn't exactly around to do a lot of the work right away... So basically the job was started before he was ready. I told him I understood the rain had been delaying a lot of projects like this (it has been incredibly wet this season) and we wouldn't have minded delaying another week. But anyway what is done is done and now we just need to move forward and finish the job.

Is it weird that I feel bad for them though? I mean they ARE going to take care of us, but there were several neighbors asking about them, but with this mess and taking so long (despite the rain) I hope it doesn't mess up their reputation. I think the guys really are working hard... just need to be on top of things. Now that the big bosses are out I'm sure it'll get finished lickity-split, I just feel bad because our house is like their lemon.

Anyway that is my rant for now and the lesson I have learned is I'm glad I'm not a roofer.

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