Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Animals are People

I have been working on manners and my children recently. My daughter told me to stop saying please after everything I said. In particular I was talking to Millie, asking her to get off the stool and telling her she was a good kitty. Gwyneth told me that cats aren't people.

Gwyneth was like "mom she does not understand what you're saying!"

I sat down at the dining room table and told her that infact the cats were people and COULD understand what I'm saying.

She protested so I had to prove it to her. I said, "Garry? Where are you? Garry, come here!" What do you know Garry came. I then said, "Come sit on my lap. Come here." And what do you know he jumped up on my lap!

How delightful! So I told him what a good sweet perfect cat he is (except for the puking parts). Gwyn said that he didn't understand what I was saying to him. I had to cover up his poor cat ears so he wouldn't get his feelings hurt.

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