Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Missed 1/11/11

Just quick update here. I think I have my Internet problem fixed so maybe I'll be able to blog more?? I guess that depends on how much sleep I get. Rowan was sleeping through the night... now several nights a week he finds it more amusing to not sleep. He's a tease!

I keep forgetting to call my mom to check on her until it's like 10:30. I know she has work to keep her busy and I have to chastise myself for forgetting. Sorry mom! She said she has lost some weight and otherwise seems to be getting along okay. I think she keeps herself busy. Which is good. She asked me last week about joining some kind of gym.

I think that is a great idea. I haven't lost my love handles from being pregnant yet (does anyone remember those commercials where people are walking and their love handles drop off and someone picks them up and puts them in the lost and found or something??) I'll have to google to see if I can find it and put a link on. It's hilarous. I told Kirby if I jump too much my floppy stomach might hit me in the face. We got a treadmill so I have been walking on that... I haven't fallen on it yet. Thank goodness. It's a little hard on frankenankle, but I think that is probably good for it. When it is stronger I plan on calling it my "bionic ankle."

I do have some good news. For those of you that know about my previous job at the AT&T. Well I was approved for something they said I wouldn't be able to get. woot to me. I know I mentioned I really wanted to blog about what a horrible company they are... but I also know that no one really would want to read it. At least I wouldn't. Too much negativity. Anyhoo I'm so happy that something has finally gone "my way" in regards to that awful place. Show them to be mean to a pregnant lady (a pregnant broken lady)!!

So lastly I was supposed to have jury duty and they "excused" me. Well- to them I am # A19-53 thru A19-101 who is excused. So it wasn't even personal. I even made extra bottles for tomorrow for Rowan! I know I am weird, but seriously- I think jury duty could be fun. I never did it so I could be wrong, but I was really looking forward to it. Also I was looking forward to going through the metal detector to see if my ankle will set it off. *sigh* eventually I will find out.

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