Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Well... I haven't been around because I got the sickness. I am finally getting over it. Nothing like 102 fever for a week and feeling like I got hit by a semi-truck that forgot to stop at McDonalds to unload the sausages. Anyway I have been trying very hard not to share the love.

Poor Gwynnie came down with the stomach flu type thingie. She needs to freak out less (which is understandable, vomiting is my absolute LEAST favorite thing- even more so than ticks) and learn to RUN to make it to the toilet. Poor thing though. Now every stomach hurt she is running to the bathroom. I'm glad she got the concept, but now she needs to distinguish each different stomach ache and not be so paranoid...

So Rowan got this little pokey tooth in his mouth. Too cute! I seriously need to get a baby book for him... So this month hasn't started out the greatest, but I'm hoping it will end good.... I mean- that chipmunk thing said spring was going to start early- that is good news right?

I think if we get anymore snow I may have to invest in some ski's to check the mail. We have a drift that goes up over my patio chair seats in the back. The kids love it- cuz the forts are already half built- they just have to fortify them. If I were feeling more well I think I would go stomp around in it. I like the way snow crunches when you walk. I would like to sit Rowan in it to see what he does... Hmm if we start to feel well later this week maybe I'll have to...

I really missed my poor kitty when I was sick. Normally he would have been right there with me trying to help me feel better. I was under my electric blankie and I thought of him because when I took him to the vet the time before last he said Garry wasn't generating any of his own body heat and I had to warm him up. Poor thing. I really miss my old man cat. I keep getting kind of sad and wistful that Rowan won't know him like the rest of the family. He'll only know "garry's" as vomit piles and not for the cat that was known to make them everywhere.

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