Sunday, February 13, 2011

What's up Februrarians?

What's the big news? The weather reached like 46 today! Break out the bikini's, it's a heatwave! It's so funny how every other post on face book is the weather this and the weather that. It's like that any time anything interesting like weather happens.

There's still a foot or two of snow out there, but hey- it's melting. I hope it continues to melt so Rowan and I can go for walks in the stroller. I know he'll love going outside!!

My big news- Rowan's second tooth is poking through. He is such a cutie. He's finally at that state where he wants whatever you have. I would let him have my phone except I'm not sure what drool would do to it. I am going to clean off one of the old ones for him, I think. He'll fall for it for like 5 minutes. Babies are smart like that.

Today I learned Valentime cards are not where cards normally are. Because why would anyone look for holiday cards where the store keeps their regular cards?? Apparently people are now getting their cards in the grocery section. I always get cards when I go to pick up a gallon of milk. Milk always makes me think, "hey there's a holiday tomorrow and my child just informed me her class is having a party and she needs to send some cards out." Also Kleenexes remind me that I need to send my package out. I have had it since December for my niece. We threw some Valentime surprises in there... I know- I'm the worse package sender outer there is.

I also have Mother's Day cards for my mom for the past 2 years because I keep forgetting and she says "just give it to me next year." I haven't found any Father's Day cards so I'm kinda glad I remembered for once to give it to my dad this last year. At least I think so. I can't remember. I'd feel bad if I found it. I love my family to death and I'm sorry I'm the worst card sender outer there is.

In my defense half the time they forget my birthday. One of my aunts and I got into this huge argument about my birthday once. I had to pull out one of my mom's old birth announcements to prove to her what day it was. She said my driver's license was wrong. LOL. Good times. I think she was embarrassed because she did a video thing for my grandparent's 50th wedding anniversary and it was announced on the thing to the entire everyone that was there. Oops.

Ps, I know I am spelling Valentime wrong. Gwyneth and I read the Junie B. Jones and the Mushy Gushy Valentime. I liked the way she said it wrong throughout the entire book. Because even though one of her friends tried to correct her she decided she liked her way of saying it better. :)

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