Thursday, November 19, 2009

Shy Bladder

So Gavin's writing this really cool paper for school and I'm helping him. Mostly with just the grammar... One of tricky words was "toward." I was trying to sound it out for him, but after you say toward a bunch, the word starts to sound funny. After a few more tries and we got it spelled correctly I mentioned I had a toward in the toilet for Kirby.

Kirby told me he had a dude in the pot. So (yes, we are easily amused), after laughing for twenty minutes about towards and different kinds of dudes (or duuuuudes) in the pot- we composed our selves to discuss more "grown up" topics of conversation. Okay so really none of us ever got there because we kept incorporating "dude" into our sentences.

So why is it we can immaturely laugh about natural things our bodies do, but when you go into a public bathroom you can't go? I mean seriously. Nature calls on everyone, right? If your stomach is grumbly, surely everyone else at one point has had a grumbly stomach in public and needed to ungrumble it. Either way, I hate public restrooms. I would rather be shut in privately so no one has to hear my "natural" sounds. I hate how people can see your shoes under the stall and later when you're working or whatever someone can point out "That's the lady that left a bomb in the bathroom!" snicker, snicker.

Don't even get me started on the cracks in the door... small child eyes peaking at me as I'm doing my "monthly" business... Ugh. Restrain your children- parents! Teach them about privacy or courtesy. Okay I'll stop on that one.

Sorry this isn't the best topic, but hey- it's on my mind. I bet you feel better about going to the bathroom because you know you're not the only one now that thinks like I do (you shoe peaker!). I just have the nerve to post it in a blog.

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