Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The best day of the year... if you're on your period.

Candy, candy, candy. Why oh why do I have to have a sweet tooth? No, the real question is why oh why does my PMS have to occur right now? Mmm chocolate. Chocolate. Chocolate. Don't give me any of that chewy Mike and Ike's crap or those Dots. Give me the good stuff! I have a giant bowl of chocolate assorted items and some other various goodies. I have to eat it fast so I can get rid of it (except for the Mike and Ike's and Dots). blech. I can't keep picking at that bowl every day. My heart will break when it's empty.

Okay so now that I admit I have a chocolate problem we can move on. I didn't say I was going to give it up. I've given up cookies until the Halloween stuff is gone. Okay- not the Halloween cookies Kirby's dad left here. Are you crazy?

I got the hiccups the other day. I had an old lady call in and I was (immaturely) making fun of the way she talks. It was the sweet shaky kind of old lady voice, very easy to imitate. It gave me a chuckle. Well God must have had a chuckle with me, because shortly after I got the hiccups. Big ones.

The next three calls I had I hiccuped right in the customer's ears. I tried to hold it in. The first lady laughed at me every time I did it. I must have made her day more cheerful. The thing is when I get hiccups- besides that they do not go away- I tend to be loud and/or deep. Sometimes I remind myself of a frog or something and then I laugh at it.

Lesson: Wait until the lady is DONE with her cycle before removing the chocolate in the vincinity. That is more like advice. Incase my huband reads this and decides to take it all to work.

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