Friday, February 11, 2011

lazy technology

Rowan is taking a ridiculously long nap. I'm sure now that I started a blog he'll wake up. I have been busy re-doing a very time consuming task I started yesterday. Turns out I put my hard work into the wrong web site.... Uploading photos from 2009 to present to print. Yeah... I know why have I waited so long to do this? Because I'm crazy. Actually I need some prints of my newborn to put in my house and maybe a few updated ones of the big kids. I wouldn't want anyone to come in here and think I'm stuck in 2008.

With today's technology looking at old pictures is as simple as just a click of a button. But I still like the old fashioned flipping through photo books. I have to actually buy them and put them together and then I also have a zillion scrap book projects I need to finish... Technology has really made us lazy. Or perhaps I'm the one that is lazy. I would prefer to think of myself as a procrastinator that never gets anything done.

Gwyneth was complaining about her chore of doing the dishes. I told her when I was a kid I had to wash them (brace yourself) by hand!! Blasphemy, right?! Soon she'll be asking me, "back in the olden days was T.V. invented?"

I am still very tired from the flu. I feel like I could possibly take a nap now, but I know that would be silly when Rowan is going to be waking up any moment. Well time to check my upload and see if I'm ready to move onto my "silly" pics of 2009.

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