Thursday, January 20, 2011

Poor Garry, kitty

I'm very sad writing this. For those of you that don't know Garry (full name Giarraputo) is my "old man cat" also known as Garry-puko. I have had him since I was 17. He used to sit on the edge of the bathtub and watch me shower and stuff- which is why I started calling him man-cat. He was kind of a pervert, I think.

He was given to me by my ex-mil because she and I are kindred spirits in the cat loving world. His mom's name was Baby and Baby was a very smallish cat and ran out once and got knocked up. We don't know who Garry's father is. Probably a taco cat. Taco cats were the tiger-stripey male cats that hung around outside at the time Baby got her taste of freedom. Now from what the kids tell me there are Oreo cats (my ex-mil would feed the strays and drop off's as she lives out in the boonies). So anyway she told me I could have whatever kitten I wanted out of the litter and she would keep it for me until I moved out on my own and could have cats. Baby had 1 kitten. Garry. Garry is an only kitten. Pick o' the litter.

So I had a normal cat name for him. I don't remember what it was and Mark's brother renamed him Giarraputo, after Jack Giarraputo the movie guy. And that stuck, obviously.

So anyway Garry went on one of his puking rampages he does sometimes and went at it for about the last 3 days. I figure he'd be on the mend and told Kirby we should really consider getting old man cat food instead of the all ages cat food we currently buy.

Garry started acting funny, he puked in the kitchen and I held him down. He likes to freak out and run and hence spray vomit all over. He didn't fight me... okay that was weird. So later I was treadmilling it up and he started crying. He had continued through the day to cry off and on. I feel bad cuz I shoo'd him away thinking he was going to wake the napping baby. When he was around he wasn't really that active and he started hiding. I noticed his vomit (after the kitchen one) was really foamy bile stuff. Not good. I picked him up (he is a very small kitty 7lbs at most) he felt so light and bony.

Anyway I'm so worried for him. He's curled up under the baby's bed and purrs when I pet him. My mom thinks I should take him to the vet, but I'm afraid I'm going to have to put him to sleep. I don't want him hurting or miserable. If I go to the vet and we have to put him to sleep I'm afraid I won't be able to even drive home!

Everyone keeps telling me he is old... Well he is old, but not THAT old. He's about 13 1/2. Which is only about 65 human years. I don't know what I'm going to do. That cat has been my constant vomiting companion. Millie will be so sad, too. She has known him all her life. The reason we got Millie is because I didn't want Garry to be lonely when we worked all the time.

Anyway I don't want to start crying thinking about it. I hope Garry snaps out of it. My mom has a foster kitty, Kiki. She said I could foster it if I wanted... I just don't know. I always said once Garry kicked the bucket I wasn't getting anymore cats! But I figured Garry'd be around for another 3 years or more. I hope so.

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hi, I hope I can remember how to do this. If I have to remember a password, I'm in trouble. I'm snooks36 from the aol cafe board that found out about Rob, via your blog. Anyway came back to visit cause I love reading your blogs, but was saddened to hear about your Garry. I am a devout cat lover from the git go. Just give that baby your love, and use your judgment as to whether he is in pain or not. And remember all those wonderful years you gave him what he needed...a loving home. If and when Garry goes over the rainbow bridge, you can decide THEN whether you are ready for another luv kitty.

I'm 75 and already worried about if I don't outlive my Funny Face Callie who is a feral baby from feral momma and daddy, who will take good care of her. She is only 9 years old, so maybe we have a few more years together.

Spaghetti Fields said...

Thanks for the comment. Good news- he is still acting really off, but when I pet him he purrs and he has gotten around. I gave him some soft food and he has eaten most of what I gave him (Millie didn't even come to steal it until he was done- I think she knows). He also went in the garage to drink. He's been sitting on the kitchen rug by the heater.

I didn't take him to the vet. I'm afraid they are going to tell me I have to put him to sleep... or give him some expensive medicine I can't afford. Garry always pukes a lot- since kittenhood. Just a nervous stomach. But he seems content now, and I don't think he's completely miserable like yesterday with his crying and hiding (I just caught him trying to go under the sink a minute ago). If it comes down to it and I don't think there is a hope and I think he is in pain- I will do the right thing. For now he's coming back around and hopefully he'll give me some more good years. He really is a super cat.