Sunday, October 21, 2012

That's nasty!

Like many two year olds Rowan will only eat a very small variety of foods.  One being peanut butter graham crackers and the other being macaroni and cheese.  "Mac-an-cheese!"  As Rowan proudly repeats over and over and over.

Kirby, bless his heart, is trying to keep a variety of foods on Rowan's pallet.  He decided to put some tuna in the mac-an-cheese.  Kinda like a bachelor tuna casserole.  Rowan wasn't sure about it, but he told him he would "taste it" anyway.

He said he liked it and smiled and ate a handful of bites when he decided he had enough; he was full.  He wanted to down from his highchair so he could go play.  As he's walking out of the kitchen what does Kirby hear, but Rowan exclaiming under his breath, "That's nassy mac-an-cheese!  That's nassy!"

So... Dad, Perhaps you shouldn't mess with the food. : )

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