Thursday, February 16, 2017


You say I don’t understand you, but I know more than you give me credit for.  The real question is do You understand me?  Do you make an effort to put yourself in other's shoes?  Do you have empathy?

I tell you how I feel and you disregard my feelings.  My feelings are of no consequence as long as your desires are met.

You make me feel terrible, but I suck it up because I love you.   You tear me down without even realizing it, battering my self esteem and self worth.  Am I worthy?

I cry to God daily for your health, happiness, and the salvation of you soul because I care about you so deeply. I cry to myself the treatment that is bestowed upon me and you don’t even know it.  I try to tell you, but you think I’m joking.

I love you.  I know you love me, but why can’t you love me back the same way?  Oh, how you vex me- going about your business oblivious to those around you.  It makes me wonder- do I do the same?

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