Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Bad Mommy!

Well today was interesting.  Who would think that a hurricane on the east coast would affect my job in Indiana?  Apparently anyone that already knew our server for Internet (would that be ISP?) was based out of New York.  So weird how the world goes round when you think about it. 

I suppose if no Internet at work is my main complaint with the weather system then I can count myself lucky.  Very lucky.  And don't for one second think that I don't know how wonderful things are on my end (even if I do have cold toes right now).

My husband's game is doing pretty good.  It's been about a week in the kickstarter and we already have 25 backers.  woot!  Please- check out my previous post if you're curious what I'm talking about because if there is something that annoys me- it's redundant posts.  Because if there is something that annoys me- it's redundant posts.  Because if there is something that annoys me it's redundant posts.

Same thing with broken records.

So Rowan told me he had to go to the bathroom and we hurried in there and I noticed by the way he was sitting on the potty that it was, um, aiming up to get me.  So I kind of adjust him on the seat and assist in pointing it down. 

He didn't like that.  He screamed at me, tried to hit me, and when that failed he told me I "bad mommy."  Then he started his business and of course (Mom is ALWAYS right) didn't quite make it in.  Thank goodness I have cat-like reflexes (of course not in karate, but when it comes to bodily functions getting on the floor- yes).

I am going to need to discipline that boy.  He's got a little bit of a temper... and he isn't even my red head!  Of course you and I all know that Rowan gets all the bad stuff from his dad and all the good stuff from me.  Because I don't have any bad traits that he could have possibly inherited.  :)

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