Saturday, December 4, 2010

Ya Like The New Do??

Gave the blog a mini make over. We'll see how well I like it in a couple weeks.

These last couple weeks have been uber fun. If you consider a snotty nose, headache, sore throat, and cranky baby with the same fun. I have been very selfish with my germs so I shared them with Kirby. He is now half passed out on the couch. I should wake him up at 4am when Rowan can't sleep because he's stuffed and make him take the baby so I can get my beauty sleep.

Just kidding, baby (both of you). I wouldn't do that.... or would I? I mean- we can't have me going around with bags under my eyes all the time can we? Isn't wearing baby spit up on me enough for my badge of motherhood?

So anyway my daughter had a fantastic birthday party thing she did. Her friend wanted a limo ride- so that is what they did. I thought it was very unique and clever idea. The limo picked each one of them up, opened the doors for them, and took them to ice cream, too! They were all dressed fancy and got the red carpet (at the mall). They had an open bar (of coke and mountain dew). I'm glad she had fun. It was also pretty hilarious when we knocked on the wall and she thought they were coming before they actually came.

So we're doing Christmas shopping. I was at Toys R Us (do not go there if you can help it, it's ridiculous- but what place isn't this time of year?) and saw this barbie. I was like "Kirby I swear I had this exact barbie when I was little, I remember the peach dress. blah blah blah" (Blah blah blah was not actually said, but I didn't want to bore you with my excitement). He was like "It's vintage 1985" and pointed that label out to me. Apparently they are remaking some. How was I supposed to know? I was too busy admiring her dress to notice what the package said.

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