Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Today as I come back from lunch a co-worker is wondering if she has food poison.  Apparently she got sick right after her lunch (and has been to the bathroom twice since I've returned).

I'm sitting here thinking- it's Feb.  Stomach flu is rampant (I know because everyone posts about it on fb [like I REALLY want to know how many times you've hugged John- the toilet- not your husband]).  I'm praying she doesn't infect us all.  I HATE the stomach flu.  It brings out the WORST anxiety in me.

Which brings me to the realization- I am quite often a very selfish prayer-er.  Of course I don't want her to be sick (or her to give to her kids)... BUT more importantly I don't want to be sick and I most definitely don't want to bring that to my kids.  Not only because I don't want them to be sick- but if I'm being completely honest I don't want to deal with them being sick (or the inevitable clean up).

Does that make me the most selfish person of all or what?

I know I have 2 whole readers (unless one of them is me when I sign onto this blog)....  I wonder what they (you) think?

Also- if you are sick WHY don't you go home?  WHY stay to infect us all?   I understand- you gots billz to pay and taking a day off is hard...  but what I don't get- why make everyone around you sick because you're a "trooper?"

... and with that said- why do these people never get sent home?

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