Sunday, January 2, 2011

Blended Catfood

You know you're off to a good New Year when... Garry does a number on my chair. It looked like I took a blender to the cat food and poured it all over the seat. I should start up my own photo-journal with the adventures of Garry. He is normally very good at not puking on the furniture, but I guess even he has his off days in his old age... He's like 65 or something in cat years. Between him and Rowan I'm glad I don't have new carpet!

My dad's memorial last Sunday went off really well. It was short and sweet and ended on a pleasant note. Also, my pastor came to pay his respects (he didn't know my dad) and ended up doing a little more. That was really nice of him, really- very nice. So how do we thank him, but to over sleep today and miss church (Sorry Pastor Larry).

Anyway- My mom had some words to say and they were so sweet... I wish I could remember them all. I should ask her sometime when she is feeling more up to it. I would like to record them in her memory book I made for her. I read all the comments people left me and what my uncle Rich emailed me, then Jarrod had some words to say. We then gathered in the dining room and had some of the left over Christmas snacks from the day before. I think it turned out really well. Especially for "winging it" and I hope I never have the burden of doing something like that ever again!!

I had my brother over a couple times before he left and I got aggravated because we were bickering like old times (Then that made me laugh cuz what are we 12?). No, I didn't laugh in front of him. That would have exasperated the situation. I mean that is only the 3rd time I've seen my brother since I was 16 (that is 14 years for those that don't know how old I am to do the math). Mom must have said something to him because he called the other night and said he really did love me and it was good to see me and my kids are beautiful. I was like- who are you and where is my brother... cuz I know he could kick your ass. It was nice.

I should have said something back, but I didn't. Well no one ever said I had to be perfect (and the more you try the more you mess up). Kinda like when you're running late and you hurry to save time and end up making little mistakes (like mascara in the eye) that makes it so you're even later than if you'd just do what you normally do. Deep breaths, turbo!

May this year bring something special the others haven't yet. Maybe I'll remember to mail out all the birthday cards and stuff on time for once! I still have the same mother's day card for the last 3 years to give to my mom and grandma. I didn't find a fathers day card so I'm hoping I actually remembered to give it to my dad. I guess you never know when the last holiday is going to be with those you love so don't forget the little things- they can make all the difference.

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