Monday, November 16, 2009

Cramp. I have a cramp in my belly and it is really bothersome. I was thinking I would like to go to the Dr, but I can't due to my new place of employment. Oh I can say I enjoy this problem (complaining about work) because I have a job to complain about.

So anyway I had an appointment scheduled for over 2 months for a specialist I see (for my migraines). Well I was stuck on the phone at work and ended up being so grossly late for my appointment I was forced to reschedule. They managed to get me in at a certain time, but it wasn't beneficial to my new company. I was forced to reschedule once again (or else risk my job and we won't have that, now will we?). I guess the reason I was so mad about it is because there are at least 2 other people that had other things going on that wasn't beneficial to the company. Why were they able to get a "free pass" and I was not? Yay! Yay for working and yay for being able to talk about it!

I really think this company is going to be really good for me. I'm still training so I am learning tons. I understand things I never thought about before, I guess that can happen when you don't know what you're learning. It's pretty exciting.

I also realize this blog wasn't the most exciting to read... I'll try to think of something funny to tell you.

Well I'm not sure how funny this is, but Kirby is onery. I said I had a chocolate bar in the pantry. It's name is Hershey. We have "our" shelf we put things in that we don't necessarily share with the kids. So I was putting my juice boxes up there for my lunch when they wouldn't jam in there. I finaly got on my tippy toes and reached up and found Hershey. She was so so beatuiful. I made a promise to her as soon as I had a craving I would devour her.

Kirby thinks Hershey was his friend, but I set him straight. He got revenge by hiding her from me. But the thing is- you can't keep a girl from her chocolate.

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