Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Went for a drive yesterday and like clockwork as soon as I put Rowan in his car seat he spit up. He can go all day with no spittles and as soon as he sits in that seat- thar he blows!

I always put on a "riding bib" when we go, but yesterday he was like a little geyser. You just never know when he's gonna go. I ended up changing his clothes entirely before we left and got a new bib. I tucked 2 spit rigs around him in hopes of saving the outfit for our destination.

So it was quite warm in my car with the sun and the "heatwave" outside, I took off his blanket. I figure if I was hot enough to not wear a coat while driving I bet he'd get hot back there. He didn't care and by time I reached where we were going he had thrown each spit rag aside, his bib askew, spit a couple more times, took his sock off and had eaten that to a nice soggy thing and thrown it aside, too. All in all- it was a good drive for him. He was a happy boy.

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