Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Something is wrong with Rowan. He cried most of the day yesterday and is working on today, too. He slept horribly- which means I also slept horribly. Kirby thinks my lack of sleep makes me a good mom. He was not around this morning when I woke up...

Rowan is now taking a good nap which means I'm taking a break. I should be sleeping, too, but I've got too much to do... like horse around on the computer. Actually I'm being very quiet because I have my fingers crossed he'll wake up in a good mood if I give him the opportunity to sleep his owies off.

Cept seems like all the dogs in the neighborhood are barking really loud on purpose cuz they know I'm finally taking a breather. Grrr.

I wish I knew what was the matter and more importantly how to make it better. We think maybe he has a tummy ache. He's spitting more than normal. He spits a lot as it is so I think I am going to invent some kind of baby clothes that they can spit and puke and spill on all they want but they're skin will stay dry. He's so naughty- he spit while I was changing from one wet onesie to another.

You know spell check does not recognise onsie? Or is it onesie? Well we'll never know because I am NOT getting my lazy butt up to see.

My brother is in town so that means I haven't really talked to my mom. She also is going back to work this week- or trying anyway. I'm glad he is keeping her busy but I really do feel like being selfish and having her to myself. I worry once her company is gone what she is going to do?

Also I put my dad's obit in the Post and Mail (link below- I also copied and pasted). My gram called my old pastor to see if he wanted to say some words, but he can't. I told her that was okay and I think she was a little upset with me because I already put it in the paper. I felt bad enough waiting so long to do it (but we had to be sure when my brother was going to be in town). Do we really need a pastor? One of my aunts told me my dad was working on an oil rig way back when and saw a Billy Graham concert and gave his life to Christ then. I know my dad was not an avid church goer, but I think his heart was in the right place deep down. I don't think I need words of comfort because I can't see any reason God would turn him at the pearly gates.

I feel like I'm taking most responsibility for this memorial. Memorials are for the living and with that said I really want to make it special for my mom. I know how much he meant to her. I know how much they loved each other. I can't get too mushy cuz it's making my eyes tear up and I've cried enough.

Is it odd that I find it fascinating my dad worked on an oil rig?

Robert Adams, 58
December 21, 2010

Robert James Adams, 58 of Churubusco died at 11:20 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 11, 2010 at Parkview Main Hospital in Fort Wayne.
Born in California, he was a son of John and Connie Adams.
Survivors include his wife, Carol (Sharp) Adams; a son, Jarrod Adams; a daughter, Aryan Young and a brother, Richard Adams.
A memorial service will be held from 1 to 3 p.m. Dec. 26 at 113 W. North Park Drive in Columbia City.

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