Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Winter Driving

Dear Crazy Driver,

I know you enjoy tailgating people in bad weather; you probably do it in stellar conditions. I understand you are just that way. I realize you're impatient, self important, or always late. I know you get enjoyment teasing less ideal cars with your big fancy truck thing. I bet you can travel across the ice as if it were simply your freshly lain driveway.

Anyway I will admit that I am slightly jealous because as I skid to a stop you can stop on a dime. Or so you think. I just relish in the fact that if by chance your tires don't grip as much as you thought and you run into me I will be the one laughing evilly. Well if I'm not hurt badly by your poor driving.

Also when one of does decide to turn are you sure that you want to honk at me? I happen to value my life and unlike you I'd rather come home snug in my coat than snug in a body cast. I'd rather be late for work than not able to come in at all. So next time you honk angrily at a slow driver remember that driver simply values their life and wants to be safe.

You shouldn't be upset because people value thier lives and the lives around them. If I were to drive 'normal' in subnormal conditions that would be considered driving crazy and then you would be stuck in a long ridiculous line of traffic because I'm sure I'd manage to slide into something and cause a wreck. Then you'd be waiting even longer for clean up crews snow plows, etc.

So I guess it's your choice, stay behind a slow, cautios driver that values their life and come home safe; OR run them off a road, cause an accident, and be the one responsible for ruining another person's life.

Seems simple to me.

Thank you for reading, though I doubt you will read this entire thing.


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