Friday, February 10, 2017

missing giggles

My brain is a mess.  I can’t concentrate. I can’t focus.  I lose my thoughts before I even finish my sentences sometimes. Actually a lot.  I’ve been told it’s an annoying quirk.  My tension probably hovers around a 7 for these last 4ish months.  I’m walking on egg shells.   If you do this I recommend you wear soft sole shoes.

I can’t remember the last time I laughed.  Or rather- the last time I had the giggles.    Where did the fun me go?  Has my joy been sucked out of me? 

I kind of miss me. 

I think if someone said something funny I would probably laugh.  If they tickled me I might have the giggles (they also might end up punched in the face).  I’m not completely desolate here.  

I think... I need a vacation (Don't we all?).  Then just as I say this the sun brightens my window.  Is it a sign? 

Edit- this photo is NOT my view at work.  :(  I get to gaze into other buildings and a parking lot.

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