Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I was just thinking today about people. The rude, selfish, screaming ones. How can people purposely do and say mean and rude things? How is it people can treat other's so horribly and not even think twice? What do they get from it?

When the day is ending and they are nearing their sleep, are they restless? Do they feel good about the accomplishments and everything they have done throughout the day? Do they even know they are so horrible and that they are teaching their children to behave in the same way?

I would think as a mother (I am one so therefore I can relate) you would want your children to learn manners: please, thank you, may I- and to speak without a sharpness in your everyday business. To notate your attitude and how you're reacting towards others.

I lost my trust in the people 3 years ago, but I still want to think that people in general are good hearted. Are they?

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